Journal of a French Traveller in the Colonies 1765
The Gulls Horn-Book
Some Seventeenth Century Allusions to Shakespeare and His Works Not Hitherto Collected
The SIGMA Phi Epsilon Journal 1917
Jack and the Bean-Stalk English Hexameters
Progressive Protestantism
The Naturalists Manual Containing Descriptions of the Nests and Eggs of North American Birds (Turdidae Tanagridae) Also Instructions for Collecting and Preserving Birds Nests Eggs and Insects
British Rule in India
A Record of the A O U Expedition to Eyres Peninsula October 1909 With Notes on Ornithology Botany and Entomology
Maps Reproduced as Glass Transparencies Selected to Represent the Development of Map-Making from the First to the Seventeenth Century
Descriptive Catalogue of the Specimens of Natural History in Spirit Contained in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England Vertebrata Pisces Reptilia Aves Mammalia
1901 Catalogue of Law Books Canadian American and English
By Heath and Prairie Scottish and American Poems
Oglethorpe University Bulletin February 1916 October 1919 Volumes 1-4
Guide to Teachers Operating the National System of Cooking Vol 2
Report of the Joint Committee Upon the Boundary Line Between the States of Rhode-Island and Massachusetts Made to the Legislature of Rhode-Island January Session A D 1849
Catalogue No 209 Comprising an Important Private Library Incunabula in Fine Old Bindings Early Manuscripts Americana Art Astronomy Bibles Czechish French and German Sixteenth Century Books Botany Books on Horses Judaica Old Medical Books Mi
R Caldecotts Picture Book (No 2) Containing the Three Jovial Huntsmen Sing a Song for Sixpence the Queen of Hearts the Farmers Boy
Colonial Highways of Greater New York A Discussion of the Present Interest of the City Therein Reports of Herman A Metz Comptroller to Commissioners of the Sinking Fund 1907-1908
The Rudiments of Ancient Architecture Containing an Historical Account of the Five Orders with Their Proportions and Examples of Each from the Antiques Also Vitruvius on the Temples and Intercolumniations C of the Ancients
Births Deaths and Marriages Extracted from Guelph Advertiser Jan 1 1847 December 20 1849
A Descriptive Catalogue of the Antiquities Found in the Excavations at the New Royal Exchange Preserved in the Museum of the Corporation of London Preceded by an Introduction Containing an Account of Their Discovery with Some Particulars and Suggestion
A Study of Rural Schools in Karnes County
Record of the Alumni College of Liberal Arts U S Grant Univeristy Athens Tennessee 1866-1896
Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible
Supplementary Reports to the Code 3D-Etc
Fragments or Miscellaneous Sketches
About Furs
Report of the Acting Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution For the Year Ending June 30 1906
Memorial and Vigintennial Catalogue of the York Collegiate Institute 1873 1893
Report of the Pittsburgh Relief Committee Having in Charge the Collection and Distribution of Funds Provisions and Other Supplies for the Sufferers by Yellow Fever in the South-Western States in the Summer and Fall of 1878
Triennial Record of the Class of 1901 Sheffield Scientific School Yale University
The Pedagogical Value of the Virtue of Faith as Developed in the Religious Novitiate
Our Regiment A Military Drama Compiled from Incidents in the War of the Rebellion and Respectfully Dedicated to the Grand Army of the Republic
The Development of the Nature-Sense in the German Lyric A Comparison of the Two Great Lyric Periods
Official Vote of the State of Illinois Cast at the Primary Election Held on April 12 1960
Problems in Woodworking
Patriotic Poems
Athletic Organizations of Princeton University Their Histories Records and Constitutions June 1891
Worlds Fair Authentic Guide Complete Reference Book to St Louis and the Louisiana Purchase Exposition
A Study on the Spread of Tuberculosis in Families
St George and the Chinese Dragon An Account of the Relief of the Pekin Legations by an Officer of the British Contingent
The Story of Horn and Rimenhild
What Shall We Have to Eat? The Question Answered or a Bill of Fare for Every Day in the Entire Year with Some Receipts
Review of the Conduct of the Directors of the British and Foreign Bible Society Relative to the Apocrypha and to Their Administration on the Continent With an Answer to the REV C Simeon and Observations on the Cambridge Remarks
Catalogue of the Nearctic Hemiptera-Heteroptera
Illustrated Catalogue of Books Maps and Documents Relating to Mexico Central America and the Maya Indians of Yucatan Comprising the Extensive and Important Library Formed During the Past Several Years by Paul Wilkinson Esq of Mexico City
Proceedings of the John Bean (1660) Association at Its Annual Reunion at Portland Me August 31 1899
The Sea of Faith
Shop Sketching A Course of Problems for Mechanical Drawing Students
The Family of the REV Jeremiah Day of New Preston to January 1 1900 A Genealogical Appendix to the Chronicles of the Day Family
Shakespeare and Music
An Essay on the Chronology of the New Testament
Ossian and the Ossianic Literature
Court of Appeals State of New York The Bank of the Commonwealth the American Exchange Bank and Others Appellants Against the Tax Commissioners C of New York Respondents Albany January 13 1864
On the Igneous and Pyroclastic Rocks of the Berwyn Hills (North Wales)
Commercial Poultry Farming A Description of the Kings Langley Poultry Farm and Its Modus Operandi
Asymptotic Efficiency of a Class of C-Sample Tests
Teacher-Training with the Master Teacher Studies of Christ in the Act of Teaching as a Means of Learning How to Teach
The Origin of Our Planetary System
Rob Roy MacGregor or Auld Lang Syne An Operatic Play in Three Acts
The Open Court Vol 17 A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea August 1903
American Foundation History Course XXI Booklovers Reading Club Books Selected for This Reading Course by Hon Henry Cabot Lodge
A Bibliography of the English Colonial Treaties with the American Indians Including a Synopsis of Each Treaty
Fagots of Cedar Out of the North and Blown by the Winds and Ashes and Embers
Guide-Book of the Central Railroad of New Jersey and Its Connections Through the Coal-Fields of Pennsylvania
The Commissariot Record of Stirling Register of Testaments 1607 1800
Underwater Explosion Bubbles III The Effects of the Surface and the Bottom on the Shape and Motion of the Bubble
Sir Joshua Reynolds A Collection of Fifteen Pictures and a Portrait of the Painter with Introduction and Interpretation
History of the Old Lodge of Dumfries Now Denominated Dumfries Kilwinning No 53
Juvenile Instructor Vol 37 February 1 1902
Old New York Down Town
The Hudson River Today and Yesterday
Catalogue Containing a Descriptive List and Prices of a Notable Collection of Antiques Selected and Offered by Mr Harry Oatway of London
The Pentateuchal Analysis and Inspiration
Dr Arne and Rule Britannia
Second General Catalogue of the Officers and Graduates of Colby University Waterville Maine 1820-1887
The Handbook of Medway History A Condensed History of the Town of Medway Massachusetts
Glimpses of Camden on the Coast of Maine
Fifth Report of the Laguna Marine Laboratory and Contributions from the Zoological Laboratory of Pomona College 1917
Laws of the State University Acts of Congress and Laws of the Missouri Legislature Relating to the University of Missouri and Agricultural and Mechanical College and School of Mines and Metallurgy With an Appendix
Descendants of Rufus and Pamela (Throop) Thayer With Some Little Account of Their Ancestry Compiled and Arranged for George Thayer
War Daubs Poems
A Collection of the Poetical and Prose Writings of Logan Stone Middletown
North Devon Churches Studies of Some of the Ancient Buildings
Finding List of Music and the Literature of Music
The Enemies of the Rose
Preliminary Topical Outline of the Economics of Highway Transport
A Check List of Mammals of the North American Continent the West Indies and the Neighboring Seas Supplement
New Edition of the Babylonian Talmud Vol 12 Original Text Edited Corrected Formulated and Translated Into English Section Jurisprudence (Damages) Tract Baba Metzia (Middle Gate Part II)
The Taxation of Negroes in Virginia
The National Gallery (Trafalgar Square) Illustrated Catalogue
Post-Mortem And Other Poems
Plates of the Cerebro-Spinal Nerves with References For the Use of Medical Students
Vermont The Unspoiled Land
Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Pictures and Drawings of A B Stewart Esq Comprising about Three Hundred Pictures and Drawings Including a Large Number of Admirable Works by Members of the Royal Scottish Academy Which (by Order of the Truste
Decennial History of the Class of 1881 of Hamilton College 1881-91
Zwickers Instructor for Procuring Stationary and Steam Engineers License
The Factory-Bell And Other Poems
Historical and Literary Activities in North Carolina 1900-1905 Vol 1 Publications of the Historical Commission
Die Erhebung Europas Gegen Napoleon I Drei Vorlesungen Gehalten Zu Munchen Am 24 27 Und 30 Marz 1860
Official Classification of Exhibit Departments of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition to Be Held at San Francisco in the Year 1915 in Celebration of the Completion of the Panama Canal Opening February 20 1915 Closing December 4 1915
The SIGMA Phi Epsilon Journal Vol 9 December 1911
The Long-Term Illinois River Fish Population Monitoring Program F-101-R Segments 6-10 Final Report to Be Submitted to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the U S Fish and Wildlife Service
A Second Journey Round the Library of a Bibliomaniac or Cento of Notes and Reminiscences Concerning Rare Curious and Valuable Books
The Gladwin Manuscripts With an Introduction and a Sketch of the Conspiracy of Pontiac
Twenty-Second Biennial Report of the Montana State Board of Health for the Years 1943-1944 Vital Statistics for the Years 1942-1943
Windfalls A Volume of Desultory Verse
History and Proceedings of the Celebration of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Settlement of Windham in New Hampshire Held June 9 1892
Annual Report for the Fiscal Year July 1 1980 June 30 1981
Seth Peases Journals to and from New Connecticut 1796 1798
On the Optical Conditions Required to Secure Maximum Accuracy of Measurement in the Use of the Telescope and Spectroscope
British Water-Colour Painting of To-Day 1921
Memoir of John C Lord DD Pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church for Thirty-Eight Years
Tales of the Saints of Pandharpur
Business and the Public Welfare
Memorial of Benjamin Franklin Fackenthall Born November 28 1825 Died January 14 1892
Love Elegies
The Mountain Chant A Navajo Ceremony
Diffraction of a High-Frequency Plane Electromagnetic Wave by a Perfectly Conducting Circular Disc
The Statue of Liberty Its Conception Its Construction Its Inauguration Being a Complete History to the Date of the Inauguration October 28 1886 and Containing the Official Programme of the Ceremonies on That Occasion
Suggestions and Programs for Community Meetings
A Grammar of Musical Harmony The Substance of Lectures Delivered in St Martins Hall and the Training Institutions of the National Society
Farming in a Business Light or How to Increase the Farm Income
Fifteenth-Century Books A Guide to Their Identification With a List of the Latin Names of Towns and an Extensive Bibliography of the Subject
Charles I in 1646 Letters of King Charles the First to Queen Henrietta Maria
The School Laws of Nebraska 1919 Edition
Ancient Romic Chronology
Ten Years of Princeton University
The First Step A Dramatic Moment
The Miller Family An Address Delivered Before the Miller Family Re-Union Association at North Waldoboro Maine September 7 1904
Catalogue of the Honorary and Immediate Members and of the Library of the Porcellian Club of Harvard University Instituted 1791
Overland Diaries of the Eighteen Fifties
The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer The Text Collated with the Seven Oldest Mss and a Life of the Author Introductory Notices Grammar Critical and Explanatory Notes and Index to Obsolete and Difficult Words
The Box of Whistles An Illustrated Book on Organ Cases With Notes on Organs at Home and Abroad
The Spectrum of the High Potential Discharge Between Metallic Electrodes in Liquids and in Gases at High Pressures Between Metallic Electrodes in Liquids and in Gases at High Pressures
World Problems Addresses to Business Men by Five Bishops
A Quinquennial List of Past and Present Officers Fellows Benefactors and Present Honorary Fellows January 1911
Tiefland The Lowland Musicdrama in a Prelude and Two Acts
Quijotoa Mining District Guide Book
The City of New York A Complete Guide with Descriptive Sketches of Objects and Places of Interest
A Preliminary List of Maine Fungi
Old Abes Jokes Fresh from Abrahams Bosom Containing All Its Issues Excepting the Greenbacks to Call in Some of Which This Work Is Issued
Visual Education This Is a Partial Reprint from Teachers Guide to Keystone 600 Set
The Silhouette 1911 Vol 9
Melanesians and Polynesians Their Life-Histories Described and Compared
The Vicissitudes of Glory And Other Poems
A Bibliography of the Foraminifera Recent and Fossil from 1565 1888 With Notes Explanatory of Some of the Rare and Little-Known Publications
A Review by a Layman of a Work Entitled New Themes for the Protestant Clergy Creeds Without Charity Theology Without Humanity and Protestantism Without Christianity
The Homes and Haunts of Thomas Carlyle
Report of the Committee Consisting of Professor Cayley F R S Professor Stokes F R S Professor Sir W Thomson F R S Professor H J S Smith F R S and J W L Glaisher BA F R AS (Reporter) on Mathematical Tables 1873
The Pacific Electrician Vol 18 May 1897
Some Humorous Experiences of a Globe Trotter
The Land of Sunshine An Illustrated Monthly Descriptive of Southern California June November 1894
The Fifth Series of Wiltshire Rhymes and Tales in the Wiltshire Dialect
Exhibits Showing the Enumeration of the State by Counties Cities Towns and Election Districts for the Year 1892
One Hundred Years of Service Being the History of the Hartford Fire Insurance Company
Ideals of the Immanent Love or the Steps of a Soul from Sunlight to Truth Lyrics and Poems
Interior Ballistics A Text Book for the Use of Student Officers at the U S Artillery School
Eyes Within
The Annual Connecticut Register and United States Calendar 1826 Containing an Almanac Executive Legislative Judicial Civil and Military Officers of the State of Connecticut Principal Town Officers Notaries Public Clergy Clerical Medical Maso
Kennys Guide Vol 1 Containing Full Information as to Railroads Steamboats and Their Time Tables Hotels and Their Charges Art Galleries Theatres with Diagrams of Seats Public Institutions Churches Asylums Banks Etc Etc
The Tree of Life For Sunday Schools and Gospel Meetings
A Glossary of Provincial Words Used in Teesdale in the County of Durham
Respiratory Care Vol 38 A Monthly Science Journal June 1993
A Dictionary of Pianists and Composers for the Pianoforte With an Appendix of Manufacturers of the Instrument
Die Kleine Perlen-Samlung Oder Auswahl Geisreicher Lieder
Secrets of the Trade For Watchmakers and Jewelers
Thespis or a Critical Examination Into the Merits of All the Principal Performers Belonging to Drury-Lane Theatre
Happy Days A Shakespeare Birthday Book
The History of the University of Pennsylvania From Its Origin to the Year 1827
Memoirs of the Geological Survey Scotland Explanation of Sheet 31 Stirling (Southern Part) Lanarkshire (Northern Part) Linlithgowshire (Western Borders)
Who Hath Believed Our Report? A Letter to the Editor of the Athenaeum on Some Affinities of the Hebrew Language
Evidential Conclusions from the Four Greater Epistles of St Paul
Introduction to Studies in Roman Comedy The Interpretation of Roman Comedy
A Wanderers Rhymes
A Selection of Hymns from Various Authors Supplementary for the Use of Christians
Life of Jane Austen
Catalogue of Books in the Classes of Natural Science and Useful Arts
Report of the Treasurer for the Year Ending July 31 1913 to the Trustees of Amherst College
Testimony in the Contested Election of Brooke Vs Widdicombe of Prince Georges County MD January 30th 1874
The Worcester Almanac Directory and Business Advertiser for 1850 Including the Ordinances of the City of Worcester
List of Persons Entitled to Vote in the Electoral District of Victoria City 1880
Report of the Special Legislative Committee on Education 1920 As Authorized by Senate Concurrent Resolution No 21 by the Forty-Third Session of the Legislature of California
The Report of the Wesleyan Methodist Auxiliary Missionary Society of the Canada Eastern District for 1847 With a List of Subscribers and Donations
An Historical Discourse Delivered at Brookfield Mass Nov 27 1828 The Day of the Annual Thanksgiving
Indiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Register for Nineteen Hundred and Eight with Roll of Members and Their Revolutionary Ancestors and Other Information of Interest to the Society
Tabulation of United States History Prepared for Use in the Authors Classes
Souvenier-Programm Zum Undenfen an Die 64 General Versammlung Des Deutschen Roemisch Katholischen Central-Vereins Abgehalten Zu San Antonio Texas Am 12 13 Und 14 September 1920
Memoirs of Service with John Yates Beall C S N
A Primary Arithmetic
Mr Sam and Mrs Moon
Chest Weight Exercises From the Department of Hygiene of the College of the City of New York
Truth in Song For the Lovers of Truth Everywhere
Exercises with the Medicine Ball
Friedrich Schlegels Relations with Reichardt and His Contributions to Deutschland
The Ipswich Sparrow (Ammodramus Princeps Maynard) and Its Summer Home
To Dr Christian Fenger on the Sixtieth Anniversary of His Birth From Those Who Know and Love Him Best the Medical Profession
The Gleaner Vol 7 February 1918
Olga Zanelli Vol 3 A Tale of an Imperial City
The Protestant Rule of Faith The Protestant Bible Proves the Catholic Church to Be the Church of Christ
Elementary Instruction in the Art of Illuminating and Missal Painting on Vellum A Guide to Modern Illuminators
The Royal Regiment of Artillery at Le Cateau Wednesday 26th August 1914
Deutscher Tag Und Schillerfeier
Special Report on the Foreign-Born Population Abstracted from the Records of the Fifth Census of Canada June 1911
Electricity in Its Application to Telegraphy A Practical Handbook Covering the Syllabus of the New Technical Examination
Williss Current Notes A Series of Articles on Antiquities Biography Heraldry History Languages Literature Curious Customs C Selected from Original Letters and Documents Addressed During the Year 1856 to the Publishers
Records of the Parish of Amity (Now Woodbridge) Connecticut Vol 1 A D
A Catalogue of the College of William and Mary in Virginia From Its Foundation to the Present Time 1859
The Mode of Altering the Constitution of Rhode Island And a Reply to Papers by Honorable Charles S Bradley and Honorable Abraham Payne
Morphological and Metrical Variation in Skulls from San Miguel Island California Vol 1 The Sutura Nasofrontalis
Geology and Technology of the California Oil Fields
The Singletax and the Labor Movement A Thesis
Report of the Christian Mission to the United States Army From April 1861 to August 1862 Including the Battles of Bullrun Roanoke Island and Newbern
Plan of the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America Located in Princeton New-Jersey Adopted by the General Assembly of 1811 and Amended by Future Assemblies
Woodrow Wilsons Eloquence
Summary of the Underground-Water Resources of Mississippi
Songs of the Specials And Other Verses
Minutes of the Thirtieth Annual Session of the Synod of New York Held at the Central Church in the City of Auburn October 17-19 A D 1911 With an Appendix
The Complaint of the REV Thomas H Skinner Against the Action of Presbytery of Cincinnati at Its Fall Meeting 1876 with the Argument
Petition of Mrs Anna C de N Evans of Natchez Mississippi to the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States Dec 1851
Supplementary Catalogue to Our Drummer Specialties in Furniture Fall and Winter 1891-2
Boleti of the United States
The Open Court Vol 42 Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea March 1928
Revised Edition of the New Universal Moulding Book Containing Latest Styles of Mouldings and Architectural Designs of Exterior and Interior Finish in Great Variety
A Report of a Public Discussion Between J M Stephenson and P T Russell Subject The Kingdom of God Upon Earth Its Nature Locality the Time of Its Establishment and Its Duration as Taught by the Prophets Christ and His Apostles
Concordance to the Methodist Hymnal The Official Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church South
Some Phases of the Relation of Thought to Verse in Plautus
Register of the Officers and Cadets of the Virginia Military Institute Lexington Va 1867
Our Annual Execution Preceded by a Word on the Annuals
Emery and the Emery Industry A Technical Study of Modern Abrasives and the Development of the Modern Grinding-Machine Industry
Report to the Brown Association of Vermont U S a
Quo Warranto The Unconstitutional Era Prohibition Amendment Defective Defeated in Congress by Majority
8 000 K W Turbo-Electric Power Station Design A Thesis
A Single-Pass Algorithm for Eliminating Constraint Checks in ADA Programs
The Report on the Manufacture of Glass 1881
Ensilage and the Production of Milk and Beef During the Winter Months
For Fame and Fortune
Report of the Committee Appointed by the Last General Assembly to Examine the Accounts of the Commissioner of Loans Under Resolution No 8 of December Session 1840
Tennis for Girls
Old English Furniture China and Cut Glass Collected During Thirty Years by John H A Lehne of Baltimore MD Vol 1 Chippendale Hepplewhite and Sheraton Furniture Spode Lowestoft Wedgwood Chelsea and Leeds China Etc To Be Sold on the Aftern
Homeric Vocabularies Greek and English Word-Lists for the Study of Homer
Letters of William Barry Grove
Remarks on the New Doctrine Concerning the Supposed Depreciation of Our Currency
Catalogue of the Library of Mrs Constance E Poor
Pottery Vol 2 A Hand-Book of Practical Pottery for Art Teachers and Students Decoration of Pottery
Respiratory Care Vol 37 A Monthly Science Journal December 1992
Proceedings of the Dedication of the Fountain on Eaton Square Ward 24 October 24 1885 In Memory of Theodore Lyman Jr Mayor of Boston in 1834-35
Technique of Eye Dissections
The Principles of Style Topics and References with a Prefatory Essay
Quenching Media How the Houghton Research Staff Made Uniformity Possible with Oil Hardening
Diocese of Lichfield Vol 17 Part 2 St Chads Shrewsbury
City of Traditions Containing Eighty-Three Plates Depicting the Antiquities and Beauties of the Famous City from Roman Times Onwards
Emblem 1956
The Colour of the East
Agricultural Work in Ontario And Unsanitary Housing
The Romish Reaction and Its Present Operation on the Church of England
Tom Truck or the Wizard Crew
The Public Health (London) ACT 1891 With an Introduction Notes and an Index
List of Conventional Signs and Abbreviations in Use on French and German Maps
History of the North Star Mission North Star Baptist Church and the Lasalle Avenue Baptist Church Chicago
Guide of Judaism A Systematic Work for the Study and Instruction of the Whole Scope of Judaism
The Breitmann Ballads Selected
Hymns for Men and Women
Population and Its Distribution Compiled from the United States Census Figures of 1910
Government Salary Tables Adopted by the Comptrolling Officers of the Treasury Department For Use in the Payment of Persons in Civil Employments Who Receive Annual or Quarterly Salaries
Twelfth and Thirteenth Annual Reports of the State Board of Equalization of the State of Montana November 30 1901
Military Journal of Major Ebenezer Denny an Officer in the Revolutionary and Indian Wars With Introductory Memoir
The Distribution and Food of the Fishes of Three Wisconsin Lakes in Summer
Auld Robin Gray Am Emotional Drama in Five Acts
The Library of the Late Hon George Bancroft A Sketch of the Historical Manuscripts Memoranda Concerning the Books and Pamphlets
The Planning of Ornament
A Catalogue of the Birds of the Virginias
The United States and World Peace
The Long-Term Illinois River Fish Population Monitoring Program F-101-R-8 Annual Report December 1997
The Hundred Best Hymns in the English Language With an Appendix
Company Training in the Attack and the Defense Including the Field Orders of Enlisted Men
Laudes Virtutis and Other Poems
The History of the Society of Friends in America Vol 1 Part 2
Train and Trolley Trips Through New England The Vacation Guide
Centennial Lodge History of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Its Institution and of Exercises Held Under Its Auspices in Memory of William McKinley XXV President of the United States 1901
History of Adelphi Academy
Revised Course of Study for Teachers Institutes Revised May 15 1895
Progress of the Union Pacific Railroad West from Omaha Nebraska Across the Continent Making with Its Connections an Unbroken Line from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean Eight Hundred and Twenty Miles Completed September 20 1868
Reminiscences of the Old Runtsfield Links Golf Club 1866-1874
Tantalising Tommy A Comedy in Four Acts
Three Years of the Czechoslovak Republic A Survey of Its Progress and Achievements
Recipes Dainties Salads and Clever Hints
Solar and Lunar Eclipses Familiarly Illustrated and Explained With the Method of Calculating Them According to the Theory of Astronomy as Taught in New England Colleges
The Rules of Golf Being the St Andrews Rules for the Game Codified and Annotated
Department of State Bulletin Vol 78 July-September 1978
The Ad Book Vol 1 A Monthly Exposition of Modern Advertising July 1897
Report of the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Anti-Imperialist League November 26 1904 and Its Adjournment November 28
The Golden Calf A Play in Four Acts
A Detached Shock Calculation by Second Order Finite Differences
Catalogue of Photographic Reproductions of Works of Art January 1883
The Citrus Fruits Historically Horticulturally Commercially A Preachment on Their Culture from the Seed to the Full Bearing Orchard Describing Methods of Propagating Budding Cultivating Fertilizing Irrigating Packing and Shipping
Complete G A R Song Book
Life of Reports and Representations of the Plantation Councils 1660 1674 the Lords of Trade 1675 1696 and the Board of Trade 1696 1782 in the Public Record Office
Proceedings in Congress on the Occasion of the Reception and Acceptance of the Statue of General Ulysses S Grant Presented by the Grand Army of the Republic May 19 1900
Annual Proceedings of the Corporators of the Allegheny Cemetery for Fiscal Years Ending May 31st 1900-1899-1898 Together with the Presidents Reports Financial Statements Acts of Incorporation C
Dry Plate Photography or the Tannin Process Made Simple and Practical for Operators and Amateurs
King Lears Wife Play in One Act
Catalogue of a Miscellaneous Collection of Coins and Medals Particularly Rich in American Cents and American Gold from the Cabinets of L G Parmelee of Boston and G F Seavey of Cambridgeport To Be Sold at Auction in New York at the Trade Sale Roo
Studium Generale A Chapter of Contemporary History
Moffatt and Mihills
Napoleon I A Historical Lecture
The Follies and Frauds of Spiritualism
The Songs of Canaan or the Millennial Harmonist A Collection of Hymns and Tunes Designed for Social Devotion
The Infinitive in Polybius Compared with the Infinitive in Biblical Greek
Scientific Shorthand A System Based Upon the Pitmanic Alphabet with Connectible and Disconnectible Vowel Strokes Specially Adapted to Professional Reporting
Catalogue of the Shakespearian Books and Pamphlets In the Joseph Crosby Library Zanesville Ohio October 10 1885
One Hundred and One Practical Non Flesh Recipes
Won Back A Play in Four Acts
Mary Elizabeths War Time Recipes Containing Many Simple But Excellent Recipes for Wheatless Cakes and Bread Meatless Dishes Sugarless Candies Delicious War Time Desserts and Many Other Delectable Economy Dishes
The Settlement of Oklahoma
Outline of American History Reprinted from a History Syllabus for Secondary Schools
The Work of the Schoolroom Secondary Schools
Biennial Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Montana For the Fiscal Years Ending November 30 1903 1904
The Life and Campaigns of Ulysses Simpson Grant General-In-Chief of the United States Army Comprising a Full and Authentic Account of the Illustrious Soldier from His Earliest Boyhood to the Present Time
Summer Excursion Routes Through the Most Picturesque Scenery in America Seaside Forest Camp and Watering Place
By-Laws and Charter of St Pauls Royal Arch Chapter Boston Instituted A D 1818 Together with Biographical Sketches of Distinguished Members
The Problem of Estimation A Seventeenth-Century Controversy and Its Bearing on Modern Statistical Questions Especially Index-Numbers
Catalogue of Cameos Intaglios Medals Bas-Reliefs Busts and Small Statues With a General Account of Tablets Vases Ecritoires and Other Ornamental and Useful Articles
The Comparative Agricultural Value of Insoluble Mineral Phosphates of Aluminum Iron and Calcium
The Establishment of Municipal Government in San Francisco
A Catalogue of the Library in Freemasons Hall Leicester
The Poets in Picardy And Other Poems
Songs of the Schrapnel Shell and Other Verses
James L Jackson and Brother Iron Works Descriptive Price List and Strength of Materials with Partial Illustrations of Iron Work for Buildings Compiled from 1871 to 1873
Index to Barton Under Needwood Parish Register 1571-1812 Part 3
Outline of the Vedanta System of Philosophy According to Shankara
Miwok Myths
The Catechism of the Church of Geneva Translated from the Latin
Memorial Sketches of Pioneers and Early Residents of Southeast Missouri
Rosemary and Violets Poems
The Philosophers and the French Revolution
Genealogical and Biographical Account of the Family of Drake in America With Some Notices of the Antiquities Connected with the Early Times of Persons of the Name in England
How the mastiffs Went to Iceland
Benin The City of Blood
Ouiatanon Documents Translated and Edited
Compensation Self-Reliance and Other Essays
Crudens Concordance to the Bible Arranged Under One Alphabet
Summarized Bible Complete Summary of the New Testament
Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk As Exhibited in a Narrative of Her Sufferings During a Residence of Five Years as a Novice and Two Years as a Black Nun in the Hotel Dieu Nunnery at Montreal
A Philosophical Inquiry Concerning Human Liberty
On the Physics and Physiology of Protoplasmic Streaming in Plants
Electricity and Matter
The Secret of Barbering A Science for Practical Use in Barbering
The Masonic Harp A Collection of Masonic Odes Hymns Songs c for the Public and Private Ceremonies and Festivals of the Fraternity
Memorials of Marshfield and Guide Book to Its Localities at Green Harbor
Genealogical Record of the Hodges Family in New England Containing the Names of Over 1500 Persons from 1633 to 1853 Numbering Eight Generations
Six Generations of the Cantey Family of South Carolina
The Suburbanites Handbook of Dwarf Fruit Tree Culture Their Training and Management With a Discussion on Their Adaptability to the Requirements of the Commercial Orchardist Both in Connection and in Competition with Standard Trees
The King of Pirates Being an Account of the Famous Enterprises of Captain Avery the Mock King of Madagascar With His Rambles and Piracies
Along the Shore and in the Foothills Summer Resorts Reached Via New Jersey Central With a List of Hotels and Boarding Houses
El Bersheh Vol 2
Eureka and Its Resources A Complete History of Eureka County Nevada Containing the United States Mining Laws the Mining Laws of the District Bullion Product and Other Statistics for 1878 and a List of County Officers
A Complete Guide to the Ornamental Leather Work
Financial Documents Being the Budget for the Fiscal Year 1911-1912 and the Analysis of the Statement of the Mexican Treasury for the Year 1909-1910 Showing in Full Mexicos Financial Position Presented to the Chamber of Deputies by the Sub-Secretary O
The Sixth Book of Homers Odyssey Edited for the Use of Schools
The Silhouette 1912
The Bride of the Bosphorus A Turkish Tale in One Canto
Journal of the Seventy-Ninth Session of the Holston Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church Held at Rockwood Tennessee October 11th to October 15th 1922
A First Year in Drawing
Songs of the Maid And Other Ballads and Lyrics
Industries and Wealth of the Principal Points in Vermont Being Burlington Winooski Rutland West Rutland Brandon Fair Haven Poultney Castleton St Albans Swanton Enosburg Falls Brattleboro Bellows Falls Montpelier Barre Waterbury St Johns
Implements and Artefacts of the North-East Greenlanders Finds from Graves and Settlements (Collection of the Danmark Expedition)
Proceedings of the Sixtieth Annual Session of the Baptist State Convention of Alabama 1883 Held with the Marion Baptist Church July 11-15 1883
History of Wellfleet From Early Days to Present Time
The Hodoeporicon of Saint Willibald (Circa 754 A D) Translated
A Syllabus of European History from the German Invasions to the French Revolution Part I 375-1492 Part II 1492-1789
Report on the Analysis of Various Examples of Oriental Metal-Work C in the South Kensington Museum and Other Collections
Runs with the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Fox-Hounds and Other Sporting Incidents
The Northern Tourist Seventy-Three Views of Lake and Mountain Scenery Etc In Westmorland Cumberland Durham and Northumberland
Report of the Adjutant General of Maryland 1898 1899
The Open Court Vol 36 A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea September 1922
Japan of Today Its People Its Customs Its Resources the Mandate Islands of Japan With an Introduction
Three Towns A Story of Municipal Beginnigs
Gospel Truth or Gods Word about Man and Salvation A Scripture Text-Book for Inquirers Believers and Christian Workers
Selections from American Poetry With Special Attention to Longfellow Whittier Poe and Lowell
Reform of the Constitution of the Governing Body of the International Labour Office And Periodicity of the Sessions of the Conference
The Constitution of Japan With the Laws Pertaining Thereto and the Imperial Oath and Speech Promulgated at the Imperial Palace February 11th 1889
Rules and Regulations of the Green-Wood Cemetery With a Catalogue of Proprietors
Family Records and Pedigrees
The New Tale of a Tub An Adventure in Verse
Some Antecedents and the Posterity of Grandfather Armstead Doggett
The Marriage Promise A Comedy in Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury Lane
Essentials of Woodworking A Textbook for Schools
Proceedings in the Case of Joseph W Davis Now Under Sentence of Death for the Murder of Abraham Lynn on April 5th 1872
Key to a Treatise on Surveying
The Lithuanian Polish Dispute Correspondence Between the Council of the League of Nations and the Lithuanian Government Since the Second Assembly of the League of Nations 15th December 1921 17th July 1922 With an Introductory Statement of the Facts
The Cities Visited by St Paul
Handbook for Readers with Regulations
Works of Lemuel Borden
British Beetles Transferred from Curtiss British Entomology With Descriptions
A Treatise on Paper With an Outline of Its Manufacture Complete Tables of Sizes Etc For Printers and Stationers
O1d Saint Peters or Beginnings of Catholicity in Baltimore
A Treatise on Latin Cases and Analysis
Proceedings at the Twentieth Annual Lincoln Dinner of the Republican Club of the City of New York Held at the Waldorf-Astoria Celebrating the Ninety-Seventh Anniversary of the Birthday of Abraham Lincoln Monday February 12 1906
Municipal Statistics 1920 Statistics of Urban Municipalities Having a Population of 1 000 to 3 000
Annual Supplement to the Labor Compendium The Louisiana Purchase Centennial Exposition Commemorating the Purchase of Louisiana Territory in 1803 by President Thomas Jefferson To Be Held in St Louis Missouri from May 1 to December 1 1903
Federal Affirmative Action Efforts in Mid-America A Report Prepared by the Iowa Kansas Missouri and Nebraska Advisory Committees to the Unites States Commission on Civil Rights
Practical Recipes
Kitchen Organization and Administration
Picturesque Erie Summer Homes
Carlyle Family and Descendants of John and Sarah (Fairfax) Carlyle The Carlyle House and Its Associations
Life and Public Services of Major-General Meade (George Gordon Meade) the Hero of Gettysburg and Commander of the Army of the Potomac With a Full History of His Life and Services to His Country in All the Various Positions He Has Filled from the Time
The International Status of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and the Kingdom of Belgium in Relation to the Present European War
The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare Vol 9 of 10 Troilus and Cressida Cymbeline King Lear Romeo and Juliet
An Index to the Holy Bible Containing Also a Harmony of the Gospels and a List and Index of the Parables Miracles and Discourses of Our Lord Supposed Chronology of the Acts and Epistles Chronology of the Old Testament Divided Monarchy and Prophets
An Elementary Course in Graphic Mathematics
The Die Varieties of the Nesbitt Series of United States Envelopes
Song Book of the Harvard Club of San Francisco
Transactions of the Tennessee Academy of Science Vol 1 April 1912 to December 1913
The Literary Life of Gustavus Seyffarth An Auto-Biogaphical Sketch
Report of the Agents Representing the State in Joint Stock Companies to the Legislature of Maryland In Which the Report of Colonel J J Abert on Matters Connected with the Ches And Ohio Canal Company Is Reviewed and Answered February 5 1844
Later Lyrics
Protestantism V Ritualism The Maberly Correspondence
Soldering Kinks
Breakfast to the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States in the American Academy of Music September 15 1887 by the Bar of Philadelphia
A Sketch of the Lives of Lords Stowell and Eldon Comprising with Additional Matter Some Corrections of Mr Twisss Work on the Chancellor
Organization and Administration of Evening Classes in Home-Making for Texas
The Descendants of Polly and Ebenezer Alden Who Were Sixth in Descent from John Alden the Pilgrim
Historical Collections Relating to the Town of Salisbury Litchfield County Connecticut Vol 1
Charles Stokes and Co s Illustrated Almanac of Fashion 1863
Reed and Raffia Construction Work in Primary Schools A Practical Manual Especially for Primary-Kindergarten Teachers With Many Illustrations
Burns Nights at the Burns Club of St Louis
History of the McTeear Brown and Wylie Families
Catalog of Recent Echinoid Type Specimens in the U S National Museum Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of Comparative Zoology Harvard University
Original Letters and Other Documents Relating to the Benefactions of William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury to the County of Berks
An Unique Gospel Text (31 Selections) From a Latin Palimpsest in the Collection of the Hispanic Society of America
The Wooing of Eve An Entirely Artificial and Sentimental Comedy in Three Acts
War Records
An Address to Parents and Youth on the Choice of a Profession Delivered at the Bel-Air Academy at the End of the Academic Year July 14 1852
Advanced Accounting Problems With Explanatory Notes
Kupffers Vesicle and Its Relation to Gastrulation and Concrescence
Love and Life And Other Poems
Recensio Critica Automatica of the Doctrine of Bird-Migration
Family Records of Jacob Raber from Germany and His Lineal Decendants Chronologically Arranged with Alphabetical Index
Catalogue of Coins W Elliot Woodwards Eighteenth Sale
Calvary or the Death of Christ Vol 2 A Poem in Eight Books
The New Golden Chain of Sabbath School Melodies Containing Every Piece (Music and Words) of the Golden Chain with about One-Third Additional
Terrapin 1946
Address to the Royal Geographical Society of London Delivered at the Anniversary Meeting on the 26th May 1856
Rhythmic Songs Games for Children
A Plan for the Reform of the National Salt Administration
Fresh Water Sponges A Monograph
Calvary Church Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Songs of North and South
Report of the Natives Land Committee Western Transvaal Presented to Both Houses of Parliament by Command of His Excellency the Governor-General
Twenty-Fifth Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Monmouth College For the Academical Year Ending June 16 1881
A Mothers Song
Laws of New Hampshire Relating to Public Schools Compiled from Public Statutes and Session Laws of 1891-1917 Inclusive
Poems Primal
Dendroid Graptolites of the Niagaran Dolomites at Hamilton Ontario
Specimens of British Trench Orders
Practical Drapery Cutting and Designing Giving Actual Measurements of Festoons for Many Different Sizes of Draperies with Full Particulars on How to Hang
The Leadership of Red Triangle Groups A Consideration of the Organization and Conduct of Bible Study or Life Problem Groups in Army Camps
The Coming Dawn And Other Poems
Nursery Rhymes Vol 2 Rhymes and Lullabies
Songs and Poems Chiefly Scottish
Poems of the Pacific
Christian Science Healing Not Medical Practice A Paper Prepared for Commissions to Revise Statutes in Ontario and Ohio
Addresses at the Unveiling of the Bust of Matt W Ransom by the North Carolina Historical Commission in the Rotunda of the State Capitol at Raleigh Delivered in the Hall of the House of Representatives January 11 1911
Ireland in 1839 and 1869
Topics on Greek History Intended for Use in Secondary Schools
Checkers Worlds Championship Match Games 1914
Federal and State Aid to Education in Iowa
Official Handbook Inter-Scholastic Athletic Association of Middle Atlantic States
Bukresco College Annual Guide A Book of Instruction and Information for the College Annual Staff
An Unified Theory of Estimation I Revised and Extended February 1960
William Painter and His Father Dr Edward Painter Sketches and Reminiscences
Willsons Larger Speller A Progressive Course of Lessons in Spelling Arranged According to the Principles of Orthoepy and Grammar with Exercises in Synonyms for Reading Spelling and Writing And a New System of Definitions
Biographical Sketches of Distinguished Jerseymen
New Symbols
The Shepardson Family A Record of the Early Generations in America Leaflets 1-6 1907-1912
The Unequaled Collection of Engraved Portraits of Officers in the Army and Navy of the War of the Revolution Second War with Great Britain and the Mexican War Belonging to Hon James T Mitchell Chief Justice of Pennsylvania
Humorous Verses
Studies in the Book of Revelation
Grateful Praise A Collection of New Songs for the Sunday-School
An Introduction to Public Opinion
Acts of Archbishop Colton in His Metropolitan Visitation in the Diocese of Derry A D 1397 With a Rental of the See Estates at That Time
The Beginners Worker and Work
Year Book of the Ohio Society of the Sons of the Revolution February 22 1909
Coxal Glands of the Arachnids
The Prisoner of Chillon Mazeppa And Other Selections from Lord Byron
Handy Book of the Builders Exchange of Scranton Pa 1894-5
New Life No 2 Songs and Tunes for Sunday Schools Prayer Meetings and Revival Occasions
Texas Governors Wives
Constitution By-Laws and Playing Rules of the United States Inter-Collegiate Lacrosse League 1907
A Menace to Americanization
The Architect Vol 17 January 1919
Seven Grammars of the Dialects and Subdialects of the Bihari Language Vol 8 Spoken in the Province of Bihar in the Eastern Portion of the North-Western Provinces and in the Northern Portion of the Central Provinces Maithil-Bangali Dialect of Cent
Commercial America in 1907 Showing Commerce Production Transportation Facilities Area and Population of Each of the Countries of North South and Central America and the West Indies
Correspondence Respecting the Alabama
North Pacific Coast Country
Wright and Ditsons Annual Illustrated Catalogue Containing Prices and Descriptions of Base Ball Foot Ball Lawn Tennis Cricket Polo Lacrosse Croquet Archery Bicycles Fishing Tackle Camping Outfits Bathing Suits Gymnasium Goods Roller Skates
Hebrew Vocabularies
Trifles in Verse Including Some Experiments in Latin Rhyme
Message of the Governor of Maine with Accompanying Documents on the Subject of the Northeastern Boundary of the State
The Niagara Campaign of 1759
The Eighteenth-Century Novel in Theory and Practice A Dissertation
Mars Disarmed A Play in Four Acts
Exercises in Celebration of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Church Congregational Danvers Massachusetts October 8th to 15th 1922 With an Address at the Centennial of the Sunday School November 17th 1918
The Domestic Song Bird An Authentic Manual Relating Exclusively to the Proper Care and Breeding of the Canary-Bird
Kato Texts
On the Simulation of Hysteria by Organic Disease of the Nervous System
The Explanatory Element in the Folk-Tales of the North-American Indians
Sectionalism and Party Politics in Alabama 1819-1842 A Dissertation
The Gleaner Vol 21 January February 1922
The Republic of Guatemala
Subject Index of Supreme Court Law Library
Proposed Municipal Improvements for Harrisburg Penna Report of Executive Committee to the Subscribers to Fund for Investigating Municipal Improvements November 21 1901 Embodying Reports and Recommendations of Experts Employed
Historical Recollections of S Pauls Chapel New York
Astronomical Investigations The Cosmical Relations of the Revolution of the Lunar Apsides Oceanic Tides
Address to the Alumni Association of Brown University Delivered in Providence on Their First Anniversary September 5 1843
The Independent Vol 66 May 6 1909
Daily Program of Gift and Occupation Work
Proceedings of the Legislature of the State of New York on the Life Character and Public Service of Thomas Francis Grady State Senator February 5 1912
Aron Boggs Freshman A College Comedy in Three Acts
Choheleth or the Royal Preacher A Poem Most Humbly Inscribed to the King
Studies in English Grammar
A Review of Californian Polemoniaceae With Eleven Plates
Report of the Special Commission on Teachers Salaries Appointed by the Governor August 18 1920
Constitutions of the National State County and Subordinate Encampments of the Order of American Freemen of the United States of America With the Installation Service Ritual and Burial Service of the Order 1776-1861
Elements of Logick
An Illustrated Catalogue of Rare Books Including the Unique Copy of Coplands Lothbery Edition of Dame Juliana Berners Booke of Hauking Hunting and Fysshyng a Fine 15th Century Illuminated Flemish Hor with 25 Miniatures
The Students Handbook 1915-1916
The Professional Education of Teachers in Cleveland A Report Concerning the Work and Possibilities of the Cleveland School of Education in Affiliation with the Western Reserve University
Case Usage in Livy Vol 4 The Ablative
Annual Catalogue U S Grant University Athens and Chattanooga Tenn 1895-96 With Announcements for 1896-97
Sixth Annual Catalogue of Swarthmore College Swarthmore Pa 1874-75 With Minutes of the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Stockholders
A Diverted Inheritance
A Laymans Look at Four Miracles
A History of Battery F 323d Field Artillery
Historical Notices of Connecticut Vol 1 Published Under the Patronage of the Connecticut Historical Society Containing Hartford in 1640
Annals of Fort Mackinac
Strangers Hand Guide to Baltimore City Containing the Localities of the Different Public Offices Buildings Institutions Monuments Hotels Places of Amusement Colleges Schools Rail Road Depots C
The Million Dollar Appropriation Country Schools General Report Distribution Minimum Requirements and Recommendations
The Tippecanoe Almanac for the Year 1841 Containing a Short History of the Life and Services of General William Henry Harrison
The God of the Jews or Jehovah Unveiled Being the Character of the Jewish Deity Delineated with Strictures on the Lives of Hebrew Saints and Remarks on the Theocracy To Which Is Prefixed a Letter to the Bishop of Llandaff
Willowdale A Play of Country Life in Three Acts
The Origin of the Material Universe With a Description of the Manner of the Formation of the Earth and Events Connected Therewith from Its Existence in a Fluid State to the Time of the Mosaical Narrative
An Account of the Fishes of the States of Central America Based on Collections Made by Capt J M Dow F Godman Esq and O Salvin Esq
This Valuable and Extraordinary Collection of the Effects of General George Washington and of His Executor and Nephew Lawrence Lewis and Grand-Nephew Lorenzo Lewis Is Sold by Order of H L D Lewis Administrator of the Estate of Mrs Lorenzo Lewis
In a City Garden
Election Law State of Louisiana ACT No 152 of 1898 as Amended by ACT No 132 of 1900
Books on Industrial Arts
The Magpies Shadow
A Manual of Grammar
The Background of the War
Methods of Legislation A Lecture Delivered Before the University of London October 25 1911
Book of American Baking A Practical Guide Covering Various Branches of the Baking Industry Including Cakes Buns and Pastry Bread Making Pie Baking Etc
Epitaphs from the Old Burying Ground in Watertown
The Concordian 1918 A Year Book of Concordia College Fort Wayne Ind
Quisisana Hygienic Cook Book
Program Cuyahoga-Portage Chapter No 335 Akron Ohio 1907-1908
Students Manual of United States History An Aid to the Library Method of Instruction
Acts of the Board of Education of the State of Alabama Session Commencing November 16 1874
Poems of the North
The Foreign Policy of England A Speech Delivered by Mr Cowen M P in the Town Hall Newcastle-On-Tyne on Saturday January 31st 1880
State Banking in the United States Since the Passage of the National Bank ACT
Pioneer Lumbering on the Upper Mississippi and Its Tributaries with Biographic Sketches And Lumbering in the St Croix Valley with Biographical Sketches
Bill Sees It Through An Exciting Adventure Story
The Age of Owain Gwynedd An Attempt at a Connected Account of the History of Wales from December 1135 to November 1170 to Which Are Added Several Appendices on the Chronology C of the Period
Ancestry of Joseph Trowbridge Bailey of Philadelphia and Catherine Goddard Weaver of Newport Rhode Island
In Memoriam John Morrow Cochran Born June 18 1808 Died August 24 1889
Historic Sketches of Hanson Lakeville Mattapoisett Middleboro Pembroke Plympton Rochester Wareham and West Bridgewater
Madison The Four Lake City Recreational Survey
A Complete List of the Officers of the University of Nebraska and the Alumni of the Graduate School the College of Literature Science and the Arts the Industrial College the College of Law and the College of Medicine 1873-1899 (to September 1899)
Archaeology of the Lower Mimbres Valley New Mexico With Eight Plates
The Philobiblon of Richard de Bury Vol 3 Edited from the Best Manuscripts and Translated Into English with an Introduction and Notes Introductory Matter and Notes
Title Digest of the Lands of Eastern Oklahoma A Chart Showing When and What Lands Can Be Alienated and by Whom Including the Sections of All the Acts Applicable and Courts Decisions Thereon
Shoes and Shoemaking Illustrated A Brief Sketch of the History and Manufacture of Shoes from the Earliest Time
Minnesota Botanical Studies Vol 1 March 21 1903
Canticles of Niagara and Other Poems
An Early Jewish Colony in Western Guiana 1658 1666 And Its Relation to the Jews in Surinam Cayenne and Tobago
Anthropology as a Practical Science Addresses Delivered at Meetings of the British Association at Birmingham the Antiquarian Society of Cambridge and the Anthropological Society of Oxford
Stones Paramount-Cutter A System for Cutting Garments Based Upon Scientific Principles Including the Self-Varying Shoulder in Connection with the Division of the Breast-Measure
The Chicago Conference of the American Jewish Relief Committee An Official Record of the Proceedings of the Sessions Held at the Standard Club September 24-25 1921
The New Philosophy of Modern Science
An Analysis of Mendelssohns Organ Works A Study of Their Structural Features for the Use of Students
The Social Studies in Secondary Education A Six-Year Program Adapted Both to the 6-3-3 and the 8-4 Plans of Organization Report of the Committee on Social Studies of the Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education of the National Education a
Descendants of John Fairman of Enfield Conn 1683-1898
How and Where to Purchase Anything in the Hardware Trade to the Best Advantage Including Stoves and Tin Containing Complete Lists of the Principal Articles in the Hardware Trade Alphabetically Arranged and Classified Giving None But Reliable Wholesal
A Comparison of the Life Cycle of Crithidia with That of Trypanosoma in the Invertebrate Host A Thesis
The Craigie House Cambridge During Its Occupancy by Andrew Craigie and His Widow
List of Voters in the Several Electoral Districts in British Columbia in Force on the First September 1879
Historical Sketches of Bluehill Maine
The Works of Edgar Allen Poe Vol 6 of 10 Tales Horror and Death
Franklins 1916 Almanack
How to Improve You Track and Field
A Souvenir of Pioneer and Old Settlers Day Panama-Pacific Exposition October 16 1915
The Art of Naming Dishes on Bills of Fare
Familiar London Birds
Directory and Hand Book Northeast Harbor
In Memoriam Walter Ewen Townsend Born at Yokohama Japan 1879 Died There 1900
Can Our Industrial System Survive? Being a Treatise on the European Financial Crisis as Indicated by the Present Rates of Exchange
Catalogue of the Prints and Etchings of Hans Sebald Beham Painter of Nuremberg Citizen of Frankfort 1500-1550
The Lesson of Black Friday A Note on Trade Union Structure
A Record of Art in 1898 Vol 1 of 3 With Illustrations of Work Exhibited Chiefly at the Royal Academy New Gallery New English Art Club and Paris Salons An Extra Number of the Studio British Section
A Practical Manual of the Compass A Short Treatise on the Errors of the Magnetic Compass with the Methods Employed in the U S Navy for Compensating the Deviations and a Description of Service Instruments Including the Gyro-Compass
An Experimental-Critical Study of the Problem of Grading and Promotion
A Plain and Easy Account of the British Ferns Wherein Each Species Is Particularly Described Under Its Respective Genus and the Characteristics of Those Genera Given in Words of Common Use With a Glossary of Technical and Other Terms Serving as a Key
Catalogue of Phillimores Parish Register Series 1913
Regimental History of the United States Regular Army Chronological Outline 1866-1918
Manual of the Public Schools of Maryland for 1896-97
Michael Angelo A Dramatic Poem
Llangollen Vale with Other Poems
Circular of the Committee on Instruction 1891-92
Semi-Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Windham Embracing the Preparatory Arrangements and the Speeches Addresses and Doings of the Occasion
Re-Unions of Old Californians in New York
Canal Regulations Adopted by the Canal Board of the State of New-York April 6 1857
Graphs of the Function E(n Delta) = N SIGMA N=1 N^-1 2 E^in(sigma)
The Fine Arts An University Course in Sculpture Painting Architecture and Decoration in Their History Development and Principles
High School Program for the Study of Ivanhoe and for the Accompanying Composition and Rhetoric Lessons Arranged According to the Requirements of the New York State Department of Education
The Open Court Vol 39 April 1925
Tezonapa Botanical Station Organization and Object
Report of the Adjutant General State of Maryland For 1918-1919
The Cuisine Containing Household Cooking Recipes Prepared Under the Supervision of an Eminent Caterer
The Elements of Syriac Grammar
The Botanical Record Book Containing Directions for Laboratory Work in Botany List of Botanical Terms Spaces for Drawings and Observations Prepared Blanks for Recording the Analyses of Plants Etc
Fire Prevention and Protection as Exemplified in an English Factory
The Law of Impersonation as Applied to Abstract Ideas and Religious Dogmas
Bacteriology Mans Microbe Friends and Foes
Shakespeare and His Age Six Short Studies
The Bibliography of Ruskin A Bibliographical List Arranged in Chronological Order of the Published Writings in Prose and Verse of John Ruskin M A From 1834 to 1881
Histrionics in the Dramas of Franz Grillparzer
Race Elements in the White Population of North Carolina
The Jefferson County Historical Society Watertown N Y 1891 Vol 2
The Early Years of the French Revolution in San Domingo Presented to the Faculty of the Cornell University as a Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy July 1889
The Sculpture and Murals of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition The Official Handbook Giving the Symbolism Meaning and Location of All the Works with Information Concerning the Sculptors and Artists
Catalogue of Gymnastic Apparatus
Catalogue of Cumberland University Lebanon Tennessee 1883 Founded 1842
The Operation of the Freedmens Bureau in South Carolina
Psychology and Achievement Vol 1 of 12 Being the First of a Series of Twelve Volumes on the Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and Business Efficiencey
The Fisheries and the Guano Industry of Peru
Wattles and Wattle-Barks Being Hints on the Conservation and Cultivation of Wattles Together with Particulars of Their Value
All Honor to Stanley! Dr David Livingstones Discoveries in Africa Also M de Challues Adventures and Discoveries in Africa
List of Foreign Correspondents of the Smithsonian Institution Corrected to January 1862
Infant Baptism an Ordinance of the Gospel
Papers Read Before the Lancaster County Historical Society Friday November 4 1910 Vol 14 The Public Career of John Wright Esq Holland Land Companys Search for Maple Sugar Minutes of the November Meeting
Notes on Modern Jainism With Special Reference to the Svetambara Digambara and Sthanakavasi Sects
Chapters and Speeches on the Irish Land Question
A Brief Record of the Lives and Writings of Dr Rufus Wyman (1778-1842) and His Son Dr Morrill Wyman (1812-1903)
Daisy Farm An Original Drama in Four Acts
Extra Muros And Other Essays
Biographical Sketches of Distinguished American Lawyers
An Appeal to Common Sense and Common Justice or Irrefragable Facts Opposed to Plausible Theories Intended to Prove the Extreme Injustice as Well as the Utter Impolicy of the Existing Tariff
Hand Book of Augusta A Guide to the Principal Points in and about the City
Traditions of the Crows
Phi NU Theta Catalogue of the Eclectic Society Wesleyan University 1837-1907
Subject List of Works on Architecture and Building Construction in the Library of the Patent Office
The French Inchoative Suffix -ISS and the French -IR Conjugation in Middle English Inaugural-Dissertation
New Modern Illustrative Bookkeeping Advanced Course Based Upon the Neal and Cragin Edition of Modern Illustrative Bookkeeping Advanced Course with Revised Classification of Accounts and #64257nancial Statements by Charles F Rittenhouse C P a
Elements of Wave Motion Relating to Sound and Light A Text Book Prepared Expressly for the Use of the Cadets of the United States Military Academy West Point
Photographic Atlas of the Diseases of the Skin Vol 3 of 4 A Series of Ninety-Six Plates Comprising Nearly Two Hundred Illustrations with Descriptive Text and a Treatise on Cutaneous Therapeutics
Hymns for His Praise
Two Sermons Preached by the Boy Bishop at St Pauls Temp Henry VIIII and at Gloucester Temp Mary With an Introduction Giving an Account of the Festival of the Boy Bishop in England
The Republic of Mexico in 1876 A Political and Ethnographical Division of the Population Character Habits Costumes and Vocations of Its Inhabitants
Pictorial Practical Gardening An Useful Manual for All Classes of Horticulturists Giving Concise Directions for the Culture and Selection of the Leading Flowers Fruit and Vegetables
The Maintenance of Motor Cars
Schillers Dramas and Poems in England
The Book of Rock and Water Gardens
The Senior Boy
Koryak Texts
Lyrics of Lincolns Inn With Notes for the Benefit of the Unlearned
Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of Brown University September 6th 1864
Margaret Mahaney Talks about Turkeys
The Firefly A Comedy-Opera in Three Acts
Supplemental Catalogue of the Chicago Law Institute Accessions from January 1 1887 to January 1 1894
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers Vol 11 Marriages Broxtowe Wapentake North Part
The Taxation of Property of Railroad Companies in California as Affected by the Fourteenth Amendment of the Federal Constitution Opinions of Justice Field and Judge Sawyer Delivered in the U S Circuit Court at San Francisco September 17th 1983
A Centennial Memorial for George W Towar And Short Genealogy of Family
James Russell Lowell
Come-Packt Furniture Company (Formerly the International Manufacturing Company) Designers Manufacturers Sellers Catalog G
The Litchfield Family in America Vol 1 June 1905
Turners North Carolina Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1891 Being 3rd After Bissextile or Leap Year Until July 4th 115th of Our American Independence
A Sketch of Old England By a New England Man
The Gospel Call Choice Songs for Revivals Sunday-Schools and the Church
The Decorative Sisters A Modern Ballad
A New Necessary Science A Study for Teaching or Self-Improvement The Grace of Man
The Madonna of Sacrifice A Story of Florence
Fuel Tests with Illinois Coal Compiled from Tests Made by the Technologic Branch of the United States Geological Survey at the St Louis Fuel Testing Plant 1904 June 30 1907
The Emblem for 1937
An Inquiry Into the Received Opinions of Philosophers and Historians on the Natural Progress of the Human Race from Barbarism to Civilization Read on the Anniversary of the Literary and Philosophical Society by the President J R Poinsett May 14 18
Memorial Thomas A Bracken DD Born August 14 1820 Died April 22 1902
The SIGMA Phi Epsilon Journal Vol 4 May 1 1907
Memorial of Charles Wheeler
Exercises at Dedication of the New City Hall and Memorial Organ Portland Maine August 22 1912
Market Gardening No 2
The Story of the Rock or Building on the Eddystone
Higher Order Approximations in Multiple Scattering I Two-Dimensional Scalar Case II Three-Dimensional Scalar Case
Narrative of the Proceedings of the Judicatories of the Reformed Church in North America Relative to the Reverend David Graham
Stones Advanced Superlative Trouser System Based Upon the Proportions of the Human Form
Gold-Thread and Other Poems
Waverley Researches in the Pathology of the Feeble-Minded Research Series Cases I to X
The SIGMA Phi Epsilon Journal Vol 5 May 1 1908
1912 Storage Rate Guide Gives Storage Rates on General Merchandise Free and in Bond Cold Storage Household Goods Agricultural Implements and Much Valuable Information on Warehousing
The Tragedy of Tancred and Gismund
Henry B Endicott A Brief Memoir of His Life and His Services to the State and Nation
Chickamauga the Price of Chattanooga A Description of the Strategic Plans Marches and Battles of the Campaign of Chattanooga
Report of the State Department of Health and the Municipal Council of the City of Lynn Upon the Disposal of the Sewage of the City of Lynn Feb 21 1916
Canterbury Sonnets
Slashaway the Fearless or the Hermit of Spectre Isle
The Opportunity of the Church of England Lectures Delivered in the Divinity School of the University of Cambridge in 1904
Illustrated Catalogue 1879
On the Fishes of the Ambyiacu River
Campfields Paper Cost List For Paper Dealers Printers Lithographers Stationers C
The History of the Bank of Bengal An Epitome of a Hundred Years of Banking of India
Fuel Tests with Illinois Coals
The Verb and the Sentence in Chronicles Ezra and Nehemiah Part of a Dissertation
Side-Lights on the Tain Age And Other Studies
The Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy A Poem
The View from Pikes Peak And Other Poems
History of the Relationship and Descendants of Jacob and Catherine Horner in the United States from 1777 to 1914
The Kan Ying Pien Book of Rewards and Punishments The Chinese Text with Introduction Translation and Notes
Popery Unmasked Showing the Depravity of the Priesthood and Immorality of the Confessional Being the Questions Put to Females in Confession Extracted from the Theological Works Now Used by Cardinal Wiseman His Bishops and Priests as Quoted in the Co
Satin Slippers And Other Poems
The School Board Readers Standard IV Adapted to the Requirements of the New Code 1871
Projection Drawing
Magnetical Observations in the Arctic Seas
The Shooters Hand-Book Being the Treatise on Shooting from The Rod and the Gun
Alfred the Great A Sketch and Seven Studies
Illustrated Catalogue of the North American Iron Works 1881 Nos 40 and 42 Walton Street Brooklyn N y
Report on the Appraisement of Properties of the San Jose Water Company San Jose California December 31 1913
Citizenship A Manual for Voters
Observations on Terrestrial Magnetism in Mexico Conducted Under the Direction of Baron Von Muller with Notes and Illustrations of an Examination of the Volcano Popocatepetl and Its Vicinity
The Evil Eye or the Many Merry Mishaps of Nid and the Wierd Wonderful Wanderings of Nod A Spectacular Trick Comedy in Three Acts
Salaries of Public School Teachers in Cities of Over 200 000 Population in the United States and in Selected Cities and Towns in Massachusetts November 1919
My Experiences in the German Espionage
Budget Code and Explanations September First Nineteen Sixteen
Germany and Spain The Views of a Spanish Catholic
A Synopsis of the Law of Contract
Indian Problems for English Consideration A Letter to the Council of the National Liberal Federation
A Hand-Book for the Stranger in Philadelphia Containing Descriptions of All the Objects of Interest in the City and Its Environs with Views of the Public Buildings
Report of Committee on Concrete and Reinforced Concrete
Heating and Ventilating Shops and Offices
1846 1882 The First Regiment of New York Volunteers Commanded by Col Jonathan D Stevenson in the Mexican War Names of the Members of the Regiment During Its Term of Service in Upper and Lower California 1847 1848 with a Record of All Known Survivor
The Petroleum Monthly Vol 2 Devoted to the Interests of the Oil Business February 1872
The City of Fear and Other Poems
Review of The New Divinity Tried Or an Examination of the REV Mr Rands Strictures on a Sermon Delivered by the REV C G Finney on Making a New Heart
Twentieth Century Cook Book A Feast of Good Things A Careful Compilation of Tried and Approved Recipes
Industrial Subjects in a Part-Time or Continuation School
The Trial of Sir Jasper A Temperance Tale in Verse
Message of the President of the United States Communicating in Compliance with a Resolution of the Senate of the 8th Instant Information in Regard to the Progress of the Revolution in Cuba and the Political and Civil Condition of the Island December
Suggested Taxation of War-Time Increases of Wealth Memoranda Submitted by the Board of Inland Revenue to the Select Committee of the House of Commons on Increases of Wealth (War)
Exercises of the Fiftieth Anniversary Commemorative of the Incorporation of the City of Lowell Thursday April 1 1886
Harvest a Poem in Two Parts With Other Poetical Pieces
Wildes Summer Rose or the Lament of the Captive An Authentic Account of the Origin Mystery and Explanation of Hon R H Wildes Alleged Plagiarism
California Bank ACT Passed at the Thirty-Eighth Session of the Legislature 1909
The American Woods Vol 8 Exhibited by Actual Specimens and with Copious Explanatory Text Representing Twenty-Five Species by Twenty-Five Sets of Sections
Look Out for Paint A Farce Comedy in Three Acts
The Union Harmony or Universal Collection of Sacred Music Vol 1 of 2 Containing I the Rudiments of Music Laid Down in a Plain and Concise Manner II a Large and Valuable Collection of Tunes Suited to All the Metres Now Used in the Various Worshipp
David from Sheepfold to Throne
Seventeenth Maine Regiment at Gettysburg
The Authorship of the Fourth Gospel External Evidences
The New Floreat A Letter to an Eton Boy on the Social Question
The Naturalists Guide for Collecting and Preserving Subjects of Natural History and Botany Both in Temperate and Tropical Ountries Particularly Shells
Minutes of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Session of the Womans Foreign Missionary Society of the N C Conference M E Church South Held at the Louisburg N C May 3-8 1905
Legends of the North The Guidman OInglismill and the Fairy Bride
Omaha Sociology
A Brief History of the Presbyterian Church of South Salem New York 1752-1902
The Silhouette 1910 Vol 8
Collective Bargaining and Trade Agreements in the Brewery Metal Teaming and Building Trades of San Francisco California
Men of the Time Being Biographies of Generals Hooker Rosecrans Grant McClernand Mitchell
Little Indian Folk With Numerous Full-Page Colour-Plates After Painting in Water-Colour Together with Illustrations in Black-And-White
Ye Comic History of Heraldry
A History of the War Activities of the U S S Pocahontas
Worlds Fair Louisiana Purchase St Louis 1904
Poem of York College 1894
Posological Table Including All the Officinal and the Most Frequently Employed Unofficinal Preparations
Lewistown Penna as It Is
Necrological Report of Princeton Theological Seminary 1930
Hand Book of Fairmount Park at Philadelphia
River Gardens Being an Account of the Best Methods of Cultivating Fresh-Water Plants in Aquaria in Such a Manner as to Afford Suitable to Ornamental Fish and Many Interesting Kinds of Aquatic Animals
Maggie O the Moss And Other Poems
A Manual for Laboratory and Field Studies in Agriculture
Egyptian Religion
A Select Bibliography of Recent Publications on the Helpful Relations of Employers and Employed
Catalogue of the Law Library of the Louisiana Bar Association at New Orleans
Conditions in the Near East Report of the American Military Mission to Armenia
A New Phase in the Iron Manufacture Important Inventions and Improvements Historical Sketch of Iron Descriptive Catalogue of the Manufactures of the New York Wire Railing Company
The School of the Guides For the Use of Army of the Confederate States with Questions
International Clinic Week at the New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital During the International Surgical Congress April 1914
The Song of the Wahbeek A Poem
Bible Pictures and Stories
Index of Economic Material in Documents of the States of the United States Maine 1820-1904
Pitmans Where to Look An Easy Guide to Books of Reference
Some Lost Works of Cotton Mather
Athletic Training for School Boys
Biography of American Statesmanship An Analytical Reference Syllabus
California State Board of Pharmacy San Francisco Cal This Pamphlet Contains the Amendments Made by the Legislature in the Year 1915 This Is the Latest Official Information Destroy All Previous Issues July 1 1915
The Use of Rifles for Game and Target
Official Book of Records Containing the Official Programme Illustrations and Information Concerning the Annual Championship Harvard and Yale Boat Race the Harvard and Yale Yacht Races and the Harvard Yale and Columbia Freshmen Boat Race at New Londo
Reconstruction The Church at Home and Abroad in the Trying Days to Come
William Morriss Political Romance News from Nowhere Its Sources and Its Relationship to John Ball and Bellamys Political Romance Looking Backward Inaugural-Dissertation Zur Erlangung Der Doktorwurde Der Hohen Philosophischen Fakultat Der
Last Words of Thomas Carlyle On Trades-Unions Promoterism and the Signs of the Times
Some Old Houses in Westborough Mass and Their Occupants With an Account of the Parkman Diaries
The Decennial Record Or Digest No II of the Class of 1859 of the College of New Jersey 1859-1869
Statistics of the Dairy Compiled from the United States Census for 1900 and from Other Reliable Sources with Explanatory Notes
Some of Aesops Fables With Modern Instances Shewn in Designs
The Anatomy of the Human Eye as Illustrated by Enlarged Stereoscopic Photographs
Ladies Aid Cook Book
List of Members of the Various Committees on Trades Occupations Professions C Appointed Under the Resolution of the Citizens Centennial Finance Committee of Three Hundred November 18th 1872
Ana and Kata in Composition and with Case A Dissertation
The Ball-Room Bijou and Art of Dancing Containing the Figures of the Polkas Mazurkas and Other Popular New Dances With Rules for Polite Behaviour
Funeral Oration on the Death of Hon Daniel Webster Delivered at a Commemoration in the Presbyterian Church Ballston Spa N Y Monday Evening November 8 1852
Illustrated Catalogue of the T C Richards Hardware Co Manufacturers Of Upholstery Fancy and General Hardware
The Quest for Equal Employment Opportunity in Oklahoma State Government March 1978
The Life of Timon of Athens
Scattering from a Penetrable Sphere at High Frequencies
The Bishop Hill Colony A Religious Communistic Settlement in Henry County Illinois
A Trip to the Northwest by Automobile Touring Yellowstone Park and Glacier Park Camping and Fishing on the Way
The Historical Geography of the Wealden Iron Industry
November Election 1862 Complete Statement of the Official Canvass in Detail Giving the Vote of Every Election District at the November Election of 1862
Maryland 1633 to 1776 Being an Account of the Main Currents in the Political and Religious Development of Maryland as a Proprietary Province Thesis Presented to the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Berne
Memorial of President Henry Darling D D LL D
The Butler Drift 1904
The School-Girls in Number 40 or Principle Put to the Test
Hegelianism and Human Personality
In Memoriam Robert Lewis Dabney Born March 5th 1820 Died January 3rd 1898
A Study of the Classic Pagan References to Nascent Christianity A Thesis for the Doctorate of Philosophy Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the New York University
Rural School Agriculture
Katahdin and Chesuncook
Messengers of Love Poems
Osteology and Classi#64257cation of the Fishes of the Family Blenniidae
Reunion of the Free Soilers of 1848-1852 at the Parker House Boston Massachusetts June 28 1888
Record of Service of 147th Field Artillery in France To 11th November 1918
Christ or Colenso? Or a Full Reply to the Objections of the Right REV John William Colenso D D Bishop of Natal to the Pentateuch
The Scissors Book
John Marshall Constitutionalist A Drama in Five Acts
The Patentees Manual Containing a List of Patents Granted by the United States for the Encouragement of Arts and Sciences Alphabetically Arranged from 1790 to 1830
Municipal Records
Adelia and Other Poems
Colonel Alexander Rigby A Sketch of His Career and Connection with Maine as Proprietor of the Plough Patent and President of the Province of Lygonia
The Unexpected Guests A Farce
Church and State in Early Maryland
Straight Shoulder Rules Systems and Methods of the Present Day
The Old Trail and the New A Tale of the Kittatinnies
The Rainbow and the Pot of Gold
The Man of Galilee A Short Sketch of Christs Three Years of Ministry
Songs and Ballads by the Most Gifted Poets of the Emerald Isle Including Moore David Griffin Lover Mangan and Other Popular Irish Bard with Choice Selections from the Most Brilliant Irhis-American Poets
The Design and Cost of a 24 Foot Concrete Pavement for Skokie Road Glencoe Illinois A Thesis
Salaries in Teachers Colleges the California Survey Report of the Committee for the Study of Salaries in Teachers Colleges Submitted to Honorable Will C Wood June 10 1922
1776-1876 Centennial Fourth of July Oration Delivered at Chester Penna
Report of the Organization and of the First General Meeting at Cambridge November 5 1886 On the First Day of the Celebration of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of Harvard College
Inspirational Writings of Mrs J T Staats of New York Written in the Presence of the Compiler
Jacksons Famous Photographs of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition 1803 St Louis 1904 Over Two Hundred Views and Scenes
Statute Book of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Comprising Resolutions and Orders of a General Character Passed by the Continental Congress and the National Board of Management October 1900 to January 1902
Francis Clayton 1739-1774 of Chiswick and His Descendants With Some Account of His Ancestors in Gloucestershire
The Open Court Vol 42 Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea April 1928
The Dumb Animals Friend Or a Guide in the Care and Treatment of Horses Cattle Hogs Sheep and Poultry and a Compilation of Recipes for the Cure of Their Diseases
Two Rough Riders Letters from F Allen McCurdy and J Kirk McCurdy of Philadelphia Pennsylvania Who Volunteered and Fought with the Rough Riders During the Spanish American War of 1898 to Their Father J M McCurdy
Sketches of Distinguished American Authors Represented in Darleys New National Picture Entitled Washington Irving and His Literary Friends at Sunnyside
United States in the World War
Training Class Syllabus
Annual Report for the Fiscal Year July 1 1984 June 30 1985
Dick T Morgan (Late a Representative from Oklahoma) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty-Sixth Congress Third Session February 27 1921
Common Objections to Socialism Answered
Selections from the Correspondence of Arthur Capel Earl of Essex 1675-1677 Vol 24 Edited for the Royal Historical Society
Notes of Victory For Sunday Schools Wherein an Endeavor Has Been Made to Present the Way of Victory the Powers of Victory the Results of Victory
Reynolds Formula for Making Porcelain Pictures Entered According to Act of Congress in the Year 1865 by George L Reynolds the Clerks Office of the District Court of the United States of the Southern District of New York
Additional References Relating to Taxation of Incomes
A Semasiologic Differentiation in Germanic Secondary Ablaut A Dissertation
Detroit Its Parks and Recreational Systems Annual Convention Program Detroit Michigan August 23 24 25 1921
History Constitution and By-Laws Trap-Shooting Rules Tournament Programmes of the National Gun Association 1885 Including the National Corps of Commissionaires the National Gun Corps Etc Etc
Outline of Township Institute Work Together with Announcements for the Teachers and Young Peoples Reading Circles
Ohio Rural Life Survey Northwestern Ohio
Notes of a Trip from Chicago to Victoria Vancouvers Island and Return 1884
A Voyage to North America and the West Indies in 1817
Report of the Commissioners of Fisheries of the State of California for the Year 1880
The Creditor A Tragic Comedy
Debentures and Other Charges
Common Rights at Cottenham and Stretham in Cambridgeshire Vol 12
School Laws of the State of Washington 1890 With Appendix
Ceremonial to Be Observed at the Consecration of Fairfax Lodge No 3255 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of England And Installation of the Worshipful Master Designate Bro Thos M Woodhead P M 2669 P Prov G W on Wednesday October 16th 1907
Senior Course in Mechanical Drawing Comprising a Complete System of Working Drawings
Essays Liturgical and Historical
Trial of the Assassins and Conspirators for the Murder of Abraham Lincoln and the Attempted Assassination of Vice-President Johnson and the Whole Cabinet the Most Intensely Interesting Trial on Record Containing the Evidence in Full with Arguments of
Review Questions in Geography for Advanced Classes
Footsteps of the Gods And Other Poems
Parlor Matches An Engaging Comedy of Society in Two Acts
An Account of the Sources Preparation Trade and Composition of the Bees-Wax of British India
Emaricdulfe Sonnets
Reemployment Act of 1994 Hearing Before the Committee on Finance United States Senate One Hundred Third Congress Second Session on S 1951 May 26 1994
Labor Bulletin of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts No 28 November 1903
Sale of Rare and Valuable Manuscripts Autographs Portraits Maps Etc of the Late Saml G Drake Friday Sept 29 1876
Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association Held at Durham May 18th and 19th 1899 Also the Constitution By-Laws Code of Ethics Roll of Members and the State Pharmacy Law with List of Registered Pha
Proceedings of the Convention of the People of Florida at Called Sessions Begun and Held at the Capitol in Tallahassee on Tuesday February 26th and Thursday April 18th 1861
Mutual Aid Societies in France
Studies from the Saranac Laboratory for the Study of Tuberculosis Studies in Immunity to Tuberculosis
Twenty-Second Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of Montana 1932
R N Vol 11 May 1948
Systematic Revision of the Helicoidea Gastropoda Stylommatophora
Annual Reports of the Town Officers of the Town of Center Harbor For the Year Ending February 15 1906
Investigation of Communist Activities in the State of California Vol 1 Hearing Before the Committee on Un-American Activities House of Representatives Eighty-Third Congress Second Session February 24 1954
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer Highway Agents Tax Collector Library Trustees and School Board of the Town of Gilford for the Year Ending February 15 1910 Also a Tabular Statement of Births Marriages and Deaths
Fourteenth Report of the Trustees of the City Hospital Boston With Reports of the Superintendent and Professional Staff Admissions and Discharges Etc
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Town Clerk Tax Collector Water Commissioners Trustees of the Trust Funds Trustees of the Public Library Planning Board Committee of the Town of Alton New Hampshire For the Fiscal Year Ending December 31st 1976
Poems of Heart and Home
Juvenile Instructor Vol 43 A Mothly Magazine Devoted to the Interest of the Child the Progress of the Sunday School and the Enlightenment of the Home April 1 1908
Songs in the Evening
Juvenile Instructor Vol 36 November 1 1901
Gerhart Hauptmann His Life and His Work 1862-1912
Memorandum Relative to the General Officers in the Armies of the United States During the Civil War 1861 1865
Simulated Control Groups and the Evaluation of Job-Creation Programs
The Rhode Island Declaration of Independence
Traditions of the Miami Valley Songs of the West and Other Poems
Through the Old-Time Haunts of the Norwottuck and Pocumtuck Indians
Spelling Efficiency in the Oakland Schools A Report of the Oakland Spelling Investigation of October 1914
A Handbook for Latin Teachers
Songs of Home and Others
Unconditional Surrender and Peace
College Entrance Requirements
Williamsport Dickinson Seminary Williamsport Penna Sixtieth Annual Catalogue 1908
Ollie M James (Late a Senator from Kentucky) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty-Fifth Congress Third Session Proceedings in the Senate February 2 1919 Proceedings in the House Fe
Pensacola Harbor Beautiful Views and Pertinent Facts Regarding the Deep Water City of the Gulf of Mexico
Constitution and By-Laws and List of Members July 1903
A Lecture on the Study of History Delivered at Cambridge June 11 1895
On the Phenomena of Variation and Geographical Distribution as Illustrated by the Papilionid of the Malayan Region Read March 17 1864
Several Pieces in Prose and Verse
Outline of Technique A Guide in the Theory and Practice of Mechanism in Piano-Forte Playing
New Sporting Almanack A Manual of Instruction and Amusement 1844
Russia 1918 Bolshevism in Practice
A Compilation of the Laws of the United States Relating to and Affecting the Ordnance Department as Enacted from April 2 1794 to June 10 1872
The Open Court Vol 29 A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea February 1915
Our State House Illustrated Historical and Biographical
The Golden Wedding of Benjamin and Jane Price With Brief Family Record
Souvenir Program of the Historical Festival Given in Music Hall Boston April 22-30 1897 Under the Auspices of the Boston Teachers Mutual Benefit Association
Pencillings of Scenes Upon the Rio Grande
The 56th Engineers in the World War Company Data Furnished by Company Commanders Platoon Rosters by Platoon Commanders
Statement of the Commissioner of Corporations in Answer to the Allegations of the Standard Oil Company Concerning Its Conviction at Chicago for Accepting Concessions on Shipments Over the Chicago and Alton Railroad A Discussion of the Allegations in the
Apprenticeship in New South Wales Being a Report of the Determinations and Directions of the New South Wales Board of Trade Upon the Subject of Apprenticeship
Charter By-Laws Officers Members Report of Executive Committee of the New-York Historical Society
Underground Water in Sanpete and Central Sevier Valleys Utah
Milling Fixtures Principles of Their Design and Examples from Practice
The Newest Plan and Guide of Vienna and Its Immediate Environs
Tanagra An Idyl of Greece
Montana Farm Review 1925 Vol 4
The New Reformation A Lay Sermon
The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs and Cultivator Almanac for the Year 1877 Containing Practical Suggestions for the Farmer and Horticulturist
Case Usage in Livy 1 the Genitive
The Cruise of the Trenton in European Waters
Geology and Agriculture Parts III and IV A Preliminary Report Upon the Florida Parishes of East Louisiana and the Bluff Prairie and Hill Lands of Southwest Louisiana And a Preliminary Report Upon the Bluff and Mississippi Alluvial Lands of Louisian
The Allegheny Theological Seminary Eighty-Six Annual Catalogue 1910-1911
The Second Liberty Loan of 1917 A Source Book
Hindustani Self-Taught With English Phonetic Pronunciation
A Partial Record of the Ancestors and Complete Record of the Descendants of Christopher and Charissa Huntington Reynolds of Mansfield Connecticut
Christophers Genealogy Jeffrey and Christopher Christophers of New London Conn and Their Descendants
An Economic Study of the Production of Canning Crops in New York A Thesis
The Efficient Age
Ye Names and Ages of All Ye Old Folks in Every Hamlet City and Town in Ye State of Connecticut Now Living With Ye Sketches of Twenty Living Centenarians
Annual Report of the New Jersey State Board of Education With the Report of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Year 1867
Ancestry of John Davis Governor and U S Senator and Eliza Bancroft His Wife Both of Worcester Massachusetts
Directory of the Alumni of Stevens Institute of Technology 1906
Montana Farm Review Vol 1 Montana Statistical History of Agriculture Annual Crop and Livestock Review for 1922
Esperanto as an International Auxiliary Language Report of the General Secretariat of the League of Nations Adopted by the Third Assembly 1922
Our New Heraldry
Voices of the City
Report of the Commission to Investigate the Condition of the Adult Blind in the State of New York February 15 1904
Instructions for Lace Making Numerous Illustrations
Jambalaya 1900
Views of the City of Washington Mount Vernon Arlington Alexandria
Wages and Prices An Inquiry Into the Wages System and the Relation of Wages and Prices
Michelangelo as a Sculptor
A Souvenir of Robert Burns Fragments Culled Amid the Scenes of His Chequered Life
China and Japan A Study Outline
The Virginia Speller and Reader
Contributions to the Forebrain Morphology in Amphibians Dissertation
The Grasshoppers of Kansas Vol 1 The Melanopli of Kansas A Thesis
Handbook of the United States of America and Guide to Emigration Giving the Latest and Most Complete Statistics of the Government Army Navy Diplomatic Relations Finance Revenue Tariff Land Sales Homestead and Naturalization Laws Debt Population
A Normal School Course Comprising an Outline of Topical Recitations in Orthography Geography U S History English Grammar and Physiology Together with the Course Indicated in Reading Penmanship and Arithmetic Including All the Branches of Study Usu
A Determination of the Economic Status of the Western Meadowlark (Sturnella Neglecta) in California
On the History and Development of Gilds and the Origin of Trade-Unions
Three Experiments of Living Living Within the Means Living Up to the Means Living Beyond the Means
A Practical German Composition
ELM Leaf Beetle and White-Marked Tussock Moth
The Phoenix 04
Half-Century History of the Class of 1856 Introduced by a Condensed History of the College 1795-1906
Register of the Society of Colonial Wars in the District of Columbia 1897
The House Next Door A Comedy in Three Acts
Maharana Kumbha Sovereign Soldier Scholar
The Resurrection of Our Lord
The Open Court Vol 19 A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea August 1905
The Sequelle 1915
Historical Sketch of Brownell Hall
Researches in Stellar Parallax by the Aid of Photography From Observations Made at the Oxford University Observatory
Thurstons Route Book from Philadelphia to Chicago Via Pennsylvania Central Railroad and Pittsburgh Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway August 1868
Panama-Pacific International Exposition at the City of San Francisco in the State of California February Twentieth to December Fourth 1915 By Authority of the United States Government Celebrating the Opening of the Panama Canal
Wild Bees Wasps and Ants And Other Stinging Insects
Official History Programme and Souvenir Memorial Day Kenosha Wis 1900

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