Descriptions of the First Plumage in Various Species of North American Birds
Incidents in the Lives of Editors
Who Burnt Cork City? A Tale or Arson Loot and Murder The Evidence of Over Seventy Witnesses
Church and State or Christian Liberty An Earnest Address on the Establishment of the Hierarchy
The Encyclical of His Holiness Pius X on the Doctrines of the Modernists Latin Text and English Version with Annotations
A Second Letter to a Late Noble Commander of the British Forces in Germany
Inheritance in Silkworms I
A Review of the Late Motion for an Address to His Majesty Against a Certain Great Minister and the Reasons for It With Some Remarks Upon the Ministers Speech in Defence of Himself
Facts Relative to the Campaign of the Niagara in 1814
An Inquiry C
A Short Essay on the Christian Religion Descriptive of the Advantages Which Have Accrued to Society by the Establishment of It as Contrasted with the Manners and Customs of Mankind Before That Happy Period
Cleft-Palate and Hare-Lip The Earlier Operation on the Palate
Official Reports of Battles Embracing Colonel Wm L Jacksons Report of Expedition to Beverly Major General Prices Report of Evacuation of Little Rock Major General Stevensons Report of Battle of Lookout Mountain
The Scandinavian American With the Collaboration of Beatrice Stevenson M a
The Triangle of Terror in Belgium
A Treatise on the Epidemic Puerperal Fever of Aberdeen
Memoir of Nathaniel B Smithers
Notes on the Examination Papers in English Literature For Third-Class Certificates 1878
Races for the Americas Cup A History of Each of the International Yacht Races from the Beginning With Illustrations of the Yachts Terms of the Races Etc Also the Cup Defenders of 1893
Buds and Flowers of Childish Life
Fruit-Blights and Diseases of Fruit-Trees Interim Report
Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Convention of the Society of American Florists Held at Cleveland Ohio August 18th 19th 20th and 21st 1896
The Elements of Plane Geometry
Bible Songs Consisting of Selections from the Psalms Set to Music Suitable for Sabbath Schools Prayer Meetings Etc
Thompsons Island Beacon Vol 58 May 1954
Report of the Trial of Abraham Prescott on an Indictment for the Murder of Mrs Sally Cochran Before the Court of Common Pleas Holden at Concord in the County of Merrimack On the First Tuesday of September A D 1834
The Legend of Don Munio A Dramatic Cantata Op 62
Official Report Relative to the Conduct of Federal Troops in Western Louisiana During the Invasions of 1863 and 1864
Bloomfields Illustrated Historical Guide Embracing an Account of the Antiquities of St Augustine Florida with Map To Which Is Added a Condensed Guide of the St Johns Ocklawaha Halifax and Indian Rivers
Laibacher Erdbebenstudien
Considerations on the Public Expediency or a Bridge from One Part of Boston to the Other
Textile Mechanics
Record of the Military Service of First Lieutenant and Brevet Captain Robert Goldthwaite Carter U S Army 1862 to 1876
The Forestal Conditions and Silvicultural Prospects of the Coastal Plain of New Jersey With Remarks in Reference to Other Regions and Kindred Subjects
Petals from the Flower of Song
Proceedings of the Thirsty-First Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Atlantic and North Carolina Rail Road Company Held at Morehead City N C June 25th and 26th 1885 Together with the By-Laws of the Company
Zwickers Instructor for Procuring Stationary and Steam Engineers License
Bishop Colenso and the Pentateuch or the Bible in the Gospels A Vindication of the Historical Character of the Old Testament
Reflections on the War of 1812 With Tables Shewing the Numerical Force of the Enemy When He Entered Russia and the Losses He Sustained in the Subsequent Battles and Actions from the Commencement of the Campaign to the 1st of January 1813 Founded Up
The Avon of Shakespeare
Fireproof Construction for Houses and Other Buildings at Moderate Cost
The Irish Church Question A Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Ely
Practical Remarks on Infant Education For the Use of Schools and Private Families
Ontario Institution for the Education and Instruction of the Blind Where It Is What It Is What It Does
The Divine Gift of the Sacred Scriptures and the Divine Legislators First Manifestation of His Care and Solicitude for His Human Creation Essays No I II III and IV
Henrietta Countess Osenvor Vol 1 of 2 A Sentimental Novel in a Series of Letters to Lady Susannah Fitzroy
Hysteria and Accident Compensation Nature of Hysteria and the Lesson of the Post-Litigation Results
The Silver Bells An Allegory
Outlines of Entomology
American Philological Association 1876-7
The Siege of Fort Erie August 1st September 23rd 1814
The Consolations of Death In Ancient Greek Literature
Socrates and Plato A Criticism of Professor A E Taylors Varia Socratica
Flora of Northeastern Pennsylvania
The Great Issue Disclosed by the Leaders and the Plain People in Europe and America
The Influence of Horace in the Seventeenth Century Thesis
A Holiday in Spain and Norway
Geology of Scott County Iowa and Rock Island County Illinois and the Adjacent Territory
The Sun
Tombstone and Its Mines A Report Upon the Past and Present Condition of the Mines of Tombstone Cochise County Arizona to the Development Company of America
Wonders of the Great Mammoth Cave of Kentucky Containing Thorough and Accurate Historical and Descriptive Sketches of This Marvelous Underground World with a Chapter on the Geology of Cave Formation
Rural and Small Community Recreation Suggestions for Utilizing the Resources of Rural Communities How It Is Being Done
Three Ballads The Clipper Screw Maximilian Trafalgar
Papers Relating to the City of New-York
The History of Our Blessed Lord In Easy Verse for Young Children
Flower City Cook Book Published by the Ladies of the Lake Avenue Memorial Baptist Church
The Technique of Psycho-Analysis
The Yellow Cloak and Other Poems
de Systemate Vasorum Psammosauri Grisei
Poland Russia and the War
The A B C of Socialism (Including the A B C of Economics)
The American Anti-Slavery Almanac for 1843 Being the Third After Bissextile or Leap Year And Until July 4th the Sixty-Seventh of the Independence of the United States
Concrete Ships A Possible Solution of the Shipping Problem
Le Juif Polonais Drame En Trois Actes Et Cinq Tableaux
The Instructor Vol 66 March 1931
Scenes and Incidents at Sea
Chaos 1922 Vol 6 The Yearbook of Rensselaer High School Rensselaer Indiana
A Plea for the Pardoning Part of the Soveraignty of the Kings of England
Graphs Vol 6
The Intellectual House-Keeper A Series of Practical Questions to His Daughters by a Father or Hints to Females on the Necessity of Thought in Connexion with Their Domestic Labors and Duties With an Album
Magic Up to Date or Shaws Magical Instructor
Unitarian Biographical Dictionary Being Short Notices of the Lives of Noteworthy Unitarians and Kindred Thinkers Brought Down to the Year 1900
The House on the Cliff
Poultry Management on a Farm An Account of Three Years Work with Practical Results and Balance Sheets
Annual Catalogue Seeding and Harvesting Machinery Manufactured by Noxon Bros Manufacturing Co Ltd
The Life of Pope Pius II as Illustrated by Pinturicchios Frescoes in the Piccolomini Library at Siena
The Antarctic Book Winter Quarters 1907-1909
Will Ye Also Go Away? A Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford on the Fourth Sunday After Epiphany 1867
Ups and Downs in Canada
Henn-Ahns German Grammar In Accordance with the Modern German Orthography
England and Ireland
The Story of the Discovery of the New World by Columbus
Decorative Needlework
Vaughans Book for Florists Spring 1907
The Measurement of Attention
Report of the Centennial Celebration of the Anniversary of Our Independence at Windsor Conn July 4 1876
A Genealogical Record Forsyth of Nydie
Introductory Exercises on the Greek Language For the Use of Junior Students at Schools and Universities
The Erie Canal and the Settlement of the West
The Civil War Letters Written by James Monroe Stookey to His Brother Daniel Stookey 1861-1865
My Terminal Moraine
Old Tucson A Hop Skip and Jump History from 1539 Indian Settlement to New and Greater Tucson
The Americans in the Great War Vol 3 The Meuse-Argonne Battlefields Montfaucon Romagne Sainte-Menehould
Around the Corner to Cuba
The Great Virginia Rebellion of 1676 An Address Delivered by Prof Robert M McElroy of Princeton University Before the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New York on November 9 1911
The Daily Meals of School Children
The Philosophy of Natural Science
The Idea of Tragedy in Ancient and Modern Drama Three Lectures Delivered at the Royal Institution February 1900
Athletics and Games of the Ancient Greeks
Is Man Responsible for His Belief? A Lecture Delivered Before the Members of the Hamilton Mercantile Library Association on the Evening of the 18th of February 1851 And Now Published at Their Request
A Brief History of Philosophy
Key to Business Shorthand
Heathen Mythology Corroborative or Illustrative of Holy Scripture
A New Book of Patience Games
The Mosaic Record and Modern Science
The Old Back Campus at Brown A Chronicle of Student Life and Activities at Brown University in the Latter Half of the Last Century Replete with Anecdote
Second Circle in English Grammar For the Fifth Year or Grade
Snap Shots on the Midway of the Pan-Am Expo Including Characteristic Scenes and Pastimes of Every Country There Represented with Vivid Pen Descriptions
Latin for Pharmacists
Analytical Geometry for Beginners the Straight Line and Circle Vol 1
A Year in a Lancashire Garden
Church Music and Choir Training Treating of the Management of Boys Voices and the Proper Rendition of Church Music
Chemistry Made Easy for the Use of Farmers
Cookery Recipes
Evidence Before the Massachusetts Committee on Street Railways As to the Safety of Overhead Electrical Wires February-March 1889
An Outline for Work in Experimental Engineering in the Engineering Department of the University of Virginia
American Red Cross Text-Book on Home Dietetics
National Institutes of Health Annual Report of International Activities Fiscal Year 1970
The Story of Sixty Years
Laboratory Directions in Principles of Animal Biology
Our Children Scenes from the Country and the Town
The Making of a Merchant And Other Papers
The Canadian Medical Review Vol 7 March 1898
Juvenile Instructor Vol 38 July 1 1903
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 46 An Illustrated Monthly Magazine Designed Expressly for the Education and Elevation of the Young December 1911
Natural Justice and Private Property Dissertation
On Wakefulness With an Introductory Chapter on the Physiology of Sleep
The Great Revival of 1800
A Wanderers Journal 1889
In Lotus Land or Lovable Life in the Orient A Volume of Poems
The Tailors Director Containing an Important Discovery for Fitting the Human Shape by Anatomical Principles Including Regimentals Gentlemens Dress Frock Shooting and Over Coats
Play and Play Materials for the Pre-School Child
Considerations on Eucharistic Worship Or True and False Doctrine of the Eucharistic Sacrifice
Report of the Exercises at the Dedication of the Statue of Ebenezer Knight Dexter Presented to the City of Providence June 29 1894
The Hoop Pole 1916 Fifth Annual Publication
A Loyal Garland From Tributary Thoughts
The Link Vol 27 A Protestant Magazine for Armed Forces Personnel April 1969
The Mountain Anthem The Beatitudes in Rhythmic Echoes
First Love A Lyric Sequence
Kerubim in Semitic Religion and Art
The Triumph of Bohemia A Forest Play
The Chaplain Vol 9 September-October 1952
Matrimony or Phrenology and Physiology Applied to the Selection of Congenial Companions for Life Including Directions to the Married for Living Affectionately and Happily
Proceedings at the Eleventh Annual Dinner of the Republican Club of the City of New York Celebrated at the Waldorf on the Eighty-Eight Anniversary of the Birthday of Abraham Lincoln February 12th 1897
Charles Lamb
American Colonization Society The Proceedings of a Public Meeting Held in the Middle Dutch Church
The New Infidelity
An English Anthology of Prose and Poetry Vol 2 14th Century 19th Century Part II Notes and Indices
Rambles in Cuba
Original and Selected Songs Printed for the Use of the New York Commandery of the Military Order Loyal Legion United States
From Autocracy to Democracy
Magic Pictures of the Long Ago Stories of the People of Many Lands
Gov Altgelds Pardon and the Modern Tragedy Downfall of the Small Producer and the Crisis Its Cause and Cure as Explained and Proposed by Socialism
Benjamin Franklin Translated from the German of J Bruschweiler-Wilhelm
The Porcupiniad A Hudibrastic Poem in Three Cantos Addresses to William Cobbett
Radical Views about the New Testament
Reception and Dinner in Honor of the Fifty-Sixth Birthday of Augustus Peabody Gardner A Pioneer for Preparedness
The Present Interest of the People of Great-Britain At Home and Abroad Considerd in a Letter to a Member of Parliament
The Normal Herald Vol 17 January 1911
Legends and Poetry of the Hudson
The Impact of Gorbachevs Reform Movement on the Soviet Military Hearing Before the Defense Policy Panel of the Committee on Armed Services House of Representatives One Hundredth Congress Second Session Hearing Held July 14 1988
Conscript 2989 Experiences of a Drafted Man
Confession And Other Verses
The Gates of Utterance And Other Poems
Joint Report of the Commissions on Memorials to Senators Orville Hitchcock Platt and Joseph Roswell Hawley to the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut 1915
The Rocky Road to Dublin The Adventures of Seumas Beg
Fiat Money or Resumption for Workingmen Considered from the Standpoint of Their Own Self-Interest an Address to Workingmen Delivered at Faneuil Hall Boston Oct 5th 1878
Memorial Address Pronounced in the Hall of Representatives February 27 1882
Samuel Grant Simpkins A Memorial
A Remonstrance of Divers Remarkeable Passages Concerning the Church and Kingdome of Ireland Recommended by Letters from the Right Honourable the Lords of Justices and Counsell of Ireland and Presented by Henry Jones Doctor in Divinity and Agent for T
State Normal Magazine Vol 16 March 1912
On the Roll of Honour G L B MacKenzie Lieutenant in the 3rd Battalion Toronto Regiment 1st Division Canadian Expeditionary Force 4th January 1892 7th June 1916
Remarks on the Most Important Military Operations of the English Forces on the Western Side of the Peninsula of Hindoostan In 1873 and 1874 in Which the Conduct of the Army Under the Command of Brigadier General Mathews Is Vindicated from
Message of Buddhism the Buddha The Doctrine The Order
Williamstown the Berkshire Hills and Thereabout
The Royal Baker and Pastry Cook A Manual of Practical Cookery
On the Formation of English Words by Means of Ablaut A Grammatical Essay
Hnad-Book American School of Correspondence
Glimpses of Texas Its Divisions Resources Development and Prospects
Book of Words The Pageant of St Johnsbury in Celebration of the One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of the Town
A Laboratory Manual of General Chemistry
Substitutes for Meat Issued by Mayor Mitchels Committee on Food Supply
St Peters Recognition of St Paul As the Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews
German Land Hunger And Other Underlying Causes of the War
Thunor the Thunderer Carved on a Scandinavian Font of about the Year 1000 The First Yet Found God-Figure of Our Scando-Gothic Forefathers
Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves by a Circular Aperture in an Infinitely Conducting Plane Screen
The Geography of New South Wales Physical Industrial and Political
How to Produce Extracted Honey
Worcester Legends Incidents Anecdotes Reminiscences Etc Connected with the Early History of Worcester Mass and Vicinity
A Genealogical History of the Harwood Families Descended from Andrew Harwood Who Was Born in England and Resided in Boston Mass
Documents Diplomatiques Affaires de Siam
The Bradley Bibliography Arboriculture Economic Properties of Woody Plants 1915
Mr Serjeant Stephens New Commentaries on the Laws of England Partly Founded on Blackstone Volume 4
Calendar of State Papers Domestic Series 1650
United States Reports Supreme Court Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Supreme Court of the United States Volume 106
Court Household and Itinerary of King Henry II Instancing Also the Chief Agents and Adversaries of the King in His Government Diplomacy and Strategy
A Supplement to Dodsleys Old Plays The Taming of a Shrew First Sketch of the Merry Wives of Windsor First Sketches of Second and Third Parts of Henry VI True Tragedy of Richard III Issue 11 Issue 15 Issue 17 Issue 21 Issue 23 Issue 25 Issue 31 Issues 34-37 Issue 39 of Publicatio
History of Newburyport Mass 1764-1905 Volume 1
American Law of Real Estate Agency Including Options Purchases Sales Exchanges Leases Loans Etc The Duties and Liabilities of Principals and Agents The Earning of Commissions by Real Estate Brokers and Pleading Practice and Judicial Constru
The Manufacture of Pulp and Paper A Textbook of Modern Pulp and Paper Mill Practice Volume 3
Corpus Poeticvm Boreale The Poetry of the Old Northern Tongue from the Earliest Times to the Thirteenth Century Volume 2
Travels in Mexico South America Etc Etc Volumes 1-2
Ramaseeana Or a Vocabulary of the Peculiar Language Used by the Thugs
Zeitschrift Fir Romanische Philologie Volume 28
Federal Practice Consisting of the Statutes of the United States Relating to the Organization Jurisdiction Practice and Procedure of the Federal Courts and the Rules of Said Courts with Full Notes of the Decisions Relating Thereto
National Bank Cases Containing All Decisions of Both the Federal and State Courts Relating to National Banks from 1878 to [1889] Also the Acts Relating to National Banks Volume 3
Anatomical Names
Klopstock FG Messiah A Poem in Twenty Cantos
Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine Volume 12
International Law with Illustrative Cases Volume 217 of ILM (Microform Series)
Bells Latin Course for the First Year in Three Parts Vol 2
Spectrum Analysis in Its Application to Terrestrial Substances and the Physical Constitution of the Heavenly Bodies Familiarly Explained by Dr H Schellen Tr from the 2D Enl and REV German Edition by Jane and Caroline Lassell
Birds of the Northwest A Hand-Book of the Ornithology of the Region Drained by the Missouri River and Its Tributaries
The Lincoln Family Magazine Vol 1 Genealogical Historical and Biographical January 1916 to April 1917
The Life and Writings of St Patrick With Appendices Etc
Naturwissenschaftliche Volksbicher Volumes 11-15
History of the Settlement of Jews in Paducah and the Lower Ohio Valley
Papers on Mechanical and Physical Subjects Volume 2
Church-Of-Englandism and Its Catechism Examined Preceded by Strictures on the Exclusionary System as Pursued in the National Societys Schools Interspersed with Parallel Views of the English and Scottish Established and Non-Established Churches and Conc
Modern Methods of Charity An Account of the Systems of Relief Public and Private in the Principal Countries Having Modern Methods
Idies DUn Citoyen Sur LiTat Actuel Du Royaume de France
Mechanical Equipment of Buildings A Reference Book for Engineers and Architects Volume 2
Some Uniqueness Theorems for the Reduced Wave Equation
The Works of the Reverend and Learned Isaac Watts Containing Besides His Sermons and Essays on Miscellaneous Subjects Several Additional Pieces Selected from His Manuscripts by the REV Dr Jennings and the REV Dr Doddridge in 1753 to Which Are P
Applied Geology Vol 1
American Bastile A History of the Illegal Arrests and Imprisonment of American Citizens During the Late Civil War
Abraham Lincoln Complete Works Comprising His Speeches Letters State Papers and Miscellaneous Writings Volume 2
Comparative Electro-Physiology A Physico-Physiological Study
Embryology Anatomy and Diseases of the Umbilicus Together with Diseases of the Urachus
The Microscope Its History Construction and Application Being a Familiar Introduction to the Use of the Instrument and the Study of Microscopical Science
The Works of the Ettrick Shepherd [pseud] Tales and Sketches
Diseases of the Ear A Text-Book for Practitioners and Students of Medicine
The Home Maker A Book of Practical Household Hints and Menus
An Address
The Secular Pulpit A Series of Short Patent Sermons
Anmerkungen Und Zusitze Zur Entwerfung Der Land-Und Himmelschaften Hrsg Von a Wangerin
Du Traitement Des Ritricissements de LUrithre Par La Dilatation Progressive
Sir George-iTienne Cartier
Hearts of Gold Being Chronicles of Heroism in Canadian History
Sparkling Rubies A Choice Collection of New Sunday-School Music
The Toymaker of Nuremberg A Play in Three Acts and Two Scenes
The Forum Volume 47
History of Central America Volume 1
Where Is the Church?
My Literary Life
Verse from a Western Isle
Canticles of Niagara and Other Poems
The Yale Record Book of Verse 1872-1922
Practical Physiological Chemistry A Book Designed for Use in Courses in Practical Physiological Chemistry in Schools of Medicine and of Science
Nouvelles iTudes Sur Les Inondations Au Point de Vue de LInsalubriti Des Riservoirs de LInfluence Des Forits Du Reboisement Envisagi Comme Agissant Contre Les Inondations Et Les Ravinements
Revised Laws of the State of California In Four Codes Political Civil Civil Procedure and Penal
Favorite Sacred Songs Containing Solos Duetts Quartettes and Choruses for the Church and Home
Canadian Bookman Vol 1 With Which Is Incorporated the Canadian Bookseller and Library Journal April 1 1915
Lady May A Pastoral
Notes from a Journal in North America in 1883
Rhode Island German Directory 1900-1901 Deutsches Adressbuch Fuer Rhode Island 1900-1901
A Century of Acrostics
The Burt-Markham Primer the Nature Method
The History of the Fifty-Fifth Battery C F a
Waves on a Sphere
The de Riemer Family A D 1640 1903
Dialogues from Lucian With a Vocabulary
The Proceedings of the Institute of Medicine of Chicago 1921 Vol 3
Authorization of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice Hearing Before the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives One Hundred Fourth Congress First Session July 20 1995
Encouraging Small Business Lending and Investment Hearing Before the Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs United States Senate One Hundred Third Congress First Session
Evolution Darwinian and Spencerian the Herbert Spencer Lecture Delivered at the Museum 8 December 1910
Annals of Iowa Volume 7
The Development of Gonionema Murbachii
The Training School Quarterly Vol 3 October November December 1916
And Regulations Adopted by the Committee for General Purposes of the Stock-Exchange To Which Is Prefixed the Report of the Sub-Committee Upon That Subject
Incorporation Proceedings July 1922
The Fourth Book of Virgils Georgics With a Vocabulary
The Department of Conservation State of Indiana
Design and Test of a Suction Gas Producer Pressure Regulator
Pupils Outline Studies in the History of the United States
The Arrowhead Magazine and Guide Book
France and Flanders Four War Years in Poem and Story
What My Children Love to Eat How to Prepare the Menus
A Second Series of Facts and Arguments Tending to Prove That the Abilities of the Two B RS Are Not More Extraordinary Than Their Virtues In a Letter to a Member of Parliament
The Theory and Practice of Joint-Stock Banking Showing the Advantages Which Will Arise to the Agricultural Commercial and Manufacturing Interests of England from the Institution of Joint-Stock Banks of Issue Discount and Deposits
Religion and Art in Ancient Greece
Dedication of a Soldiers Monument at Claremont N H October 19 1869 Proceedings Speeches Etc
Memoir on the Boundary Question Pending Between the Republic of Costa Rica and the State of Nicarauga
Jedge Waxems Pocket-Book of Politics
Contributions to Avian Palaeontology from the Pacific Coast of North America
Historical and Literary Activities in North Carolina 1900-1905 Vol 1 Publications of the Historical Commission
A A Berry Seed Co Clarinda Iowa 1902
Trial Conviction and Imprisonment Wei Jingsheng How Should It Affect U S Hearing Before the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights of the Committee on International Relations House of Representatives One Hundred Fourth Congress
The Story of a Young Mans Tramp Across Three States Cooking His Meals Campong Along Three Hundred and Sixty Miles of Road in New Hampshire Vermont and New York
Fourth Report of the Class Secretary of the Class of 1874 of Harvard College June 1880-June 1884
Visions of Solyma
Rustic Sketches Being Rhymes on Angling and Other Subjects Illustrative of Rural Life C in the Dialect of the Best of England With Notes and a Glossary
Theory and Practice of the Electric Telegraph A Manual for Operators and Students
Principles of Religious Philosophy
Die Heimathlosen Drama in Funf Aufzugen
In the Deep of the Snow
Aunt Jennys Favorite Recipes Delicious Economical and Easy to Make with the Purer All-Vegetable Shortening
Some Details Concerning General Moreau and His Last Moments Followed by a Short Biographical Memoir To Which Is Added a Funeral Oration Pronounced at St Petersburg in Honor of General Moreau
International Congress of Genealogy Held at San Francisco California U S A July 28 29 30 and 31 1915
On the True Meaning of the Word Shin As Exhibited in the Quotations Adduced Under That Word in the Chinese Imperial Thesaurus
A Few Songs
The Madonna of the Tubs
The Deeper Causes of the War
What Is Baptism? The Substance of a Sermon Preached May 27 1838
F Ierce Winds Are Goading Furiously the Wild White Horses of the Sea With Tossing Mane and Tangled Rein Frothing They Fret with Wrestling Wet the Racing Rearing Horses of the Sea A the Frantic Elements Behind Them Urge Iv-4 the White-Maned Multitu
A Friend in the Kitchen Or What to Cook and How to Cook It
Two Men in the West
Oxford and Cambridge Mission to Central Africa A Memoir of Its Origin and Progress to the Close of the Year 1859 (Reprinted from the Colonial Church Chronicle for February)
The Historical Development of Child-Labor Legislation in the United States A Dissertation Submitted to the Catholic University of America in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
The Glass Worker Vol 4 Official Organ June 1907
King Fialar A Poem in Five Songs
The Phonographic Manual
Chelched Or Chelsea Ancient Mediaeval and Modern A Poem
The Gospel of the Twelve Apostles Together with the Apocalypses of Each One of Them
The Book of Esther Theologically and Homiletically Expounded
The Game Fields of Ontario
The Royal Family and Farming George III to George V
Two Chicago Sketches When the City Wakes to Life Lake Michigan in Calm and Storm
Paul Bourget
William Barton Rogers an Address
Wappin Wharf A Frightful Comedy of Pirates
The Old-Time Spelling School Vol 3 of 3 In Three Parts
The Peoples Government
Catalog W B Corsets Erect Form Nuform Reduso
Arise America!
A Journey to the Grand Falls of Labrador
Manual Training for Rural Schools
Practical Plumbers Work With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams
Synopsis of the Military Career of Gen Joseph Wheeler Commander of the Cavalry Corps Army of the West
The Illini Trail A Pageant Play Commemorating the Illinois Centennial Written for the Centennial Celebration
Nature Near Home And Other Papers
Eighth Annual Report December 5th 1905
Thirty-Second Annual Report of the Health Department of the City of Boston for the Year 1903
Decennial Record of the Class of Eighty-Six in Yale College
The Law of Struggle
Catalogue 1881
The Tuscarora Vol 1
The Tocsin Or a Review of the London Police Establishments with Hints for Their Improvement and for the Prevention of Calamitous Fires C
The Legal Articles in the Jewish Encyclopedia
Colonial and Camp Sanitation
Description of Farnams Patent Hydraulic Apparatus for Raising Water Including Rules Tables Price Lists and Other Practical Information on the Subject of Supplying Families Factories Towns Cities C with Water Also Descriptions of Fire Engines
The Hunters of Euboea
Speculations from Political Economy
Bernays Compendious German Grammar With a Dictionary of Prefixes and Affixes and with Alterations Additions and References to an Introduction to the Study of the German Language
Sphinx Vespiformis An Essay
Life on the Congo
Festschrift Zur Des Finfzigjihrigen Bestehens Naturwissenschaften Vereins Zu Magdeburg Vol 3 Heft 3 Abhandlungen Und Berichte Aus Dem Museum Fur Natur Und Heimatkunde Und Dem Naturwissenschaftlichen Verein
Engedi or David in the Wilderness (Mount of Olives) A Sacred Drama
The Settlement of Ionia Mich A History of the Sessions Family of the Branch of Alonzo Sessions and Celia Dexter Sessions
The Cutter and Guide A New System for Instruction in the Art and Science of Garment Cutting for All the Various Forms of the Human Body
The German Chancellor and the Outbreak of War
A New Baptist Church Manual
The Resurrection of Assyria A Lecture Delivered in Renfield Presbyterian Church Glasgow on January 31 1875
New York State Drain Tile and Fireproofing Works Works and Main Office Third Avenue Albany N y
The History of Harwinton Connecticut
On Agricultural Chemistry and the Nature and Properties of Peruvian Guano
The Dramatic Values in Plautus
Longmans Illustrated Second French Reading-Book and Grammar
Salads for Breakfast Dinner Supper
The Story of an Outing
The English Church Its Succession and Witness for Christ A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church July 7 1835 at the Visitation of the Ven the Archdeacon of Chichester
The Anticipatory Subjunctive in Greek and Latin Vol 1
Personal Recollections of the War of 1861 as Private Sergeant and Lieutenant in the Sixty-First Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry
History of Pike County A Centennial Address Delivered by Hon William a Grimshaw at Pittsfield Pike County Illinois July 4 1876
The Happy Teacher
Discourse on Education Delivered at Braintree Thursday Oct 24 1839
Reply to the Bishop of Ripons Attack on the Catholic Church
The Supernatural in the Tragedies of Euripides As Illustrated in Prayers Curses Oaths Oracles Prophecies Dreams and Visions
Mrs Temples Telegram A Farce in Three Acts
The I W W in Theory and Practice
The Unsuspected Isle A Musical Play in Two Acts
The New Haven Line of Steamers
Pauline or an Eventful Day An Amateur Operetta in Two Parts
The Whole Contention 1619 Vol 2 Containing the Tragedie of Richard Duke of Yorke and the Good King Henrie the Sixt The Third Quarto 1619
William Leverett Dickinson An Appreciation Prepared as a Souvenir of the Dickinson Centenary Celebration by the People of Jersey City November 25th 1919
Central Station Experiences A Series of Narratives on the Trials and Tribulations of a Steam Engineer While Learning to Run an Electric Station
Otille the Octoroone Tragedy in Five Acts
In the Heart of the Christmas Pines
Folk Lore Notes Vol 2 Konkan
The Damnation of Faust Dramatic Legend in Five Acts
Juvenile Blossoms
Calvins Programme for a Puritan State in Geneva 1536-1541
Manual Training High School Annual May 1906
Improvement Era Vol 24 December 1920
The Bull Goose Book
Our First Year in the Great War
High Altars The Battle-Fields of France and Flanders as I Saw Them
Folk-Dances of Finland Containing Sixty-Five Dances Selected Edited and Translated
The Coloniad A Narrative in Verse on Washingtons War Together with an Eulogium to the Chief Hero and His Monument Dedicated to the Equestrian Statue of Washington in Richmond
Memoir of the Late REV John Baird Minister of Yetholm Roxburghshire With an Account of His Labours in Reforming the Gipsy Population of That Parish
Text-Book of Prose from Bacon With Notes and Sketches of the Authors Lives For Use in Schools and Classes
Christmas Carols Old English Carols for Christmas and Other Festivals
Odes Sonnets and Other Poems
Anthony Brewers the Love-Sick King
The Chaplain Vol 7 A Journal for Protestant Chaplains November-December 1950
The Masters Birthday A Play for Children in Three Acts With an Epilogue in Pantomime
A Womans Thoughts about Men
Sketches of Scottish Character And Other Poems
Behold the Christ! An Epic of the New Theism
An Analysis of the Interpretations of the Finnsburg Documents
Lyrics by a Briton in Gallia
Ancient Popular Poetry Vol 2 From Authentic Manuscripts and Old Printed Copies
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 59 March 1924
New England Society of Saint Louis Twentieth Annual Reunion Buckingham Hotel Saint Louis December Twenty-First Nineteen Hundred Four
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of John S Shepard Delivered at the Regular Monthly Meeting of the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society February 8 1899
Some Thoughts on the Athanasian Creed
John Ruskin His Life and Work Inaugural Address Delivered Before the Ruskin Society of Glasgow
Irish Eclogues
Rub#257iy#257t of Omar Khayyam A Paraphrase from Several Literal Translations
Forty-Two Poems
Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society 1905-1906 Vol 4
The Child and His Family in Disaster A Study of the 1953 Vicksburg Tornado
A Defence of the Protestant Bible As Published by the Bible Societies Against the Charge Raised Against It by the REV Dr Ryder President of the College of Jesuits at Georgetown D C During a Course of Theological Lectures Delivered in March and a
Key to Course in Isaac Pitman Shorthand
Four Somerset Bishops 1136-1242 From Documents in Possession of the Dean and Chapter of Wells
An Historical Essay on the Origin of Printing
Henrik Ibsens Terje Viken Edited with Introduction Notes and Vocabulary
Report on the Laws and Ordonnances in Force in France for the Regulation of Noxious Trades and Occupations
Newport Illustrated by Sketches with Pen and Camera With a Dictionary of Newport
A Documentary History of the Dutch Congregation of Oyster Bay Queens County Island of Nassau (Now Long Island)
The Open Court Vol 44 Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea February 1930
Social Condition Beliefs and Linguistic Relationship of the Tlingit Indians
Twenty-First Annual Program for the Observance of Arbor Day in the Schools of Rhode Island May 10 1912
Mammas Darling
A Sermon Preached Before His Excellency James Bowdoin Esq Governour His Honour Thomas Cushing Esq Lieutenant-Governour The Honourable the Council and the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
The Shootdown of Brothers to the Rescue What Happened? Hearing Before the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere of the Committee on International Relations House of Representatives One Hundred Fourth Congress Second Session September 18 1996
First Book of Chemistry A Course of Simple Experiments for Beginners at Home and in Primary Schools
Communication to the Commissioners of the Central Park Relative to the Improvement of the Sixth and Seventh Avenues from the Central Park to the Harlem River The Laying Out of the Island Above 155th Street The Drive from 59th St to 155th St and Oth
On Post-Epic or Imitative Words in Homer
The Travels and Adventures of Henry Kingman in Search of Colorado and California Gold 1859-1865 With a Few Later Incidents Including Some Politics and the Celebration of His Seventy-Fifth Birthday
History of the First Baptist Church of Piscataway With an Account of Its Bi-Centennial Celebration June 20th 1889 and Sketches of Pioneer Progenitors of Piscataway Planters
A Rejoinder to the Princeton Review Upon the Elohim Revealed Touching the Doctrine of Imputation and Kindred Topics
A Scholar of the Twelfth Century
Thomas Linley Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Thomas Mathews Their Connection with Bath
The Witch of Pendle A Play of Tudor Days
A Botanical Tour in the Highlands of Perthshire
Protest of Warren S Johnson to Report of Sub-Committee on the Philadelphia City Hall Clock
Tragedy of a Nation
A Manual of Comparative Grammar of the Spanish Language With an Historical Introduction
On the Construction of Hooped Cannon Being a Sequel to a Memoir on the Practicability
A Fishermans Paradise
Tried and Tested Recipes A Collection of the Favorite and Choicest Recipes Used and Contributed
Catalogue of English Prose Fiction
Selections from the Poems of Timothy Otis Paine
The Nature of Cholera Investigated With a Supplemental Chapter on Treatment Addressed to Junior Practitioners
A Class Book of Physics Parts IV and V Light and Sound
An Irish Apologia Some Thoughts on Anglo-Irish Relations and the War
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Town Treasurer School Treasurer Trustees and Treasurer of the Hamilton Smith Public Library and the Board of Education of the Town of Durham for the Financial Year Ending February 15 1917 With the Vital Statistics for
Report of Brigadier General R S Ripley of Operations from August 21 to September 10 1863 With Sub-Reports
The Old Testament Vindicated as Christianitys Foundation-Stone
Ancient Poetry Revised and Modernized
Annual Report of the Womans Board of Missions Of the Interior Presented at Its Annual Meeting Held in Minneapolis Minnesota Oct 29 30 1884
Explanatory Notes on the Italian Conversational Course
The Deserted Village A Poem Translated Into Armenian Verse
Facts about Santo Domingo Applicable to the Present Crisis An Address Delivered Before the American Geographical and Statistical Society at New York April 3 1862
The Gospel in France Its Agents and Agents Conflicts and Victories
Plays Maori and Pakeha Vol 1 For Standards I-IV
A Primer of Socialism
South Carolina a Primer An Article Prepared for the Encyclopedia Americana
The Leonard Manual of the Cemeteries of New York and Vicinity A Handy Guide Embodying a Brief History and Description of All the Regular New York and Neighboring Cemeteries Their Location and Accessibility Together with an Official List of Prices of Gr
Fish in Rivers and Streams A Treatise on the Production and Management of Fish in Fresh Waters by Artificial Spawning Breeding and Rearing Showing Also the Cause of the Depletion of All Rivers and Streams
Columbus and His Discovery of America
Original Communications Eighth International Congress of Applied Chemistry Vol 12 Washington and New York September 4 to 13 1912
The Gladiolus Its History Cultivation and Exhibition
Shakespeare and Precious Stones Treating of the Known References of Precious Stones in Shakespeares Works with Comments as to the Origin of His Material the Knowledge of the Poet Concerning Precious Stones and References as the Where the Precious Sto
A Historical Sketch of the Second Congregational Church in Attleborough Delivered at Its Centennial Meeting December 7 1848
Some Early Treatises on Technological Chemistry
Shaksperian Criticism Textual and Literary from Dryden to the End of the Eighteenth Century
Cupids Book of Good Counsel Vol 8
The Geology of the Country Around Nottingham
Letters of Captain Henry Richards Of the Ninety-Third Ohio Infantry
The Boys Life of General Sheridan
Military Chaplains Review Family Life II Winter 1985
Outline of Work in Elementary Language
Geographical and Statistical History of Steele County From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time Embracing Leading Incidents of Pioneer Life Names of Early Settlers Nature of Soil Advantages to Settlers C C
The Awakening of the German People
Grassroots Public Relations for Agriculture
Students Textbook A Standard Course of Instruction for Use in the Public Schools of the United States for the Preparation of the Candidate for the Responsibilities of Citizenship
The Maryland Campaign and the Battle of Antietam
Workshops of Destruction
Litchfield Centennial Celebration July 4th A D 1876 Historical Address
Le Juif Polonais Edited with Introduction Notes and Vocabulary
The Choir Rehearsal A Play in One Act
The Report of the Annual Examination of the Public Schools of the City of Boston 1849
Two Lectures on Theism Delivered on the Occasion of the Sesquicentennial Celebration of Princeton University
Hunter Responsibility An Innovative Curriculum for Effective Instruction
The Ducks and the Frogs A Tale of the Bogs
The New German Field Exercise Part I the Portion on Drill in Extended Order Part II Attack and Defence Complete
The Life and Adventures of Paul Jones
Benjamin Franklin
The Quadruplex With Chapters on the Dynamo-Electric Machine in Relation to the Quadruplex The Practical Working of the Quadruplex Telegraph Repeaters and the Wheatstone Automatic Telegraph
Drill Manual for Non-Commissioned Officers
Lessons in the Proper Feeding of the Family
Western Section of the Southern California District of the Communist Party Vol 3 Hearings Before the Committee on Un-American Activities House of Representatives Eighty-Sixth Congress First Session October 22 1959
Address Delivered at the Opening of the Ninth International Congress of Orientalists Held in London September 5 1892
A Short Grammar for the English Tongue For the Use of English Schools Dedicated to the Honourable Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge
Address in Commemoration of the Sixth of September 1781 Spoken on Groton Heights Sept 6 1825
At the End of the Open Road Poems
Bubbles and Dreams A Book of Verse
Sketches and Notices of the Chicago Bar Including the More Prominenet Lawyers and Judges of the City and Suburban Towns
A Brief Treatise on Geology or Facts Suggestions and Inductions in That Science Vol 2
Life and Character of the Hon Thomas Ruffin Late Chief Justice of North Carolina A Memorial Oration
The Origin and Growth of the Roman Satiric Poetry
Songs Chiefly in the Rural Language of Scotland
Coarse Fish Culture
The South Carolina Monument Association Origin History and Work with an Account of the Proceedings at the Unveiling of the Monument to the Confederate Dead and the Oration of Gen John S Preston at Columbia S C May 13 1879
Archives of Dermatology Vol 3 October 1876
Extracts of Letters of Major Genl Bryan Grimes to His Wife
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Historically and Logically Viewed
An Attempt an International Language
Mr Sumners Address Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society
Free Service Poultry Guide Vol 1 A Guide for Brooding Feeding and Rearing Chicks Naturally and Artificially with Chapters on Brooding Systems and Houses Care and Feeding of Growing Stock Broilers and Fryers Roasters and Capons Foods and Feeding
Record of the Family of the Late REV David C Field D of Stockbridge Mass
A W Pineros Plays Uniformly Bound in Stiff Paper Covers Price 50 Cents Each
Zoology of the Invertebrate Animals
Sea Moods from Inland And Other Verses
Waterloo A Narrative and a Criticism
The Taylor Anecdote Book Anecdotes and Letters of Zachary Taylor
A Pack of Foxhounds
Observations on the Use of the Colchicum Autumnale in the Treatment of Gout And on the Proper Means of Preventing the Recurrence of That Disorder
An Examination of the Evidence Adduced by Mr Keary Against the Authenticity or Validity of Certain Passages from the Fathers Contained in the Faith of Catholics on Certain Points of Controversy Compiled by REV Jos Berington and REV John Kirk
Literature and Music A Manual for Teachers and Students in School and Home
Perspective and Geometrical Drawing Adapted to the Use of Candidates for Second and Third-Class Teachers Certificates
Biographical Sketch of the Russell Family and Connections
The Story George Rogers Clark For Young Readers
The Anti-Slavery Reporter Vol 4 April 2 1831
Outlines of Latin Phonetics
Fishing Around New York Where to Find Them How to Rig How to Catch Them Chart of Hooks Showing Exact Sizes to Use Etc
The New Bible-Country
More Beasts (for Worse Children)
Teachers and Parents Manual of Education Being a Plan for an Uniform Course of Study
Brass Pipe and Piping When and How It Should Be Used
Psychogalvanic Responses in Arithmetical Work Effects of Experimental Changes in Addition
Vital Records of Lee Massachusetts 1777-1801 From the Records of the Town Congregational Church and Inscriptions in the Early Burial Grounds All the Family Birth Records Continued Beyond 1801 Given as Fully as Recorded
Some Textual Notes on Alls Well That Ends Well Vol 1
The Friar Preacher Yesterday and To-Day
The Simplification of English Spelling Specially Adapted for the Rising Generation an Easy Way of Saving Time in Writing Printing and Reading
Selling Milk Ideas for Cooperative Managements
Dinner to His Excellency Jules Cambon
Investigation of Communist Activities in the Seattle Wash Area Vol 3 Hearings Before the Committee on Un-American Activities House of Representatives Eighty-Fourth Congress First Session June 1 and 2 1955
A Christian Science Exposition of the Atonement
Experiments in Regeneration and in Grafting of Hydrozoa A Dissertation Presented to the Faculty of Bryn Mawr College for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
The Principles of Bridges Containing the Mathematical Demonstrations of the Properties of the Arches the Thickness of the Piers the Force of the Water Against Them C
The Address of Q Sept Tertullian To Scapula Tertullus Proconsul of Africa
Mental Measurements of the Blind A Provisional Point Scale and Data for a Year Scale
Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts In the Library of Eton College
P Vergili Aeneidos Lib IV Edited for the Use of Schools
The Political Re-Organisation of the People
The Electrum Coinage of Lampsakos
History of the Saginaw Valley Its Resources Progress and Business Interests
The Franklin Year Book Vol 3 Maxims and Morals from the Great Philosopher
The Fortunes of the Charlton Family
Dickens and Talfourd With an Address Three Unpublished Letters to Talfourd the Father of the First Copyright ACT Which Put an End to the Piracy of Dickens Writings
Home Candy Making
Notes on the Early History of Ohio Yearly Meeting Reprinted with Additions and Corrections from the Friend 1918-19
Richardsiana Or Hits at the Style of Popular American Authors
Wakefield Congregational Church A Commemorative Sketch 1644-1877
College Carols
An Introduction to the History of the Science of Politics
Poultry Cholera Its Cause Nature Prevention and Cure
Considerations on the Indignity Suffered by the Crown and the Dishonour Brought Upon the Nation By the Marriage of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland with an English Subject
Bishop Lightfoot
Historical Sketch of the Town of Charlestown in Rhode Island From 1636 to 1876
Special Veterinary Therapy
Fallacies of Socialism Exposed Being a Reply to the Manifesto of the Democratic Federation
A Trip to the Orient Leaves from the Note-Book of Alice Pickford Brockway
The Monroe Doctrine and Some Incidental Obligations in the Zone of the Caribbean Address of the Hon Philander C Knox Before the New York State Bar Association New York N Y January 19 1912
Happiness Haven Two Talks on Blessedness and Christs Way to It
Bee-Keeping in Victoria
The Philo System of Progressive Poultry Keeping
A Manual of the Art of Making and Refining Sugar from Beets Including the Cultivation of the Plant and the Various Improvements in the Manufacture
The Practical Stenographer A New and Practical System of Shortband
Record of the Testimony Proceedings and Reports of the Committee Appointed by the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Inquire Into the Matter of an Alleged Attempt on the Part of Henry W Conrad Esq
Some Notice of Various Families of the Name of Marsh
A Catechism of the History of England
Genealogy and History of the Phifer Family
Prolegomena to a Complete Exposition of Theism
General Beauregard at Shiloh
Power of Christian Womanhood A Sermon Delivered at the Funeral of Mrs Mary Emmons Ide of West Medway July 3 1880
Kansas Day Brochure of Information and Exercises for Use in Every Kansas School Containing Kansas History Kansas Geography Kansas Poems Kansas Songs and Kansas Politics Together with Excerpts from the State Constitution
Iowa Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Rebellion
Normal Training the Principles and Methods of Human Culture A Series of Lectures Addressed to Young Teachers
Ornithological Notes from a South London Suburb 1874-1909 A Summary of 35 Years Observations with Some Facts and Fancies Concerning Migration
A Narrative of All the Robberies Escapes C of John Sheppard Giving an Exact Description of the Manner of His Wonderful Escape from the Castle in Newgate and of the Methods He Took Afterward for His Security
Offsprings of Fancy
The Journal of the Maine Ornithological Society 1900 Vol 2 A Quarterly Journal of Maine Ornithology
Practical Exercises to Cobbetts French Grammar With a Key
The Checker Player
The Journal of the Maine Ornithological Society Vol 1 January 1899
Times of Sunrise and Sunset in the United States
Rod and Gun and Motor Sports in Canada November 1908
Report on the Anatomy of the Petrels (Tubinares) Collected During the Voyage of H MS Challenger
Rhode Island in the Colonial Wars A List of Rhode Island Soldiers Sailors in the Old French Indian War 1755-1762
Soldiers Adjusted Compensation Vol 1 Hearings Before the Committee on Finance United States Senate Sixty-Sixth Congress Third Session
Early History of Frontier County Nebraska
The Centenary of the City of Easton 5th Day of May A D 1890 Including a Resume of the Events of That Day
A Treatise on Paper With an Outline of Its Manufacture Complete Tables of Sizes Etc For Printers and Stationers
Information for Inspectors of Airplane Wood Prepared at the Forest Products Laboratory Forest Service U S Department of Agriculture
Causes of International War
History of the Town of Berkeley Mass
Tourbillon Histoire Chinoise
The Study of Shakespeares King Henry the Fifth Studies of the Historical Plays of Shakespeare
The Belgian Nation
Early History of North Dakota Vol 1
A Concise Description of the English and French Possessions in North-America For the Better Explaining of the Map Published with That Title
Essays on Social and Political Questions
Report of the Western Sanitary Commission on the White Union Refugees of the South Their Persecutions Sufferings Destitute Condition and the Necessity of Giving Aid and Relief on Their Coming to Our Military Posts
Wages or the Whip An Essay on the Comparative Cost and Productiveness of Free and Slave Labour
Korea for Christ
Select Poems of Wordsworth and Tennyson Prescribed by the Department of Education for Use in High Schools Collegiate Institutes and Continuation Schools
A Study in Epic Development
Proceedings of the Centennial Anniversary of the Old Town of Cambridge
Implications of the U S North Korea Nuclear Agreement Hearing Before the Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs of the Committee on Foreign Relations United States Senate One Hundred Third Congress Second Session December 1 1994
Annual Reports of the Town Officers and Inventory of Polls and Ratable Property of Fitzwilliam New Hampshire For the Year Ending January 31 1943
The Weekly Ohio State Journal Annual for 1886 Embodying a Complete Compilation of the Daily Reports Relating to the Last Illness Death and Obsequies of Gen U S Grant Including Also Valuable Historical Data with Illustrations
Repetition and Parallelism in English Verse A Study in the Technique of Poetry
The Church of Christ in Vernon Connecticut An Historical Address
Horticulture Ten Lectures Delivered for the Surrey County Council
Germans in America
Midsummer in Whittiers Country A Little Study of Sandwich Center
Gods Light as It Came to Me
How Shakspere Came to Write the Tempest
The Universe Or the Wonders of Creation the Infinitely Great and the Infinitely Little
The Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases Judicially Interpreted to Which Has Been Added Statutory Definitions
A Catalogue Raisonnee[!] of Oriental Manuscripts in the Library of the (Late) College Fort Saint George Volume 1
The Tragedies of Sophocles Tr Into Engl Verse by T Dale
The Cave Temples of India
A Dictionary of Applied Chemistry Volume 1
The Comedies of Aristophanes Tr Into Familiar Blank Verse with Notes by CA Wheelwright
The Annals of the English Bible Volume 2
The Life of Blessed Julie Billiard Foundress of the Institute of Sisters of Notre Dame
An Introduction to the Commentary on the Holy Qoran Being an English Translation of Al Bayan
A New Comparative French Grammar and Phraseological Reference Book
A History of the Sepoy War in India 1857-58 Volume 3
The History of Roman Law from the Text of Ortolans Histoire de la LGislation Romaine Et GNralisation Du Droit (Edition of 1870) Translated with the Authors Permission and Supplemented by a Chronometrical Chart of Roman History
The Journal of the Reverend John Wesley AM Sometime Fellow of Lincoln College Oxford Volume 1
The Presbyterian Book of Praise Approved and Commended by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada with Tunes Part I Selections from the Psalter Part II the Hymnal Revised and Enlarged
The Pictorial Book of Anecdotes and Incidents of the War of the Rebellion
The American Practice of Medicine Volume 3
Homes and Haunts of the Pilgrim Fathers A New Edition of Dr Alexander Mackennals Work Revised and Partly Rewritten
Building and Flying an Aeroplane A Practical Handbook Covering the Design Construction and Operation of Aeroplanes and Gliders
St Domingo Its Revolutions and Its Patriots A Lecture Delivered Before the Metropolitan Athenaeum London May 16 and at St Thomas Church Philadelphia December 20 1854
The Christians Annual 1900
Two Lectures on the Construction of Boilers and on Boiler Explosions
Interference Methods for Standardizing and Testing Precision Gage Blocks
The Celebration of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Wilton
Sermons on the Mode and Subjects of Christian Baptism or an Attempt to Shew That Pouring or Sprinkling Is a Scriptural Mode and the Infants of Believers Are Proper Subjects of the Baptism Instituted by Christ With an Examination of Various Objections
The Deaf Mutes of Canada A History Fo Their Education with an Account of the Deaf Mute Institutions of the Dominion and a Description of All Known Finger and Sign Alphabets
Historic Certainties Respecting the Early History of America Developed in a Critical Examination of the Book of the Chronicles of the Land of Ecnarf
Atlantic City Its Early and Modern History
A Chronological Essay on the Sacred History from the Creation of the World to the Birth of Christ Being a Defence of the Computation of the Septuagint
Henry Gannett President of the National Geographic Society 1910-1914
Shakespeares Macbeth An Oriental Study
Oxide of Zinc Its Nature Properties and Uses with Special Reference to the Making and Application of Paint
The Destiny of Walfish Bay
Du Livre de la Mort Pomes
An Address on the Prospects of Railway Enterprise in Natal
Paris Unveiled or an Expose of Vice and Crime in the Gay French Capital
The Murphy A B C System Of Carriage Painting
On Aether and Chloroform as Anaesthetics Being the Results of about Administrations of Those Agents Personally Studied in the Hospitals of London Paris During the Last Ten Years
Discourse Delivered Before the New-York Historical Society At Their Anniversary Meeting 6th December 1811
Alsace Lorraine or the Struggle of 2000 Years As Pointing to a New Basis for Peace Among Nations
Lord Roberts in War a Study for the Day Audi Alteram Partem
The Yosemite A Spiritual Interpretation
Klondyke and Fortune The Experiences of a Miner Who Has Acquired a Fortune in the Yukon Valley
Madame Zadkiels Fortune Teller and Mirror of Fate With Illustrations
Catalogue of Fine Steel Engravings Chromos Lithographs Stereoscopic Views Picture and Looking Glass Frames Etc Etc Etc
Baptismalogia or a Treatise Concerning Baptisms Whereto Is Added a Discourse Concerning the Supper Bread and Wine Called Also Communion
Official Catalogue and Culture Guide of the National Dahlia Society Prepared by a Committee of the Society
An Introduction to Laboratory Physics
The Agony of the Church
The Ground-Work of Number A Manual for the Use of Primary Teachers
Little Yellow Wang-Lo
The Birth of Roland
The Culture of the Luiseno Indians
Full Instructions in the Art of Crepe Paper Rope Basket Weaving
Best Stories of the 1914 European War Compiled from All Sources
Todays Students and the American Dream Their Concerns Their Solutions Hearing Before the Committee on the Budget House of Representatives One Hundred Fourth Congress Second Session Field Hearing Held in Villanova Pa April 26 1996
The Focus Vol 8 January 1919
Problems in Farm Woodwork For Agricultural Schools High Schools Industrial Schools and Country Schools
The Crimson Vol 12 February 1918
An Address Delivered Before the New-Hampshire State Lyceum in the Representatives Hall at Their Second Annual Meeting June 5 1834
Non-Governmental Society
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 8 January 1 1893
Songs of the New Crusade A Collection of Stirring Twentieth Century Temperance Songs
Suggestions for League Speakers Speech Material for League of Nations Addresses
Financial Advertising A Collection of Words Phrases Illustrated Advertisements and Financial Talks as Successfully Used by Banks Trust Companies and Other Financial Institutions
Sidelights on Germany Studies of German Life and Character During the Great War Based on the Enemy Press
With Manchesters in the East
The Power Jurisdiction and Priviledge of Parliament and the Antiquity of the House of Commons Asserted as Also A Discourse Concerning the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in the Realm of England
Pictures from Northwest History
History of the Eighty-Third Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry For Three Years with Sherman
Julius Caesar Soldier Statesman Emperor
How to Teach Reading Manual for the Use of Teachers to Accompany Monroes Primary Reading Charts and Monroes New Primer
Pygmalion in Cyprus And Other Poems
The Fishing-Rod And How to Use It A Treatise on the Various Arts of Angling Trolling Spinning and Fly-Fishing
Elementary Mechanics or First Lessons in Natural Philosophy
Immortelles And Other Poems
War-Ballads and Verses
Ways That Win Some Remarks Made Before Story (Columbia) Chapter of Phi Delta Phi on Friday Evening April 28 98
The Good Steward or Systematic Beneficence An Essential Element of Christianity
The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat
Studies from the Kindergarten Vol 4
The English Regalia
The Government of the South by the Plain People An Address Delivered to the Faculty and Students of Berea College KY on May 1 1905
Investigation of Communist Activities in the New Haven Conn Area Vol 3 Hearings Before the Committee on Un-American Activities House of Representatives Eighty-Fifth Congress First Session February 26 and 27 1957
Four-Dimensional Vistas
A Letter to the Editor of the Edinburgh Weekly Journal From Malachi Malagrowther Esq On the Proposed Change of Currency and Other Late Alterations as They Affect or Are Intended to Affect the Kingdom of Scotland
Industrial Work for Girls
Waymarks to Apostolic Baptism Or Historical Testimonies Demonstrating the Original Form of the Rite as Ordained by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and Administered by His Holy Apostles
Jack in the Pulpit Poem
The Bible Rule of Life
Memorial of Henry Ware Hall Adjutant 51st Regiment Illinois Infantry Volunteers
Report of the Co-Operative National Emergency Conference Held in the Central Hall Westminster London S W Oct 17th and 18th 1917 And Report of the Deputation to the Prime Minister on Wednesday Oct 31st 1917
Repairing the Breach A Historical Discourse Preached in Plymouth Mass at the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Pilgrim Conference of Churches May 16 1855
The Cotters Saturday Night And Other Poems
Peter Tamson Elder O the Kirk and Sportsman
A Loyal Little Maid
The Third Window
Mexico As Described in Personal Correspondence Between Mr Ben Slaevin North His Friend Mr Seymour South
Suggestive Exercises in Bookkeeping for Grammar Schools
Congenital Word-Blindness
Haileybury Verses
First Biennial Report of the Trustees and Instructor of the Monitorial School Boston 1826
Feeble-Mindedness from the Medical Point of View
Obituary Addresses on the Occassion of the Death of General James Hamilton of South Carolina
A Lecture on the Characteristics of Charitable Foundations in England Delivered at Sion College on March 12 1868
The Road Ahead A Primer of Capitalism and Socialism
Conservatives or Socialists?
University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Miscellaneous Publications No Contributions to the Botany of Michigan
Gold Gleams of Poetry
Improvements in Locomotive Engines and Railways
Report on the Fish and Game Situation in Connecticut Made at the Request of Hon Everett J Lake Governor of Connecticut November 2 1921
Faculte Des Lettres Studies on Lydgates Syntax in the Temple of Glas
Louisiana Conservationist Vol 37 May June 1985
Energy Efficient and Final Cause
Proceedings at the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Organization of the First Congregational Church Randolph Mass Wednesday June 8th 1881
The Art of Making Devises Treating of Hieroglyphicks Symboles Emblemes Aenigmas Sentences Parables Reverses of Medals Armes Blazons Cimiers Cyphers and Rebus
Supplement to the Christian Lyre Containing More Than One Hundred Psalm Tunes Such as Are Most Used in Churches of All Denominations
Modern Changes in the Mobility of Labour Especially Between Trade and Trade a Report to the Toynbee Trustees
The New Era Being a Survey of Industrial Accident Compensation Legislation of Europe and United States with Especial Reference to the Rhode Island ACT
A New General Theory of the Teeth of Wheels
The Shad Streams of Pennsylvania
Poems A Few Blossoms from the Garden of My Dreams
Principles of Engineering Drawing for Technical Students
Shaksperes King Henry the Fourth Part I The First Quarto 1598
Questions on Old Testament History
The Tragedie of Cymbeline Reprinted from the First Folio 1623 with Collaborations of the Second Third and Fourth Folios
Afro-American Folk Lore Told Round Cabin Fires on the Sea Islands of South Carolina
The Venusiad And Other Poems
Women Their Probable Place and Prospects in the Twentieth Century
Play Hours or the Happy Children Intended for Those Under Ten Years of Age
Thoughts Upon the Present and Future of South Africa and Central and Eastern Africa A Paper Read by Donald Currie Esq C M G at the Royal Colonial Institute on Thursday 7th June 1877
A Masque of Culture
Plain Talks on Electricity and Batteries With Therapeutic Index for General Practitioners and Students of Medicine
Landmarks of Polish History
Triumphs of Science
New Grammatical Method For the Use of Schools
The Haunted Tower A Comic Opera in Three Acts
History of Education Compendium Expanding and Answering the New York State Uniform Examination Syllabus in the History of Education
A Political Discourse Upon the Different Kinds of Militia Whether National Mercenary or Auxiliary
University of Saskatchewan Presidents Report for the Year 1920-1921
Guide to Bee-Keeping in British Columbia
New Superlative System of Cutting Ladies Garments Based Upon a Scientific Sure and Simple Method
Annual Report of the Entomological Society of Ontario for the Year 1878
A Book for the Children of Maine for the Use of Families and Schools
Fameuse Comedienne Ou Histoire de la Guerin La Auparavant Femme Et Veuve de Moliere
A Trip to California in 1853
The Medical Brief Vol 10 A Monthly Journal of Practical Medicine September 1882
Report of the Work of the National Society of United States Daughters of Eighteen Hundred and Twelve from 1897 to 1915 During the Presidency of Mrs William Gerry Slade
Tatters The Pet of Squatters Gulch An Original Border Drama in Three Acts
An Exposure of Socialism Three Addresses and a Debate
Catechism of the Apostleship of Prayer
Shakespeares Midsummer Nights Dream The Second Quarto 1600 A Fac-Simile in Photo-Lithography
Virginia Tourist
Finding List of Books Common to the Branches of the Public Library of the City of Boston September 1902
Rodey Maguires Comic Variety Songster A Collection of Comic and Eccentric Songs as Sung by the Celebrated Comic Vocalist and Delineator Rodey Maguire
A Criticism of the New Lectionary Proposed by the Ritual Commissioners
Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Commerce Consumer Protection and Competitiveness of the Committee on Energy and Commerce House of Representatives One Hundred Third Congress Second Session July 1994 Serial No 103-147
A Concise Account of the Climate Produce Trade Government Manners and Customs of the Kingdom Om Pegu Interspersed with Remarks Moral and Political With an Appendix Containing I Enquiry Into the Cause of the Variety Observable in the Fleeces of Sh
A Little Journey to Spain and Portugal
Objectives of U S Foreign Assistance Does Development Assistance Benefit the Poor? Hearing Before the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives Ninety-Seventh Congress Second Session August 17 1982
Christ and Ourselves
My Beloved Country
Progressive Poultry Raising
Practical Exercises in English Composition For Public and Private Schools and the Junior Classes in High Schools
Outdoor Sketching Four Talks Given Before the Art Institute of Chicago
Journal of the Bacon Society Vol 1 Also Containing the First Annual Report April 1888
Battles and Leaders of the Civil War Being for the Most Part Contributions by Union and Confederate Officers Based Upon the Century War Series
Laws of Athletics and General Rules Compiled for the Use of the U S Army
A Compendious or Briefe Examination of Certayne Ordinary Complaints of Diuers of Our Countrymen in These Our Dayes Which Although They Are in Some Parte Unjust and Frivolous Yet Are They All by Way of Dialogue Throughly Debated and Discussed
Catalogue of the Napoleon Museum Or Illustrated History of Europe from Louis XIV to the End of the Reign and Death of the Emperor Napoleon Comprising State Papers and Manuscripts Marbles Bronzes Carving Gems Decoration Medallions Drawing Mini
Union Pacific Railroad 1866 A Geological Agricultural Survey of 100 Miles West of Omaha
The Christian Ministry Not a Priesthood A Sermon Preached at the Opening of the Sessions of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Nashville Tenn on Thursday May 17 1855
Ninth Annual Report of the Finance Committee of the City of Nashua Also Report of City Treasurer City Marshal and Chief Engineer of Fire Department and Papers Relating to City Farm City Debt and City Property for the Financial Year 1861-2
A History of Scandinavian Studies in American Universities Together with a Bibliography May 1907
Gen John Sullivan and the Battle of Rhode Island A Sketch of the Former and a Description of the Latter
Cases in Orthopedic Surgery Read Before the Massachusetts Medical Society at Its Annual Meeting June 3 1868
Geometric Properties Completely Characterizing All the Curves in a Plane Along Which the Constrained Strained Motion Is Such That the Pressure Is Proportional to the Normal Component of the Acting Force
Le Socialisme Municipal
The Theatre Today
Remarks on the Judgment Delivered in the Supreme Court in Re Bishop Merriman vs Dean Williams August 26 1880
Year Book of the Central Conference of American Rabbis For 1898-99 5659
George Washington Statement of Richard Parkinson (Lincolnshire Farmer)
Nasir-I-Khusraw Poet Traveller and Propagandist
Audubons Birds and Quadrupeds of America List of Plates Now Offered for Sale Separately
Archaeology the Archaeological Collection from the Southern Interior of British Columbia
1851-1901 Fiftieth Anniversary of Meridian Lodge No 77 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
The Song of the Reel
Memorials of the Abbey of Dundrennan in Galloway The Last Resting Place in Scotland of Mary Queen of Scots
Scattering Problems in Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics Vol 2 One Particle in One Dimension
The Court of Honor Cook Book
A Series of Meditations on the Ethical and Psychical Relation of Spirit to the Human Organism
The Honor of a Cowboy A Comedy Drama in Four Acts
Mental Development and Manual Training Combined Taking Up the One Stitch Dropped in Sewing by Drills to Sound-Singing
A Strike Made by Boyces Big Weeklies
Three Essays on Shakespeares Tragedy of King Lear
Valedictory Address to the Graduating Class of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
The Mirror 1914
Stonewall Jackson Address of Colonel R P
Harmony in Pianoforte-Study a Book for the Individual Student
The Court in Session An American Parlor Drama in Two Acts A Breach of Promise Trial Exciting Scenes an Ex-Guardian Sues His Former Ward Entire Proceedings of Court-Present Judge Jury Sheriff and Deputy Clerk Reporter Page
What Is Adaptation?
Fuzzy-Wuzz a Little Brown Bear of the Sierras
The Art of Base Ball Batting
The Russian Bastille
Reasons for Believing That the Charge Lately Revived Against the Jewish People Is a Baseless Falsehood
A Forgotten Connecticut Patriot An Address at a Meeting of the Connecticut Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America September 20 A D 1900
The Kings Visit to Ireland In a Letter Addressed to the People of Ireland
The Scholars Spelling Assistant Wherein the Words Are Arranged on an Improved Plan According to Their Respective Principles of Accentuation in a Manner Calculated to Familiarize the Art of Spelling and Punctuation to Remove Difficulties and to Fac
Versuch Einer Formenlehre Der Oskischen Sprache Mit Den Oskischen Inschriften Und Glossar
The Dodge Lands at Cow Neck An Appendix to Robert Dodges History of Tristram Dodge and His Descendants in America
Tuberculosis of the Female Generative Organs
Partitioning Arrangements of Lines I an Efficient Deterministic Algorithm
Musings of a Blind and Partially Deaf Girl
Life and Services of Henry Clay Address of Carleton Hunt January 12 1901 on the Occasion of Laying the Corner Stone of the Monument of Henry Clay Lafayette Square New Orleans Louisiana
A Short History of St Michaels Church Germantown
Of Philosophy in the Poets Opening Lecture to the Edinburgh University Philosophical Society November 5 Session 1884-5
Ventilation in Metal Mines A Preliminary Report
Longfellows Early Home
Ancient Crosses and Other Antiquities in the West of Cornwall
A Manual of Practical Solid Geometry Adapted to the Requirements of Military Students and Draughtsmen
Does the Country Require a National Armory and Foundry West of the Allegheny Mountains? If It Does Where Should They Be Located?
Opportunities in the Motion Picture Industry And How to Qualify for Positions in Its Many Branches
A Paper (Read at the Monthly Sessional Meeting at No 1 Whitehall Gardens S W) on Light and Darkness Ruin and Reparation As Manifested in Genesis I and Also in Recent Biblical Archaeological Discoveries in Egypt and Assyria
The British and Colonial Printer and Stationer Vol 89 July 7 1927
The War and the Christian Commission
Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire Into the Civil Municipal and Ecclesiastical Laws of the Island of Jersey
History of the Apsley Bathurst Families
Ballads and Other Poems Original and Translated
The Trustee
The African Repository and Colonial Journal Vol 5 April 1829
Diary Kept by Lieut Dudley Bradstreet of Groton During the Siege of Louisburg April 1745-January 1746
Schack Gallery in Munich In the Possession of His Majesty the German Emperor King of Prussia
Unveiling of the Juneau Monument July 6th 1887
Present-Day Applications of Psychology With Special Reference to Industry Education and Nervous Breakdown
Frau Holde Ein Gedicht
A General Account of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
Sophomore Course in Physical Measurements
The Abbey of St Albans From 1300 to the Dissolution of the Monasteries
Die Philosophie Des Josef (Ibn) Zaddik Nach Ihren Quellen Insbesondere Nach Ihren Beziehungen Zu Den Lauteren Brudern Und Zu Gabirol
Conversations with Napoleon at St Helena
How to Carve and How to Serve a Dinner
Ragnarok A Vision of the Last Great Day
Gisippus or the Forgotten Friend A Play in Five Acts
Folklore of Wells Being a Study of Water-Worship in East and West
The Why of Fort Scott
Il Codice Civile Italiano E La Scienza Bozzetto
Primer of Heraldry for Americans
Books by American Travellers and Explorers From 1846 to 1900
Writing for the Press A Manual for Editors Reporters Correspondents and Printers
Bulletin of the Scientific Laboratories of Denison University Vol 15
Aboard and Abroad Vacation Notes in Ten Letters Originally Published in the Lowell Daily Courier
Per Lineam Valli A New Argument Touching the Earthen Rampart Between Tyne and Solway
On Heredity in Certain Micro-Organisms
The Boy Scout
On the Direct Numerical Calculation of Elliptic Functions and Integrals
Ancestry of Priscilla Baker Who Lived 1674-1731 and Was Wife of Isaac Appleton of Ipewich
From Switzerland to the Mediterranean on Foot
The Athenian Ballot and Secret Suffrage
Outline of History and Dedication of the Sawyer Free Library Of Glouster Mass Tuesday July 1 1884 Sermon Press Notices Etc
The Iron Age
The Kindergarten Curriculum Vol 16
Cowper Illustrated by a Series of Views in or Near the Park of Weston-Underwood Bucks Accompanied with Copious Descriptions and a Brief Sketch of the Poets Life
The Young Journalist His Work and How to Learn It
A Guide Through Lincoln Cathedral With Dates and Other Information Necessary to an Inspection of the Edifice
Le Milieu Et L Opportunite (Environment and Opportunity) Maitre Des Circonstances (Greater Than Circumstances) Puorquoi Vieillir? (Why Grow Old?) Probleme Du Noyer (Problem of the Hickory Tree) Chants D Allegresse Pendant La Nuit (Songs in the Ni
Treasures in Heaven Vol 15 Designed for the Instruction and Encouragement of Young Latter-Day Saints
Questions and Answers Based Upon the Standard Code of Train Rules for Single Track For Use in the Examination of Trainmen
Mohican Point on Lake George
Practical Directions to Gentlemen and Tradesmen for Keeping and Managing Horses With the Care Required Before and After a Journey The Treatment of Diseased Horses And the Causes Symptoms and Best Modes or Cure of Their Several Diseases To Which Are
Bits of Blue
Hon Samuel Blodget The Pioneer of Progress in the Merrimack Valley
Description of Banvards Panorama of the Mississippi River Painted on Three Miles of Canvas Exhibiting a View of Country 1200 Miles in Length Extending from the Mouth of the Missouri River to the City of New Orleans
Awful Exposure of the Atrocious Plot Formed by Certain Individuals Against the Clergy and Nuns of Lower Canada Through the Intervention of Maria Monk
A Hand-Book of Practical Suggestions For the Use of Students in Genealogy
Forty-Fourth Annual Report of the Directors of the American Education Society Presented at the Annual Meeting Held in the City of Boston May 28 1860
La Corvee Des Hamel The Chopping Bee
Catalogue of Examples Arranged for Elementary Study in the University Galleries
Genealogical Account of the Ancestors in America of Joseph Andrew Kelly Campbell and Eliza Edith Deal (His Wife)
Lectures at Flathead Lake A Series of Lectures Delivered at the University of Montana Biological Station at Flathead Lake by the Staff of Instructors Session of 1902
Thresholds Vol 22
Tales from Munchausen
Africa for Juniors
A Letter of Claudio Tolomei Translated from the Italian In Which He Examines the Question Whether a Prince Should in Policy Punish His Magistrates and Ministers Who Against the Duty of Their Office Have Injured the People or Rather to Cover and Conce
How to Teach Bartholomews National System of Industrial Drawing A Manual for Teachers
The Teaching of High School English June 1914
A Consultation on the Subject of a Standing Army Held at the Kings-Arms Tavern on the Twenty-Eighth Day of February 1763
English Lessons
Of Royall Educacion A Fragmentary Treatise
Memorial of the Ohio Anti Slavery Society to the General Assembly of the State of Ohio
The Battaile of Agincourt
Salisburys Great Pantaloons System Devoted to the Aesthetics of Pantaloons Cutting C Fully Illustrated with Complete Instructions on the Most Approved Methods of Making Up the Same Complete in Four Parts
Thompsons Island Beacon Vol 12 May 1908-April 1909
The Vicar of St Marys Nottingham Versus the Catholic Church of St Barnabas Vol 2
Popular Amusements and the Christian Life
The Sacramento Valley of California Its Resources Industries and Advantages Scenery Climate and Opportunities Facts for the Investor Home-Maker and Health-Seeker
Swing DAT Fiddle Bow and Other Verses
Journal of Larocque from the Assiniboine to the Yellowstone 1805
A Manual on the Culture of Small Fruits
Sylvia Runs Away A Farce in Three Acts
Potteries of the Cesnola Collection in the South Aisle of the Great Hall
Criticism and Courage And Other Essays
A Second Review of Technical Paints for the Protection of Metal Surfaces
The Rise of Man A Sketch of the Origin of the Human Race
Some Cities and San Francisco and Resurgam
Silver and Gold
Latter Day Tricks
Studies in South American Native Languages From Mss and Rare Printed Sources
Jessie Popes War Poems
Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House of Representatives on Panama Canal Hotel Tivoli Ancon Canal Zone January 6 and 7 1909
Border Ballads
The Form of the Learning Curves for Memory
Glues and Cements A Handbook on Adhesives and Fillings for Workshop Use
Report of Committee on Methods of Organization and Work on the Part of State and Local Historical Societies
Graduate School of Business Administration Harvard Business Library
A Practical Treatise on the Construction of Chimneys Containing an Examination of the Common Mode in Which They Are Built
Notes on the Internal Improvements of Pennsylvania
Van Dyck
The Physical Phenomena Popularly Classed Under the Head of Spiritualism With Facsimile Illustrations of Thought-Transference Drawings and Direct Writing
Reminiscences of Sir Walter Scott
Fertilizers in General and the Greensand Marl of King William County Virginia in Particular
The Chiemsee and the Royal Castle of Herren-Chiemsee
The Christmas of Long Ago and Other Poems
Examination Questions and Answers on Criminal Law
The Effect of Balsam Woolly Aphid Infestation on Fuel Levels in Spruce-Fir Forests of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Lives of Gens Halleck and Pope
Dialogue on George Santayana
The Spelling of English by Porto Rican Pupils
Formulas and Constants for Gas Engine Design
Bernhard Kummel Library of the Geological Sciences
Deux Drames Flamands Revus Et Precedes DUn Resume de LHistoire Du Theatre Flamand Par J Chot
Team Wand Drill
The Memoirs of Sir George Courthop 1616-1685 Edited from an Eighteenth Century Transcript in the Possession of G J Courthope Esquire for the Royal Historical Society
The Prize Essay on Canals and Canal Conveyance For Which a Premium of GBP100 Was Awarded by the Canal Association
The Circulation and Sleep Experimental Investigations Accompanied by an Atlas
Une Aventure Du Chevalier de Grammont Comedie En Trois Actes Et En Vers
Official Catalogue of the National Exhibition of the Arts Manufactures and Products of Ireland Held in Cork 1852
Presidents Address Constitution and By-Laws and List of Members June 1 1894
Stresses in Bridge Trusses Vol 1
A Study of the Miracle of Our Lady Told by Chaucers Prioress
The Dissociation of Certain Acids Bases and Salts at Different Temperatures Dissertation Submitted to the Board of University Studies of the Johns Hopkins University for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
The Sun Its Constitution Its Phenomena Its Condition
Haupt-Katalog Von Jos Aibl Verlag Koenigl Bayerische Koenigl Italienische Und Herzogl Sachsen-Meiningische Hof-Musikalien-Handlung in Munchen
Materials Towards a History of the Baptists in Pennsylvania Both British and German Vol 1 Distinguished Into Firstday Baptists Keithian Baptists Seventhday Baptists Tuncrer Baptists Mennonist Baptists
The Biographical Annual 1884
An Attempt at a Glossary of Some Words Used in Cheshire Vol 19
de PS Iosephi Oratione Quae Inscribitur Peri Autokratoros Logismou Dissertatio Inauguralis Philologica Quam Consensu Et Auctoritate Amplissimi Philosophorum Ordinis in Academia Philippina Marburgensi Ad Summos in Philosophia Honores
Tom Jones a Londres Comedie En Cinq Actes Et En Vers Tiree Du Roman de Fielding
Housing for the United States After the War
Selections from the Quran
A Day at Happy Hollow School
Letters from Bayreuth Descriptive and Critical of Wagners Der Ring Des Nibelungen With an Appendix
The Children on the Plains A Story of Travel and Adventure from the Missouri to the Rocky Mountains
Penn or the Sword A Comedy Drama in Four Acts
Davidnelson Camp Recollections of a Long and Active Life The Autobiographical Notes of David Nelson Camp
An Ample Disquisition Into the Nature of Regalities and Other Heretable Jurisdictons in That Part of Great Britain Called Scotland as Now Under the Considerations of Parliament
Money Island
The Modern Mother Goose
Some Old Letters and Bits of History
Poetical History of Berks County
Expense No Object A Play in Three Acts
Philip Kearny Soldier and Patriot an Address Delivered Before the New-Jersey Historical Society
The Lords Idea Concerning the Use of Money Contrasted with the Devils Idea Concerning the Use of Money

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