Fictions in Autobiography Studies in the Art of Self-Invention
The Ledgers of Merit and Demerit Social Change and Moral Order in Late Imperial China
The European Neighbourhood Policy - Values and Principles
Zengi and the Muslim Response to the Crusades The politics of Jihad
Transformative Education through International Service-Learning Realising an ethical ecology of learning
Religion and Non-Religion among Australian Aboriginal Peoples
Modern Greek Writers Solomos Calvos Matesis Palamas Cavafy Kazantzakis Seferis Elytis
Israels Military Operations in Gaza Telegenic Lawfare and Warfare
The Aura of the Word in the Early Age of Print (1450-1600)
The Economics of Resource Allocation in Health Care Cost-utility social value and fairness
Ancient Syracuse From Foundation to Fourth Century Collapse
Justice Rehnquist and the Constitution
Indian Culture and Work Organisations in Transition
Humanitarian Rackets and their Moral Hazards The Case of the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon
Nicholas Loves Mirror and Late Medieval Devotio-Literary Culture Theological politics and devotional practice in fifteenth-century England
Natural Theology Reconfigured Confucian Axiology and American Pragmatism
Family and Population in 19th Century America
Neoliberal Spatial Governance
Honourable Intentions? Violence and Virtue in Australian and Cape Colonies c 1750 to 1850
Gewirthian Perspectives on Human Rights
Choreia Pindar and Dance
Renaissance Literature and Linguistic Creativity
The New Urban History Quantitative Explorations by American Historians
The Theory of Social Choice
Iuzovka and Revolution Volume I Life and Work in Russias Donbass 1869-1924
Flowing Traces Buddhism in the Literary and Visual Arts of Japan
Streseman and Politics of Weimar Republic
The Civil Wars in Chile (or The Bourgeois Revolutions that Never Were)
Neighborhood Organization and Interest-Group Processes
The Nature of Socialist Economics Lessons from Eastern European Foreign Trade
The Changes of Cain Violence and the Lost Brother in Cain and Abel Literature
A Prosentential Theory of Truth
Rethinking Governance Ruling rationalities and resistance
Economic Integration
Leibniz and the Environment
Agricultural Production and the Economic Development of Japan 1873-1922
Installation Art and the Practices of Archivalism
Fatal Years Child Mortality in Late Nineteenth-Century America
Desires for Reality Radicalism and Revolution in Western European Film
Polands Place in Europe General Sikorski and the Origin of the Oder-Neisse Line 1939-1943
Frankensteins Children Electricity Exhibition and Experiment in Early-Nineteenth-Century London
A Theory of History
Random Riches Gambling Past Present
Landlords and Tenants in Imperial Rome
Thanatourism and Cinematic Representations of Risk Screening the End of Tourism
The Neolithic Transition and the Genetics of Populations in Europe
Saudi Arabia in a Multipolar World Changing dynamics
Strategic Culture Securitisation and the Use of Force Post-9 11 Security Practices of Liberal Democracies
Science in the Romantic Era
Chen Duxiu Founder of the Chinese Communist Party
Kazantzakis and Linguistic Revolution in Greek Literature
The Rise and Fall of Chilean Christian Democracy
American Militarism on the Small Screen
Central Asia Geopolitics security and stability
Christianity and History Essays
The Wine Revolution in France The Twentieth Century
Nonviolence in the Mahabharata Sivas Summa on Rishidharma and the Gleaners of Kurukshetra
Armed Forces and Insurgents in Modern Asia
Genre Imagery in Early Modern Northern Europe New Perspectives
Chaucer and the Tradition of Fame Symbolism in The House of Fame
Someone No One An Essay on Individuality
The Iconography of the Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus Neofitus Iit Ad Deum
Lost in Music Culture Style and the Musical Event
Sacred Rhetoric The Christian Grand Style in the English Renaissance
The Horsemen of Athens
Art Into Pop
Gramscis Critique of Civil Society Towards a New Concept of Hegemony
Science Risk and Policy
Lay Buddhism in Contemporary Japan Reiyukai Kyodan
The Geography of the Ocean Knowing the ocean as a space
Asiwinarong Ethos Image and Social Power among the Usen Barok of New Ireland
Boundaries of Fiction
Material Bernini
Roberto Busa S J and the Emergence of Humanities Computing The Priest and the Punched Cards
Rhetoric and Philosophy in Renaissance Humanism
Perspectives on Schoenberg and Stravinsky
The Production and Consumption of Music in the Digital Age
The Reflexive Initiative On the Grounds and Prospects of Analytic Theorizing
Doping and Public Health
Nuklearik Ez UNA Historia De Amor
Eucharist Shaping and Heberts Liturgy and Society Church Mission and Personhood
Space and Narrative in the Nineteenth-Century British Historical Novel
Acting in the Academy The History of Professional Actor Training in US Higher Education
Milton and the Revolutionary Reader
Sufism and Jewish-Muslim Relations The Derekh Avraham Order in Israel
Colonial Development and Population in Taiwan
On the Nature of Human Resource Development Holistic Agency and an Almost-Autoethnographical Exploration of Becoming
Charlotte Riddells City Novels and Victorian Business Narrating Capitalism
Dial of Virtue A Study of Poems on Affairs of State in the 17th Century
The Social Equality of Religion or Belief
Indigeneity Before and Beyond the Law
Chinas War against the Many Faces of Poverty Towards a new long march
Staging Don DeLillo
Synthetic Biology Handbook
How Cities Will Save the World Urban Innovation in the Face of Population Flows Climate Change and Economic Inequality
Good Families of Barcelona A Social History of Power in the Industrial Era
The Governmental Habit Redux Economic Controls from Colonial Times to the Present
Host - Pathogen Interaction Microbial Metabolism Pathogenicity and Antiinfectives
Redressing Everyday Discrimination The Weakness and Potential of Anti-Discrimination Law
The Politics of Educational Reform in France 1918-1940
Women and Disasters in South Asia Survival security and development
School-Community Relations
Gender and Immortality Heroines in Ancient Greek Myth and Cult
Social Work Practice and Psychopharmacology A Person-in Environment Approach
Contaminated Rivers A Geomorphological-Geochemical Approach to Site Assessment and Remediation
Lipidomics Comprehensive Mass Spectrometry of Lipids
Kathchen Und Senta Partnerfindung ALS Traumspiel in Heinrich Von Kleists Das Kathchen Von Heilbronn Und in Richard Wagners Der Fliegende Hollander
Back from the Dead Criminal Justice and Wrongful Convictions in China
Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence Logic Probability and Computation
Essentials in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Beruf Pfarrperson Eine Untersuchung Zu Berufsbild Und Ausbildung
The Rise and Fall of the Fine Art Print in Eighteenth-Century France
Expert F#
Czechoslovak Diplomacy and the Gulag Deportation of Czechoslovak Citizens to the USSR and the Negotiation for Their Repatriation 1945-1953
Gasmesstechnik in Theorie Und Praxis Messger te Sensoren Anwendungen
Competition Law in Australia Second Edition
Technical Aspects of Oncological Hepatic Surgery An Issue of Surgical Clinics of North America
Strategien Der Produktion Technologien Konzepte Und Wege in Die Praxis
Shared Collections Collaborative Stewardship (An ALCTS Monograph)
Storm Petrel and the Owl of Athena
Leistungsanreize in Der Transportlogistik Entwicklung Und Simulation Aus Perspektive Der Prinzipal-Agent-Theorie
The Visual Arts Pictorialism and the Novel James Lawrence and Woolf
History as a Visual Art in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance
Modernist Poetics of History Pound Eliot and the Sense of the Past
Milton and the Martial Muse Paradise Lost and European Traditions of War
Strengthening the Rule of Law through the UN Security Council
Precalculus Enhanced Edition
The Legacy of Roman Law in the German Romantic Era Historical Vision and Legal Change
The Cognitive Basis of Aesthetics Cassirer Crowther and the Future
Climate and History Studies in Interdisciplinary History
Dynamics of Communism in Eastern Europe
Between Mutiny and Obedience The Case of the French Fifth Infantry Division during World War I
Romanticism Critical Essays in American Literature
The Literary Culture of Early Modern Scotland Manuscript Production and Transmission 1560-1625
Atomic Energy Policy in France Under the Fourth Republic
Late Style and its Discontents Essays in art literature and music
Staffing For Foreign Affairs Personnel Systems for the 1980s and 1990s
Constitution-making in Asia Decolonisation and State-Building in the Aftermath of the British Empire
Policies of Chaos The Organizational Causes of Violence in Chinas Cultural Revolution
Emergent Pedagogy in England A Critical Realist Study of Structure-Agency Interactions in Higher Education
Arab Resources The Transformation of a Society
The Himalayas and India-China Relations
Pastoralism and Common Pool Resources Rangeland co-management property rights and access in Mongolia
Romantic Mythologies
Institutions Unbound Social Worlds and Human Rights
Suburbs under Siege Race Space and Audacious Judges
Inescapable Romance Studies in the Poetics of a Mode
Courage The Adventuress and The False Messiah
Turkish Folk Music from Asia Minor
The Russian Liberals and the Revolution of 1905
Measure For Measure the Law and the Convent
The Farthing Poet A Biography of Richard Hengist Horne 1802-84 A Lesser Literary Lion
Lucretius on Death and Anxiety Poetry and Philosophy in DE RERUM NATURA
The Use of Childrens Literature in Teaching A study of politics and professionalism within teacher education
Rules of Riot Internal Conflict and the Law of War
The Practice of the Meal Food Families and the Market Place
Teacher Education in Taiwan State control vs marketization
Power in Numbers The Political Strategy of Protest and Rebellion
Responsible Leadership Realism and Romanticism
Knowledge for What The Place of Social Science in American Culture
US Patent Law for European Patent Professionals
Genomic Selection in Animals
Crisis and Institutional Change in Regional Integration
Economic Stabilization Objective Rules and Mechanisms
The Didactic Muse Scenes of Instruction in Contemporary American Poetry
The Galitzin Quartets of Beethoven Opp 127 132 130
The Presidential Recordings John F Kennedy Volumes IV-VI The Winds of Change October 29 1962 - February 7 1963
Teaching Transnational Cinema Politics and Pedagogy
American Indian Workforce Education Trends and Issues
Philosophies of Islamic Education Historical Perspectives and Emerging Discourses
Evaluating the Responsibility to Protect Mass Atrocity Prevention as a Consolidating Norm in International Society
Media and Utopia History imagination and technology
The Return of the Cold War Ukraine The West and Russia
Anna Maria van Schurman The Star of Utrecht The Educational Vision and Reception of a Savante
Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations
Keats The Myth of the Hero
Childrens Literacy Practices and Preferences Harry Potter and Beyond
Crosses on the Ballot Patterns of British Voter Alignment since 1885
The Dasmarinases Early Governors of the Spanish Philippines
Gendered Wars Gendered Memories Feminist Conversations on War Genocide and Political Violence
Religion for a Secular Age Max Muller Swami Vivekananda and Vedanta
The Diversity of History Essays in Honour of Sir Herbert Butterfield
Rocking Around the Clock Music Television Postmodernism and Consumer Culture
The Near West Medieval North Africa Latin Europe and the Mediterranean in the Second Axial Age
Placemaking An Urban Design Methodology
Euro-Atlantic Discourse in Georgia The Making of Georgian Foreign and Domestic Policy After the Rose Revolution
Ethics in Governance in India
Translating Classical Plays Collected Papers
India in Art in Ireland
The French Language and British Literature 1756-1830
Logistics and the Failure of the British Army in America 1775-1783
The Politics of Welfare State Transformation in Germany Still a Semi-Sovereign State?
Affairs of China A Survey of the Recent History and Present Circumstances of the Republic of China
The Role of Medicine Dream Mirage or Nemesis?
George Eliot and Herbert Spencer Feminism Evolutionism and the Reconstruction of Gender
A Woman A Man and Two Kingdoms The Story of Madame dEpinay and Abbe Galiani
Chaucerian Fiction
Styles in Fictional Structure Studies in the Art of Jane Austen Charlotte Bronte George Eliot
Private Academies of the Tokugawa Period
The State and Political Theory
The Other Walls The Arab-Israeli Peace Process in a Global Perspective - Revised Edition
Third Voice Modern British and American Drama
Framing Authority Sayings Self and Society in Sixteenth-Century England
Constructing Brotherhood Class Gender and Fraternalism
Robert Frost and New England The Poet As Regionalist
Autobiographical Statements in Twentieth-Century Russian Literature
Francois Hotman A Revolutionarys Ordeal
Japans Response to the Gorbachev Era 1985-1991 A Rising Superpower Views a Declining One
Labor Visions and State Power The Origins of Business Unionism in the United States
Taming the Bureaucracy Muscles Prayers and Other Strategies
Interpreting Elections
Virginia Woolf The Inward Voyage
Shakespeares Living Art
Discerning the Good in the Letters Sermons of Augustine
High Dynamic Range Video From Acquisition to Display and Applications
The Origenist Controversy The Cultural Construction of an Early Christian Debate
Numophylacium Imperatoris Das Wiener Munzkabinett Im 18 Jahrhundert
The Institutions of Economic Growth A Theory of Conflict Management in Developing Countries
The Poetics of Quotation in the European Novel
Materials Chemistry A Multidisciplinary Approach to Innovative Methods
Operation Literatur Zur Interdependenz Von Literarischem Diskurs Und Schmerzdiskurs Im Prager Kreis Im Kontext Der Moderne
First Book of Aesthetic Microcannula For Cosmetic Fillers Local Anesthesia (Mila)
Bundle Knapp Introductory Statistics Using SPSS + Sage IBM(R) SPSS(R) Statistics V230 Student Version
Listening to Chinas Cultural Revolution Music Politics and Cultural Continuities
Demand Functions and the Slutsky Matrix (PSME-7) Volume 7
Geometry Revealed A Jacobs Ladder to Modern Higher Geometry
Autonomie Im Recht Autonomia No Direito
Chemistry 3rd Canadian Edition with WileyPLUS Set
Reading the Bible with Richard Hooker
Men and Their Dogs A New Understanding of Mans Best Friend
Treasures of Faith Relics and Reliquaries in the Diocese of Malta during the Baroque Period1600-1798
The Power of Emotion in Politics Philosophy and Ideology
Exiles A Critical Edition
Good Governance Based on a Common Bedrock of Values - Providing Stability in Times of Crisis? Proceedings of the Conference on European Democracy 2015 (Eudem 2015) 27 and 28 April 2015 (Vienna)
Modernism and the Avant-garde Body in Spain and Italy
Social Inequalities and Discontent in Yugoslav Socialism
Divine Power and Evil A Reply to Process Theodicy
Cool Nations Media and the Social Imaginary of the Branded Country
Infanticide and Abortion in Early Modern Germany
US Nation-Building in Afghanistan (Open Access)
The Shaping of the Arabs A Study in Ethnic Identity
Cyber Threat The Rise of Information Geopolitics in US National Security
A Subaltern History of the Indian Diaspora in Singapore The Gradual Disappearance of Untouchability 1872-1965
Science Technology and Medicine in the Modern Japanese Empire
The Rejuvenation of Political Economy
Intimacy on the Internet Media Representations of Online Connections
Speech Print and Decorum in Britain 1600--1750 Studies in Social Rank and Communication
Der Verwundbare Mensch Sterben Tod Und Endlichkeit Im Horizont Einer Realistischen Anthropologie
Principles of Turbulence Control
The Politics of Judicial Review Supranational Administrative Acts and Judicialized Compliance Conflict in the EU
Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Protection The Science of Free Radical Biology and Disease
Fundamentals of Quality Control and Improvement
Virtual Clinical Excursions Online and Print Workbook for Fundamentals of Nursing 9e
Mobile Phone Security and Forensics A Practical Approach
Chemical Analysis Modern Materials Evaluation and Testing Methods
Modeling Methods and Practices in Soil and Water Engineering
Enabling Technologies for High Spectral-efficiency Coherent Optical Communication Networks
Color Atlas of Common Oral Diseases
Process Analytics Concepts and Techniques for Querying and Analyzing Process Data
Cone Penetration Testing of Soils in Geotechnics
Recht Und Rechtssprache in Korea Und Deutschland Probleme Bei Der Uebertragung Juristischer Texte Aus Uebersetzungswissenschaftlicher Sicht Unter Besonderer Beruecksichtigung Des Ehe- Und Familienrechts
The Strasbourg Manuscript A Medieval Tradition of Artists Recipe Collections (1400-1570)
Making Global Value Chains Geographies of Market-Oriented Development in Ghana and Peru
Asylum Policy Boat People and Political Discourse Boats Votes and Asylum in Australia and Italy
Pathology of Laboratory Rodents and Rabbits
Circulating Tumor Cells Isolation and Analysis
The Law and the Dead
Intermediaries in International Conflict
Facial Growth in the Rhesus Monkey A Longitudinal Cephalometric Study
OECD Labour Force Statistics 2015
Urban Networks in Ching China and Tokugawa Japan
Small Groups and Political Behavior A Study of Leadership
Non-Destructive Techniques for the Evaluation of Structures and Infrastructure
Labor in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
The Ambiguous Frog The Galvani-Volta Controversy on Animal Electricity
Revolution in the House Family Class and Inheritance in Southern France 1775-1825
Papal Justice in the Late Middle Ages The Sacra Romana Rota
Ideologues Partisans and Loyalists Ministers and Policymaking in Parliamentary Cabinets
The Collapse of State Socialism The Case of Poland
Responsibilities and Liabilities for Commercial Activity in the Arctic The Example of Greenland
Spenser Ronsard and DuBellay
The Bells of Russia History and Technology
Walks in the World Representation and Experience in Modern American Poetry
Absorption Chillers and Heat Pumps
From the Arab Other to the Israeli Self Palestinian Culture in the Making of Israeli National Identity
Introduction to Brazing Technology
The Enigma of a Violent Woman A Critical Examination of the Case of Karla Homolka
Governance of Security and Ignored Insecurities in Contemporary Europe
The Economics of Terrorism
The Enduring Legacy of Venetian Renaissance Art
Practical Wisdom in the Age of Technology Insights issues and questions for a new millennium
On the Writing of History
Generations Political Participation and Social Change in Western Europe
Career of John Cotton Puritanism and the American Experience
Critical Feminism and Critical Education An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teacher Education
Global Metal Music and Culture Current Directions in Metal Studies
Imagining Arcadia in Renaissance Romance
The Politics of Evasion A Post-Globalization Dialogue Along the Edge of the State
Enlightenment and Political Fiction The Everyday Intellectual
Electoral Survey Methodology Insight from Japan on using computer assisted personal interviews
The Pedagogies of Cultural Studies
The Journey of the Magi Meanings in History of a Christian Story
Consumer Culture Branding and Identity in the New Russia From Five-year Plan to 4x4
English Pronunciation Models in a Globalized World Accent Acceptability and Hong Kong English
Numicon Geometry Measurement and Statistics 6 Teaching Pack
Qupai in Chinese Music Melodic Models in Form and Practice
Urban Chinas Rural Fringe Actors Dimensions and Management Challenges
Nation-Building and Identity in the Post-Soviet Space New Tools and Approaches
Religious Violence and Conciliation in Indonesia Christians and Muslims in the Moluccas
Political Representation Roles representatives and the represented
The Romantic Reviewers 1802-1824
Memorial Articles for 20th Century American Accounting Leaders
The Post-Mobile Society From the Smart Mobile to Second Offline
The Internet and New Social Formation in China Fandom Publics in the Making
Macroeconomics After the Financial Crisis A Post-Keynesian perspective
Revolutionizing Global Higher Education Policy Innovation and the Bologna Process
Jews in Nineteenth-Century Egypt
Intelligence Governance and Democratisation A Comparative Analysis of the Limits of Reform
Antagonistic Tolerance Competitive Sharing of Religious Sites and Spaces
Palestinian Political Discourse Between Exile and Occupation
Morality and Emotion
Gyula Szekfu A Study in the Political Basis of Hungarian Historiography
Women Health and Public Services in India Why are states different?
Ethics and Morality in Consumption Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Poetry of the Romantic Period
South Asian Islam and British Multiculturalism
Commentary on Kierkegaards Concluding Unscientific Postscript With a new introduction
The Role of the State and Accounting Transparency IFRS Implementation in Developing Countries
Baron Thugut and Austrias Response to the French Revolution
The Oppositional Aesthetics of Chartist Fiction Reading against the Middle-Class Novel
Male-to-Female Crossdressing in Early Modern English Literature Gender Performance and Queer Relations
Topics in Algebraic and Analytic Geometry (MN-13) Volume 13 Notes From a Course of Phillip Griffiths
Education and Religion in Late Antique Christianity Reflections social contexts and genres
The Routledge Circus Studies Reader
Teacher Management in China The Transformation of Educational Systems
US Security Cooperation with Africa Political and Policy Challenges
Salaam Bollywood Representations and interpretations
Culture Health and Development in South Asia Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh
Galileo and His Sources Heritage of the Collegio Romano in Galileos Science
Social Development and Social Work Perspectives on Social Protection
Orientalism Eroticism and Modern Visuality in Global Cultures
Rewriting Narratives in Egyptian Theatre Translation Performance Politics
Limits of Hitlers Power
Windows on Justice in Northern Iberia 800-1000
Melvilles Quarrel With God
The Labor Force in Economic Development A Comparison of International Census Data 1946-1966
EU Tax Law and Policy in the 21st Century
Refugee Nuns the French Revolution and British Literature and Culture
Ancient Scripts and Modern Experience on the English Stage 1500-1700
The Era of the Individual A Contribution to a History of Subjectivity
International Incidents The Law That Counts in World Politics
Econometric Analyses of International Housing Markets
Universities and Global Human Development Theoretical and empirical insights for social change
Conflict in Cyber Space Theoretical Strategic and Legal Pespectives
Foreign Influences in American Life
Crisis in the Philippines The Marcos Era and Beyond Preface by David D Newsom
The British Fertility Decline Demographic Transition in the Crucible of the Industrial Revolution
Fenimore Cooper A Study of His Life and Imagination
Prosecuting Slobodan Milosevic The Unfinished Trial
Roman de la Rose A Study in Allegory and Iconography
Welfare Modernity and the Weimar State
Pulpit in Parliament Puritanism During the English Civil Wars 1640-1648
Robert Louis Stevenson and the Romantic Tradition
The Montgolfier Brothers and the Invention of Aviation 1783-1784 With a Word on the Importance of Ballooning for the Science of Heat and the Art of Building Railroads
The Memoir of Marco Parenti A Life in Medici Florence
Desegregation Resistance and Readiness
Shakespeare and the Dramaturgy of Power
Architecture as Cultural and Political Discourse Case studies of conceptual norms and aesthetic practices
Statistiques de LOcde de La Population Active 2015
Catholicity Challenging Ethnicity An Ecclesiological Study of Congregations and Churches in Post-apartheid South Africa
Galbraith Harrington Heilbroner Economics and Dissent in an Age of Optimism
Managing Myeloproliferative Neoplasms A Case-Based Approach
Transcending Subjects Augustine Hegel and Theology
Riemann-Hilbert Problems their Numerical Solution and the Computation of Nonlinear Special Functions
Cambridge Handbooks in Psychology The Cambridge Handbook of Acculturation Psychology
Le Portugais (Superpack 1 book + 4CDs + 1CD mp3)
Urbanization Tourism Development in China
Dermatologic Nursing Essentials A Core Curriculum
Wo Gott Sich Auf Die Armen Einlasst Der Sozio-Okonomische Hintergrund Der Achamenidischen Provinz Yehud Und Seine Implikationen Fur Die Armentheologie Des Psalters
Loose-Leaf Version for Connections Launchpad for Connections (Six Month Access)
Schopfen Schlagen Schutzen Eine Semantische Thematische Und Theologische Untersuchung Des Handelns Gottes in Den Psalmen
Tangible Interactive Systems Grasping the Real World with Computers
Dialogical Transformation Exploring Avenues of Interreligious Dialogue as a Practice Promoting Spiritual Growth
Obesity Evaluation and Treatment Essentials Second Edition
Dialectica Deutsch Die Ersten Deutschen Dialektikschriften Des 16 Jahrhunderts
Remembering the Germans in Ghana
Virgil and Joyce Nationalism and Imperialism in the Aeneid and Ulysses
Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2nd Edition
Martin Heidegger Gesamtausgabe 4 Abteilungen Vortrage Teil 1 1915 Bis 1932
Coral Reef Ecosystem in Space Time Based on the Reefs of Vietnam
Mensch ALS Methode Allgemeine Hermeneutik Und Partielle Demokratie Friedrich Schleiermacher - Ralph Waldo Emerson - Frederick Douglass
Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment
Examination and Treatment Methods in Cats and Dogs
Echoes of Eden 5-Volume Set
Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology Series Number 73 The Dwarf and Mouse Lemurs of Madagascar Biology Behavior and Conservation Biogeography of the Cheirogaleidae
International Politics Enduring Concepts and Contemporary Issues -- Books a la Carte
The Narrative Turn and Stories in Academic Discourse Tall Tales 2016
Identity Gender and Teaching English in Japan
Inciting Incidents Creating Your Own Theatre from Page to Performance
Continuum Mechanics for Engineers Fourth Edition
Public Welfare Science and Propaganda in 17th-Century France The Innovations of Theophraste Renaudot
Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications Solving Polynomial Equation Systems IV Series Number 158 Volume 4 Buchberger Theory and Beyond
Rural Scenes and National Representation Britain 1815-1850
Substance Body and Soul Aristotelian Investigations
Gathering Rare Ores The Diplomacy of Uranium Acquisition 1943-1954
Political Process and Foreign Policy The Making of the Japanese Peace
Law in Diplomacy
In Search of Florentine Civic Humanism Volume 1 Essays on the Transition from Medieval to Modern Thought
Deterrence and Defense
Language and Thought
The State and Development in the Third World A World Politics Reader
Fictions of the Self 1550-1800
La Bisanzio Dei Lumi LImpero Bizantino Nella Cultura Francese E Italiana Da Luigi XIV Alla Rivoluzione
Cells and Societies
Early Trope Repertory of Saint Martial de Limoges
Platonism and Poetry in the Twelfth Century The Literary Influence of the School of Chartres
The Lyrical Novel Studies in Herman Hesse Andre Gide and Virginia Woolf
The Academic Scribblers Third Edition
Between Muslim and Jew The Problem of Symbiosis under Early Islam
The Survival of the Hessian Nobility 1770-1870
Literature and the Continuances of Virtue
Novels of Flaubert A Study of Themes and Techniques
Education and Military Leadership A Study of the ROTC
Idea and Act in Elizabethan Fiction
Louis IX and the Challenge of the Crusade A Study in Rulership
Montale and the Occasions of Poetry
Unions in Politics Britain Germany and the United States in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Rank and File Personal Histories by Working-Class Organizers
Enchantment and Disenchantment Love and Illusion in Chinese Literature
Whitney M Young Jr and the Struggle for Civil Rights
The Toadstool Millionaires A Social History of Patent Medicines in America before Federal Regulation
Infernal Triad The Flesh the World and the Devil in Spenser and Milton
Free to Be Foolish Politics and Health Promotion in the United States and Great Britain
Ornament Fantasy and Desire in Nineteenth-Century French Literature
What Drives Third World City Growth?
Strategy and Nuclear Deterrence
Online Trolling and Its Perpetrators Under the Cyberbridge
Mapping Literary Modernism
The First Amendment Democracy and Romance
The Making of Colonial Lucknow 1856-1877
Algebraic Geometry
Essays on English and American Literature
Dryden the Public Writer 1660-1685
Muslim Preacher in the Modern World A Jordanian Case Study in Comparative Perspective
Workers Strikes and Pogroms The Donbass-Dnepr Bend in Late Imperial Russia 1870-1905
The Civil Works Administration 1933-1934 The Business of Emergency Employment in the New Deal
Century of English Farce
Term Structure of Interest Rates Expectations and Behavior Patterns
Time Frames The Evolution of Punctuated Equilibria
Multinational Corporations and the Politics of Dependence Copper in Chile
EU Citizenship and Direct Taxation
Studies in Law Politics and Society
The Novels of Worldliness Crebillon Marivaux Laclos Stendhal
Planning the Capitalist City The Colonial Era to the 1920s
Tragedy and Theory The Problem of Conflict Since Aristotle
Consumer Expenditures New Measures and Old Motives
Giono Master of Fictional Modes
Ariostos Bitter Harmony Crisis and Evasion in the Italian Renaissance
Spellbound Studies on Mesmerism and Literature
Philip II and Macedonian Imperialism
Pinter Problem
Algebraic Theory of Numbers (AM-1) Volume 1
No Religion Higher Than Truth A History of the Theosophical Movement in Russia 1875-1922
A Comparative Introduction to Political Science Contention and Cooperation
Managing Risk in Developing Countries National Demands and Multinational Response
Radical Pacifists in Antebellum America
Taoist Ritual and Popular Cults of Southeast China
Three Against the Third Republic Sorel Barres and Maurras
Valuing Life
Social Neuroscience Biological Approaches to Social Psychology
Privatization and the Welfare State
Isfahan Is Half the World Memories of a Persian Boyhood
The Dutch East India Company and the Economy of Bengal 1630-1720
The Economic Crisis and American Society
Strategic Defense Initiative Survivability and Software
The Transformation of Liberalism in Late Nineteenth-Century Mexico
Populists Plungers and Progressives A Social History of Stock and Commodity Speculation 1868-1932
Law Resistance and the State The Opposition to Roman Law in Reformation Germany
Byzantium and the Decline of the Roman Empire
Kierkegaards Thought
Collecting An Unruly Passion Psychological Perspectives
A Tacit Alliance France and Israel from Suez to the Six Day War
Noh Drama and The Tale of the Genji The Art of Allusion in Fifteen Classical Plays
Essays by Rosemond Tuve On Spenser Herbert and Milton
Management of Information Security
The Origins of the Platonic Academy of Florence
Matthew Arnold The Poet as Humanist
Robert Lowell Life and Art
Sex and Suffrage in Britain 1860-1914
Erasmus and the Age of Reformation
Finding the Mean Theory and Practice in Aristotelian Political Philosophy
Theory and Policy in International Relations
The School of the French Revolution A Documentary History of the College of Louis-le-Grand and its Director Jean-Francois Champagne 1762-1814
The Philosophy of Well-Being An Introduction
Post-Petrarchism Origins and Innovations of the Western Lyric Sequence
Conflict and Political Change in Venezuela
Politics and Remembrance Republican Themes in Machiavelli Burke and Tocqueville
The Language of French Symbolism
The General Will before Rousseau The Transformation of the Divine into the Civic
Edmund Wilson Centennial Reflections
Cross-Border Taxation of Permanent Establishments An International Comparison
Press and Foreign Policy
Coalitions in Parliamentary Government
A World Ruled by Number William Stanley Jevons and the Rise of Mathematical Economics
Mirage in the West A History of the French Image of American Society to 1815
The Concept of Negritude in the Poetry of Leopold Sedar Senghor
On the Edge of Anarchy Locke Consent and the Limits of Society
Brother Woodrow A Memoir of Woodrow Wilson by Stockton Axson
Two Kingdoms Ecclesiology in Carolingian Political Thought
Greek Mythology in Byzantine Art
Total Eclipses of the Sun Expanded Edition
Oblomov and his Creator Life and Art of Ivan Goncharov
Walt Whitman Among the French Poet and Myth
Mussolinis Early Diplomacy
Astrophysics And Cosmology - Proceedings Of The 26th Solvay Conference On Physics
Experiencing Phenomenology An Introduction
Peter the Venerable and Islam
Subject to Famine Food Crisis and Economic Change in Western India 1860-1920
Why Preserve Natural Variety?
Extravagant Narratives Closure and Dynamics in the Epistolary Form
Selected Works of Miguel de Unamuno Volume 5 The Agony of Christianity and Essays on Faith
Ideology Reason and the Limitation of War Religious and Secular Concepts 1200-1740
Negotiating Peace War Termination as a Bargaining Process
Alexander Pope The Poet in Poems
Language and Decadence in the Victorian Fin de Siecle
Science Religion and Communism in Cold War Europe
Matrices and Society Matrix Algebra and Its Applications in the Social Sciences
Hendees Radiation Therapy Physics
The Letters of Samuel Johnson Volume II 1773-1776
The Midi in Revolution A Study of Regional Political Diversity 1789-1793
Seeking the American Dream A Sociological Inquiry
Toward a Modern Japanese Theatre Kishida Kunio
Biological Sampling in the Deep Sea
Political Rationale and International Consequences of the War in Libya
Kinship Love and Life Cycle in Contemporary Havana Cuba To Not Die Alone
Plot Story and the Novel From Dickens and Poe to the Modern Period
Commentary on Midrash Rabba in the Sixteenth Century The Or ha-Sekhel of Abraham ben Asher
Japanese Dependence on World Economy An Approach Toward Economic Liberalization
Anatomy of the Mind Exploring Psychological Mechanisms and Processes with the Clarion Cognitive Architecture
Imperial Japans Higher Civil Service Examinations
Reading Frames in Modern Fiction
The Origin of Modern Humans and the Impact of Chronometric Dating
The Body in the Mirror Shapes of History in Italian Cinema
From Communion to Cannibalism An Anatomy of Metaphors of Incorporation
War and Rural Life in the Early Modern Low Countries
Modern Japanese Fiction and Its Traditions An Introduction
The Model Ombudsman Institutionalizing New Zealands Democratic Experiment
Edmund Berkeley and the Social Responsibility of Computer Professionals
Organizational Routines How They Are Created Maintained and Changed
Bronzegefasse in Slowenien Die
The Defense of Community in Perus Central Highlands Peasant Struggle and Capitalist Transition 1860-1940
Ghosts of the Gothic Austen Eliot and Lawrence
Peasants Politics and Revolution Pressures Toward Political and Social Change in the Third World
The Letters of Samuel Johnson Volume III 1777-1781
Public Service Liberalism Telecommunications and Transitions in Public Policy
ESSKA Instructional Course Lecture Book Barcelona 2016
Arts Integration in Education Teachers and Teaching Artists as Agents of Change
Ein juedisches Maezenatentum Fuer Moderne Franzoesische Kunst? Das Fallbeispiel Der Nationalgalerie Im Berlin Der Wilhelminischen Aera (1882-1911) - Eine Kultur- Und Sozialhistorische Studie
Housing Economics A Historical Approach
Everything In Its Place Social Order and Land Use in America
Personlichkeitsschutz Von Straftatern Im Internet Neue Formen Der Prangerwirkung
The New Public Intellectual Politics Theory and the Public Sphere
Thoughts - Sweet and Sour (part-2)
The Language of Balinese Shadow Theater
High Speed Wing Theory
Yorck and the Era of Prussian Reform
The Form of the Unfinished English Poetics from Spenser to Pound
Principle and Prudence in Western Political Thought
Tax Sovereignty in the BEPS Era
The Shape of Apocalypse in Modern Russian Fiction
Operator Techniques in Atomic Spectroscopy
Private Wealth in Renaissance Florence
A Mirror for Socialism
Transfer Pricing in a Post-BEPS World
Mental Health and Wellbeing through Schools The Way Forward
Adolescents and their Music If Its Too Loud Youre Too Old
Romantic Bards and British Reviewers A Selected Edition of Contemporary Reviews of the Works of Wordsworth Coleridge Byron Keats and Shelley
Reluctant Feminists in German Social Democracy 1885-1917
Emerging Communication Technologies Based on Wireless Sensor Networks Current Research and Future Applications
History of the Middle Ages 300-1500
Religious Humanism and the Victorian Novel George Eliot Walter Pater and Samuel Butler
Sarah Bernhardt The Art Within the Legend
Business and Human Rights From Principles to Practice
Closely Watched Films The Czechoslovak Experience
Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing
A Commentary on Kants Critique of Judgement
Collective Dismissal in the European Union A Comparative Analysis
Applied Mathematics in Engineering and Reliability Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Applied Mathematics in Engineering and Reliability (Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 4-6 May 2016)
The Princeton Handbook of Poetic Terms
Evolving Eldercare in Contemporary China Two Generations One Decision
Opportunities in 5G Networks A Research and Development Perspective
Revolution and Tradition in Peoples Poland Education and Socialization
The Ottoman Slave Trade and Its Suppression 1840-1890
Culture and Identity Japanese Intellectuals during the Interwar Years
DDT Scientists Citizens and Public Policy
The Security of Sea Lanes of Communication in the Indian Ocean Region
Retreat into the Mind Victorian Poetry and the Rise of Psychiatry
Esthetics as Nightmare Russian Literary Theory 1855-1870
Human Fertility in Russia Since the Nineteenth Century
Mindfulness in Positive Psychology The Science of Meditation and Wellbeing
Do New Leaders Make a Difference? Executive Succession and Public Policy Under Capitalism and Socialism
French Protestantism and the French Revolution Church and State Thought and Religion 1685-1815
The Semantics of Desire Changing Models of Identity from Dickens to Joyce
Detente in Europe Real or Imaginary?
Sorrow and Consolation in Italian Humanism
Signal Integrity Applied Electromagnetics and Professional Practice
Archaeology of East Asian Shipbuilding
Multiple Constant Multiplication Optimizations for Field Programmable Gate Arrays
The Henry Morris Study Bible
Residents Handbook of Medical Quality and Safety
Physical Therapy Treatment of Common Orthopedic Conditions
Analyse Und Optimierung Von Energieverbundsystemen
Trinity Joachim Brohm Valentina Seidel
Bgh-Rechtsprechung Strafrecht 2016 Die Wichtigsten Entscheidungen Mit Erl uterungen Und Praxishinweisen
The Growth Behavior of Family Firms Theoretical and Empirical Elaborations
Quantum Optics Including Noise Reduction Trapped Ions Quantum Trajectories and Decoherence
Neal-Schuman Library Technology Companion A Basic Guide for Library Staff
Synopsis of Spine Surgery
Passive Imaging with Ambient Noise
Essentials of Audiology
The ECG Manual An Evidence-Based Approach
Spatial Data Mining Theory and Application
Report on the Development of Household Finance in Rural China (2014)
Mineral Resource Estimation
Measuring the Evolution Controversy A Numerical Analysis of Acceptance of Evolution at Americas Colleges and Universities
Uzbek An Intermediate Textbook
Introductory Statistics Student Solutions Manual
Inflation and Unemployment Theory Experience and Policy Making
Medical Physiology Elsevier eBook on Intel Education Study (Retail Access Card)
Social Security Law in Slovenia
Europe Meets America William Lescaze Architect of Modern Housing
Sicherheitsgemeinschaften Die Formation Des Sozialen Im Nordirischen Friedensprozess
Die Kammer schreibt schon wieder! Das Reglement fur den Handel mit moderner Kunst im Nationalsozialismus
Analytic Function Theory of Several Variables Elements of Okas Coherence
The Finite Element Analysis Program MSC Marc Mentat A First Introduction
Chemometrics Applications and Research QSAR in Medicinal Chemistry
Supermathematics and its Applications in Statistical Physics Grassmann Variables and the Method of Supersymmetry
Automotive Technology -- Texas -- CTE School
Electrical Transmission System Cascades and Vulnerability An Operations Research Viewpoint
Middle Grades Research Journal (Mgrj) Volume 10 Issue 3 2015
Experimentelle Und Theoretische Untersuchungen Zur Kinetik Der Pyrolyse Und Oxidation Von Diethylether
Tobacco Cessation and Substance Abuse Treatment in Womens Healthcare A Clinical Guide
Advanced Pancreaticobiliary Endoscopy
Measure and Integration
Legal Project Management
Advanced Automotive Technology -- Texas -- CTE School
High Performance Computer Applications 6th International Conference ISUM 2015 Mexico City Mexico March 9-13 2015 Revised Selected Papers
Hegemonies of Legitimation Discourse Dynamics in the European Commission
Methodological Issues of Longitudinal Surveys The Example of the National Educational Panel Study
Boundaries of a Complex World
Manual of Singing Voice Rehabilitation A Practical Approach to Vocal Health and Wellness
Neurosurgery Board Review Questions and Answers for Self-Assessment
Parliamentary Debates House of Commons - Bound Volumes 6th Series 2015-16 26 October 2015 - 6 November 2015
Male Friendship and Testimonies of Love in Shakespeares England
Maxwells Demon Entropy Information Computing
Shakespeare and Christian Doctrine
Cross-Border Transfers of Undertakings
Shakespeare and Space Theatrical Explorations of the Spatial Paradigm
In the Eyes Mind Vision and the Helmholtz-Hering Controversy
Cecil Hepworth and the Rise of the British Film Industry 1899-1911
Palestinian Society and Politics
The Development of a Comprehensive Legal Framework for the Promotion of Offshore Wind Power
The Growth of the Law in Medieval Russia
The Juvenile Tradition Young Writers and Prolepsis 1750-1835
The Politics of Distinction African Elites from Colonialism to Liberation in a Namibian Frontier Town
The Accidental Proletariat Workers Politics and Crisis in Gorbachevs Russia
Ovids Heroidos
Rabat Urban Apartheid in Morocco
Secret City A History of Race Relations in the Nations Capital
3D Printing Intellectual Property and Innovation
Money and Capital Markets in Postbellum America
Metternichs German Policy Volume II The Congress of Vienna 1814-1815
Size and Cycle An Essay on the Structure of Biology
The Evolution of Theodosius Dobzhansky Essays on His Life and Thought in Russia and America
Caste in a Peasant Society
BRICS and International Tax Law
The Structure of Recognizable Diatonic Tunings
The Motion of a Surface by Its Mean Curvature (MN-20)
Freemasonry and American Culture 1880-1930
John Maitland of Thirlestane and the Foundation of the Stewart Despotism in Scotland
French Legitimists and the Politics of Moral Order in the Early Third Republic
Information Asymmetries in EU VAT
The Man from Porlock Engagements 1944-1981
Evaluating Public Programs The Impact of General Revenue Sharing on Municipal Government
Spectral Analysis of Economic Time Series (PSME-1)
Carl Schmitt Theorist for the Reich
Artist and Patron in Postwar Japan Dance Music Theater and the Visual Arts 1955-1980
Language and Meaning in the Renaissance
Muslim Law Courts and the French Colonial State in Algeria
The OECD Multilateral Instrument for Tax Treaties
Crafting a Class College Admissions and Financial Aid 1955-1994
Constitutional Dialogues Interpretation as Political Process
Offspring of Empire The Kochang Kims and the Colonial Origins of Korean Capitalism 1876-1945
Machinerys Handbook
The Informed Gardener Blooms Again
Honeybee Ecology A Study of Adaptation in Social Life
Conservation in the Progressive Era Classic Texts
Great Siberian Migration
The Reformation of Cathedrals Cathedrals in English Society
Nanobiomaterials in Antimicrobial Therapy Applications of Nanobiomaterials
Learning from a Disaster Improving Nuclear Safety and Security after Fukushima
External Debt Statistics (French) Guide for Compilers and Users
Introduction to Group Work Practice An Enhanced Pearson eText -- Access Card
The Informed Gardener
The Post-Soviet Handbook A Guide to Grassroots Organizations and Internet Resources
The Status and Appraisal of Classic Texts
Dispute Settlement in Eastern Guinea-Bissau Self-Presentations Stories and Agency
Sociolinguistic Styles
Cultural Nationalism in Colonial Korea 1920-1925
Encyclopedia of Yalta
MIPPR 2015 Parallel Processing of Images and Optimization and Medical Imaging Processing
Reassessing the Park Chung Hee Era 1961-1979 Development Political Thought Democracy and Cultural Influence
Life is War Surviving Dictatorship in Communist Albania 2016
Reading and Writing about Contemporary Issues Books a la Carte Plus Myskillslab with Etext -- Access Card Package
Shakespearean Romance
Early American Literature A Comparatist Approach
Kleinere Schriften Part 1 1835-1839
British Rearmament in the Thirties Politics and Profits
Poland Between East and West Soviet and German Diplomacy toward Poland 1919-1933
Numicon Geometry Measurement and Statistics 6 Explorer Progress Book (Pack of 30)
Landscapes of Despair From Deinstitutionalization to Homelessness
National Conflict in Czechoslovakia The Making and Remaking of a State 1918-1987
Woodrow Wilson The Years of Preparation Wilson Supplemental Volumes
Jeffersons Parliamentary Writings Parliamentary Pocket-Book and A Manual of Parliamentary Practice Second Series
Convexity in the Theory of Lattice Gases
Decoding the Ethics Code A Practical Guide for Psychologists
Transnational Corporations versus the State The Political Economy of the Mexican Auto Industry
Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa
William of Auvergne and Robert Grosseteste New Ideas of Truth in Early Thirteenth Century
Canadas National Policy 1883-1900
Theogonie Nach Den Quellen DES Klassischen Hebraeischen Und Christlichen Altertums
The Metamorphoses of Shakespearean Comedy
Exemplum The Rhetoric of Example in Early Modern France and Italy
Smart Grid Networking Data Management and Business Models
Sustainable Environmental Quality Management
The Death of Communal Liberty A History of Freedom in a Swiss Mountain Canton
International Taxation of Income from Services under Double Taxation Conventions
Bullying and peer violence in secure settings
Regulating Business by Independent Commission
Milton in Early America
1st International Symposium on Building Pathology 2015
Symbol and Truth in Blakes Myth
Tuberous sclerosis complex a rare genetic condition associated with autism spectrum disorder
Populist Religion and Left-Wing Politics in France 1830-1852
Quality and supply chain management integration challenges and impacts
Division and Cohesion in Democracy A Study of Norway
Current challenges and future prospects of entrepreneurship in Nordic and Baltic Europe
The Dynamics of Sports Marketing and Management
Post Crisis in Europe
Durability of R C Structures
Identity identification and eID in a public e-service context
The Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business
Revolutionary Politics and the Cuban Working Class
Digital Innovation in Financial Services
Colonial Rule and Social Change in Korea 1910-1945
Homebase A Novel
A Promising Problem The New Chicana o History
Cosmopolitan Capitalists Hong Kong and the Chinese Diaspora at the End of the Twentieth Century
Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Recording Storage Materials and Media Designs
Konzessionen Im Umwelt- Und Infrastrukturrecht
The Bernard and Mary Berenson Collection of European Paintings at I Tatti
Nutzungen Und Die Ruckabwicklung Gegenseitiger Vertrage
Theory and Practice of Policy Transfer in a Changing China
Encyclopedia of Mdina
Single Piles in Liquefiable Ground Seismic Response and Numerical Analysis Methods
Balance The Art of Chinese Business
Methods of Detecting Exoplanets 1st Advanced School on Exoplanetary Science
1000 Multiple Response Questions in Paediatric Dentistry
Revolution Krieg Und Die Geburt Von Staat Und Nation Staatsbildung in Europa Und Den Amerikas 1770-1930
Geschichte(n) Fiktional Und Faktual Literarische Und Diskursive Erinnerungen Im 20 Und 21 Jahrhundert
Liposomes in Analytical Methodologies
was Ist Das Volk? Volks- Und Gemeinschaftskonzepte Der Politischen Mitte in Deutschland 1917-1924
Some Fun Tonight! The Backstage Story of How the Beatles Rocked America the Historic Tours of 1964-1966
Die Farbe Grau
Stretch and Challenge 2
Challenges and Innovations in Educational Psychology Teaching and Learning
Finding Meaning Kaona and Contemporary Hawaiian Literature
Papst Pius II an Sultan Mehmet II
Corporations and Partnerships in Ireland
The Northern Region of Korea History Identity and Culture
The New Great Game China and South and Central Asia in the Era of Reform
Mozarts Music of Friends Social Interplay in the Chamber Works
Audi Design Evolution of Form
Implementing the ISO IEC 27001 ISMS Standard 2016
Design of Multimodal Mobile Interfaces
External Debt Statistics (Chinese) Guide for Compilers and Users
Ancient Iran Cosmology Mythology History
This Long Disease My Life Alexander Pope and the Sciences
War Potential of Nations
Elites in French Society The Politics of Survival
Three Temptations Medieval Man in Search of the World
The Look of Russian Literature Avant-Garde Visual Experiments 1900-1930
Industrialization and Urbanization Studies in Interdisciplinary History
Images of Human Nature A Sung Portrait
Third Child A Study in the Prediction of Fertility
Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems From the Viewpoint of Close-Loop
Multinationalism Japanese Style The Political Economy of Outward Dependency
Micro- and Nanosystems for Biotechnology
The Politics of Regional Policy in Japan Localities Incorporated?
Measuring Military Power The Soviet Air Threat to Europe
Female Genital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
After Utopia The Decline of Politcal Faith
An Introduction to the Music of Milton Babbitt
The Power of Historical Knowledge Narrating the Past in Hawthorne James and Dreiser
Adding Value to Libraries Archives and Museums Harnessing the Force That Drives Your Organizations Future
The Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Army 1948-1983 Uncertain Allegiance
Anticipations and Purchases An Analysis of Consumer Behavior
Kleinere Schriften Part 4 1851-1866
Therapy and the Counter-tradition The Edge of Philosophy
Ethical Habits A Peircean Perspective
Shopper Behavior at the Point of Purchase Drivers of In-Store Decision-Making and Determinants of Post-Decision Satisfaction in a High-Involvement Product Choice
Tsong Khapas Speech of Gold in the Essence of True Eloquence Reason and Enlightenment in the Central Philosophy of Tibet
New Worlds of Work Varieties of Work in Car Factories in the BRIC Countries
Discovering the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and business process management inside and outside the innovative firms
7th Annual EuroMed Academy of Business Conference
Exploring the Interconnections between Institutions Innovation Geography and Internationalization in Emerging Markets
Theory of Cost and Production Functions
Landlords and Capitalists The Dominant Class of Chile
The effects of international financial reporting standards
Internet of Things
Social Theory Re-Wired New Connections to Classical and Contemporary Perspectives
Shakespearean Meanings
Quantum Mechanics for Hamiltonians Defined as Quadratic Forms
Biological Specificity and Growth
Bio-Inspired Manipulation and Robotics
The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 - Challenges and opportunities
Urban Nature for Resilient and Liveable Cities
Aggressive Political Participation
The Mind of Kierkegaard
Reproduction and Development in Crustacea
Civil-Military Conflict in Imperial Russia 1881-1914
Journal rankings measurement of intellectual contributions and related topics
The Islamic Syncretistic Tradition in Bengal
Songs from Beranger
Conflict and Decision-Making in Soviet Russia A Case Study of Agricultural Policy 1953-1963
A Fragile Power Scientists and the State
Tell Me Africa An Approach to African Literature
The Irish Triangle Conflict in Northern Ireland
Banking in Latin America After the Great Financial Crisis
Household and Lineage in Renaissance Florence The Family Life of the Capponi Ginori and Rucellai
The Military in Politics Changing Patterns in Brazil
How Sub-Saharan Africa Can Achieve Food Security and Ascend Its Economy to the Initial Stages of Light Industrialization
The Gothic Visionary Perspective
The Decline of Fertility in Germany 1871-1939
The Limits of Reform in the Enlightenment Attitudes Toward the Education of the Lower Classes in Eighteenth-Century France
Hieronymus Bosch Painter and Draughtsman Technical Studies
Poetik Des Zirkus Die Asthetik Des Hyperbolischen Im Roman
The End of the Russian Imperial Army The Old Army and the Soldiers Revolt (March-April 1917)
Education and Equality in Japan
Social Structure of Revolutionary America
Signal and Information Processing Networking and Computers Proceedings of the 1st International Congress on Signal and Information Processing Networking and Computers (ICSINC 2015) October 17-18 2015 Beijing China
Witnesses to a Vanishing America The Nineteenth-Century Response
Golden Age of Chinese Drama Yuan Tsa-Chu
Thomas Hooker 1586-1647
Tanya Set (9 Volumes) in Hebrew
Global Bargaining UNCTAD and the Quest for a New International Economic Order
Politics and Culture in Renaissance Naples
Tobacco Colony Life in Early Maryland 1650-1720
Shamanism and the Eighteenth Century
Corporate Power and Urban Crisis in Detroit
The Doctrine of Election and the Emergence of Elizabethan Tragedy
Slavery and Methodism A Chapter in American Morality 1780-1845
History of Anglo-Latin Literature 597-740
Refiguring the Real Picture and Modernity in Word and Image 1400-1700
Kinetics of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions
Anatomy of Satire
On War and Morality
American Health Quackery Collected Essays of James Harvey Young
Scholarly Misconduct Law Regulation and Practice
Labour LawCouncil of Europe
American Intellectual Histories and Historians
Marx Justice and History A Philosophy and Public Affairs Reader
Zanzibar Background to Revolution
The Whilton Dispute 1264-1380 A Social-Legal Study of Dispute Settlement in Medieval England
Frances Rhineland Policy 1914-1924 The Last Bid for a Balance of Power in Europe
Geometric Analysis Around Scalar Curvatures
The Holocaust and Compensated Compliance in Italy Fossoli di Carpi 1942-1952
Between Philosophy and History The Resurrection of Speculative Philosophy of History within the Analytic Tradition
Messages from an Owl
The Surgical Management of the Diabetic Foot and Ankle
MichlovitzS Modalities for Therapeutic Intervention 6e
Introduction to Solid Mechanics An Integrated Approach
The Age of Lovecraft
Boundary Integral Equation Methods and Numerical Solutions Thin Plates on an Elastic Foundation
Digital Curation
Lyapunov Exponents of Linear Cocycles Continuity via Large Deviations
Molecular Methods in Plant Disease Diagnostics Principles and Protocols
Essays in Puritanism
World Economic Outlook October 2015
World Economic Outlook October 2015 (Arabic Edition)
World Economic Outlook October 2015 (Russian Edition)
Masculinities under Neoliberalism
Management and Leadership Skills for Medical Faculty A Practical Handbook
Algeria Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Gefaehrdungsvorsatz Im Modernen Strafrecht Zugleich Unzeitgemae e Ueberlegungen Ueber Die Wiederbelebung Des Gefaehrdungsstrafrechts in Der Sicherheitsgesellschaft
Pro SQL Server 2005 Replication
The Practice of Social Work in North America Culture Context and Competency Development
Anguilla Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Time on TV Narrative Time Time Travel and Time Travellers in Popular Television Culture
Aruba Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Blood Sugar Racial Pharmacology and Food Justice in Black America
Netherlands Investment and Business Guide Volume 1 Strategic and Practical Information
Vorgeschichte Der Gegenwart Dimensionen Des Strukturbruchs Nach Dem Boom
Le commentaire astronomique aux Tables Faciles de Ptolemee attribue a Stephanos dAlexandrie Tome I Histoire du texte Edition critique traduction et commentaire (chapitres 1-16)
Chile Investment and Business Guide Volume 1 Strategic and Practical Information
Albania Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Advances in Face Detection and Facial Image Analysis
Die Stellvertreter Des Freien Volkes Die Abgeordneten Der Beratenden Landesversammlung Und Des Landtags Rheinland-Pfalz Von 1946 Bis 2015
Armenia Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Paket Streitbare Juristinnen
Andorra Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Myanmar Doing Business and Investing in Myanmar Guide Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Contacts
Argentina Business Law Handbook Volume 2 Investment Trade Laws and Regulations
Cmptr (Book Only)
Educational Measurement From Foundations to Future
Bahamas Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Fluid Metals The Liquid-Vapor Transition of Metals
The Tomb of Amenhotep Chief Physician in the Domain of Amun Theban Tomb -61- Archaeology and Architecture
Topology of 4-Manifolds (PMS-39) Volume 39
Greek Perspectives on the Achaemenid Empire Persia Through the Looking Glass
The Imposition of Form Studies in Narrative Representation and Knowledge
China After Mao
Knowledge Its Creation Distribution and Economic Significance Volume I Knowledge and Knowledge Production
Peruvian Democracy under Economic Stress An Account ofthe Belaunde Administration 1963-1968
Joseph Brodsky and the Creation of Exile
Aesthetic and Myth in the Poetry of Keats
Conscience and the Constitution History Theory and Law of the Reconstruction Amendments
Cement and Concrete Mineral Admixtures
Fire Across the Sea The Vietnam War and Japan 1965-1975
Sixty Years of EU State Aid Law and Policy
Lukurmata Household Archaeology in Prehispanic Bolivia
An Historical Geography of Iran
Portraying lives Headmistresses and Women Professors 1880s-1940s
The Babylonian Theory of the Planets
Norway-Sweden Union Disunion and Scandinavian Integration
Paths of Emancipation Jews States and Citizenship
Magnetic Ions in Crystals
Thinking Out Loud An Essay on the Relation between Thought and Language
Antilles (Dutch Caribbean) Business and Investment Opportunites Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunites
Palau Business Law Handbook Strategic Information and Basic Laws
Russian Mass Media Directory Volume 1 Strategic Information and Contacts
The Power and Value of Music Its Effect and Ethos in Classical Authors and Contemporary Music Theory
Austria Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
The Tradition of Return The Implicit History of Modern Literature
Argentina Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Korea South Doing Business and Investing in Korea South Guide Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Contacts
South Africa Investment and Business Guide Volume 1 Strategic and Practical Information
Data and Information Quality Dimensions Principles and Techniques
Bangladesh Company Laws and Regulations Handbook Volume 1 Strategic Information and Basic Laws
Zambia Investment and Business Guide Volume 2 Business Investment Opportunities and Incentives
The Formation of Contract New Features and Developments in Contracting
Aland Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Rechtsgelehrte Und Wissenschaftliche Institutionen
Germany Investment and Business Guide Volume 1 Strategic and Practical Information
Courts Litigants and the Digital Age 2 E Law Ethics and Practice
Brown-Eyed Leaders of the Sun A Portrait of Latina o Educational Leaders
Azerbaijan Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Mathematics and Geosciences Global and Local Perspectives Vol II
Salvador Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities El
Bangladesh Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Evaluation for an Equitable Society
Antigua and Barbuda Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 Excel 2016 Intermediate Loose-Leaf Version
American Democracy and Citizenship A Reader
Barbados Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
The Archaeology of Andean Pastoralism
New Directions in Geriatric Medicine Concepts Trends and Evidence-Based Practice
Metabolic Acidosis A Guide to Clinical Assessment and Management
Technology For Transformation Perspectives of Hope in the Digital Age
The Pueblo Bonito Mounds of Chaco Canyon Material Culture and Fauna
Cuba Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Results-Oriented Financial Management A Step-by-Step Guide to Law Firm Profitability
Industrial Biorenewables A Practical Viewpoint
Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Office 365 Excel 2016 Intermediate Loose-Leaf Version
Bahrain Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Strategic Practical Information and Opportunities
Oncological PET CT with Histological Confirmation
Qatar Country Study Guide Volume 1 Strategic Information and Developments
Introduction to Bioplastics Engineering
Journeys Earthly Migrations of a Family
Saudi Arabia Customs Rules Tariffs and Regulations Handbook - Strategic and Practical Information
Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Office 365 Access 2016 Intermediate Loose-Leaf Version
Illustrated Microsoft Office 365 Excel 2016 Intermediate Loose-Leaf Version
New Perspectives Microsoft Windows 10 Comprehensive Loose-Leaf Version
New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint 2016 Comprehensive Loose-Leaf Version
Global financial stability report potent policies for a successful normalization
Forging the Future of Special Collections
In Confidence Moscows Ambassador to Six Cold War Presidents
Silk and Tea in the North Scandinavian Trade and the Market for Asian Goods in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Charter School Report Card
Tomb Security in Ancient Egypt from the Predynastic to the Pyramid Age
The Makers of Modern Poetry A Popular Handbook to the Greater Poets of the Century
Fundamental and Applied Nano-Electromagnetics
The Ancient Urban Maya Neighborhoods Inequality and Built Form
Emancipation of Russian Nobility 1762-1785

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